Alpine 1NK


The Alpine 1NK is one of AJAX’s premium grade snipers, favored by the Gaule armed forces. It’s devastatingly precise, able to take deadly aim with a digitally enhanced scope.


Ranged Weapon (Sniper Rifle)
Range: Long
Tier: 2
Rarity: Epic


  • Piercing Damage: 8
  • Impact Damage: 2
  • Energy Damage: 2


Accuracy: 0.305
Weight: 2.6 Kg
Value: 9908 cr

Bodyguard’s Bulletin review

Folks, get ready to hear something you might not like. I know a lot of you wily pros out there swear by HWT’s Ballistic Blazer shotgun. And, I don’t blame you for wanting that cocktail of ballistic AND energy damage on offer when the action comes a-calling. But, in my honest-to-stars opinion, it’s time for you to consider an upgrade. Ajax Systems’ Alpine 1NK rifle may cost a little more, but you get a whole lot of extra bang-bang for your credits.

This high-performance masterpiece deals piercing, energy and ballistic damage with accuracy the Ballistic Blazer can only dream of! A bolt-action rifle with a detachable magazine, ventilated barrel, and folding stock, this aluminum-alloy pain-delivery specialist still comes in at under 3 KG. And, on top, the scope is kitted out with some truly epic glass. If this thing misses, it’ll be your fault and yours alone!

Draco’s verdict: The best tool there is for keeping those lucrative deep-pocketed clients alive!


  • Description typo fixed on 2019-04-18; previously read "able take deadly aim…"
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