Aline Lucas's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
DisturbanceC11 Ranged Handgun Common 7536.60 cr
Battered Jerkin Impact Armor Epic 2124 Bonds
Diffusion Dress Energy Armor Common 7868.40 cr
Light Tatami Gusoku Impact Armor Common 6863.52 cr
Padded Reflective Suit Impact Armor Common 7034.16 cr
Wire Mesh Piercing Armor Common 948.00 cr
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.029 Medical Epic 44 Bonds
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.030 Medical Epic 43 Bonds
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.028 Medical Common 467.84 cr
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.020 Medical Common 723.80 cr
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.021 Medical Common 723.80 cr

Located on The Maid of Orléans

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