Alpha Centauri A

Alpha Centauri A is the star system nearest to Sol.


Spectral Type: G2
Distance to Sol: 4.4 light years
Route from Sol: Hawking Conduit to Alpha Centauri
Stations: 8


Station Level Affiliation
Alpha Centauri Jump Gate 7 Consortium
Moissan Station 7 Gaule
Paris Spatiale 8 Gaule
The Ghost of Mali 8 Consortium
Cirque Centauri 9 Gaule
Spirit of Botswana 9 Consortium
Bordeaux Station 10 Gaule
Yards of Gadani 10 Consortium

Points of Interest


Gaule: Spirit of Botswana
Consortium: Paris Spatiale


  • Moissan Station
  • Spirit of Botswana


  • Yards of Gadani

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