Alpha Centauri A

Alpha Centauri A is the star system nearest to Sol.

The system closest to Sol, Alpha Centauri represents mankind's first major milestone in colonizing the stars. It is from here too that the race to reestablish colonial territory between the Consortium and Gaule Protectorate after the Catastrophe truly began. The dwarf planet Vercingetorix currently holds a number of operational stations in orbit.


Spectral Type: G2
Distance to Sol: 4.4 light years
Route from Sol: Hawking Conduit to Alpha Centauri
Stations: 8


Station Level Affiliation
Alpha Centauri Jump Gate 7 Consortium
Moissan Station 7 Gaule
Paris Spatiale 8 Gaule
The Ghost of Mali 8 Consortium
Cirque Centauri 9 Gaule
Spirit of Botswana 9 Consortium
Bordeaux Station 10 Gaule
Yards of Gadani 10 Consortium

Points of Interest


Gaule: Spirit of Botswana
Consortium: Paris Spatiale


  • Moissan Station
  • Spirit of Botswana


  • Yards of Gadani

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