Gaule Embassy on Tau Station


Abre wears the sharp uniform of a Gaule Embassy representative. His light brown hair is cropped close on the sides, but is swept high and full at the top. He sports a thin beard along his jawline, that is just starting to be flecked through with silver.





Additional information from the storyline

Mentioned as Abre Jones by Lieutenant Lotta Olofsdotter, head of the Office of Special Investigations, a division of the Consortium Security Services, after I've found her at the Residences The Cone, where she lives, while using a tracker to find the stolen SCB503 security cleaning bot that Eleni Llywelyn was repairing in the Bar The Oasis Pub at Tau Station. Eleni knows about they romance and considers Lotta a good woman and that Abre loves her dearly. This bot recorded the romantic meeting between Lotta and Abre where they kissed, which has high political implications given their respective Consortium and Gaule Protectorate affiliation. Lotta's friend Fellie Norbush, from Benevolent Dynamics, helped wipe the bot's memory banks by providing a small device keyed to the serial number that could be attached to the data port of the bot (Secrets and Servos).

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