Ajax Arms and Armors
Item Type Rarity Price
Basic Blackjack Hand-to-Hand Club Common 704.72 cr
Basic Tactical Blade Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 1319.62 cr
Charged Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 8891.88 cr
Cudgel Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 8891.88 cr
G-007E Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 1312.71 cr
G-009 Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Common 690.90 cr
G-009E Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 1361.07 cr
G-220 Ranged Handgun Uncommon 1340.35 cr
G-220E Ranged Handgun Uncommon 1347.26 cr
G-4 Ranged Shotgun Common 670.17 cr
G-4E Ranged Shotgun Rare 2480.33 cr
G-73 Ranged Sniper Rifle Uncommon 1361.07 cr
Gaule Protectorate Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 5969.38 cr
G-PS1 Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 8705.34 cr
G-PS8E Ranged Handgun Common 5969.38 cr
G-RM Ranged Rifle Common 5637.74 cr
G-RPS4 Ranged Rifle Uncommon 8629.34 cr
G-SAG1 Ranged Shotgun Epic 1720 Bonds
G-YoG Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 9023.15 cr
G-YoGE Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 8663.89 cr
Truncheon Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 8650.07 cr
Anti-Energy Scale Mail Energy Armor Rare 28734.53 cr
Arc Jumper Jacket Energy Armor Common 5257.75 cr
Battered Breastplate Piercing Armor Common 711.63 cr
Diffusion Armor Energy Armor Common 5264.66 cr
Heavy Flak Jacket Impact Armor Common 5112.66 cr
Heavy Riot Gear Piercing Armor Rare 28665.44 cr
Heavy Scale Mail Piercing Armor Epic 1730 Bonds
Light Storm Armor Energy Armor Common 5679.20 cr
Medium Riot Gear Piercing Armor Uncommon 8691.52 cr
Misshapen Combat Vest Impact Armor Common 670.17 cr
Reinforced Blast Vest Piercing Armor Common 5575.56 cr
Stiff Hard-Shelled Combat Suit Energy Armor Common 5071.21 cr
Storm Armor Corset Energy Armor Rare 2452.70 cr
Studded Leather Impact Armor Common 5520.29 cr
Tarnished Combat Armor Piercing Armor Common 649.45 cr
Thick Leather Armor Impact Armor Common 4746.48 cr

Located on Paris Spatiale


Ajax Arms and Armors – “The best defense is great offensive capability.”

Originally funded by the Gaule Protectorate, Ajax Arms and Armors has since come into its own and far outgrown any requirements for government funding (though they do still maintain a fairly lucrative contract of exclusivity with the Gaule). With a penchant for crafting highly effective weaponry that deal death in a manner of creative methods, Ajax has, in the cycles following the Catastrophe, grown quite popular indeed.

Historically, Ajax was a mercenary group that was paid handsomely to undertake certain black ops missions that governments or corporations did not necessarily want to be associated with. Their line of work being particularly high risk, the group tended to use the bulk of their profits to pay in house engineers to craft and maintain their gear to the highest of standards.

Before long, the quality and performance of both their offensive as well as defensive gear began to become the subject of much praise among various organizations and thus, one day, they received a request for equipment rather than manpower. Recognizing the opportunity this afforded, both in terms of credits but as well as a much safer route of business, Ajax Arms and Armors was soon born.

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