Anti-cloning Campaigner


Brother Nicholas needs help collecting signatures for his petition. Are you persuasive enough for the job?

Start: Side Jobs, Cape Verde Stronghold


You agree to collect signatures for the Promethean anti-cloning petition.

New goals: "Visit Brother Nicholas in the Clone Vats to help with his anti-cloning campaign".

You have accepted the "Anti-cloning Campaigner" job.

Next NPC: Brother Nicholas, Clones, Cape Verde Stronghold

  • Talk to Brother Nicholas.

You find Brother Nicholas outside the Clone Vats standing next to a makeshift stall with information about the evils of cloning.

Brother Nicholas says: Thanks for agreeing to help. This awful place must be shut down… You know they even sell their failed gestations to the pathogen labs? Despicable!

He thrusts a digi-pad into your hand and points at the passersby who seem to be giving Brother Nicholas and his stand a wide berth.

He says: Public opinion is key! Get me four new signatures for my petition and you'll be paid right away.

You look at the digi-pad display. It's loaded with a declaration of opposition to YZ Ceti Reproductions' activities, and a thumb print scanner by which people can add their bio-signature. A woman approaches down the corridor and Brother Nicholas prods you in the back, pushing you towards her.

New goals: Collect 4 bio-signatures for Brother Nicholas.

  • Collect your first signature.

(Social check)

You launch into an impassioned verbal attack on the ethical downsides of cloning. The woman stares, somewhat taken aback, and then signs your digi-pad! She has the look of someone just wanting to escape an awkward social situation, but you don't let that worry you. You have your first signature.

New goals: Collect 3 more signatures for Brother Nicholas's petition.

  • Collect your next signature.

(Social check)

You chance upon a somewhat tipsy mining executive returning from a business meeting. He's pretty clear that he supports cloning, but he takes a particular liking to you and decides to do you a favor nonetheless, plonking his thumb down on the digi-pad with a grin. You have your second signature.

New goals: Collect 2 more signatures for Brother Nicholas's petition.

  • Collect your next signature.

(Social check)

Fortuitously you meet an older man who remembers a time before cloning was as widespread as it is now. He's more than happy to sign your petition.

He says: Disgustin' it is. All dem tubes and wires… Just looking at it gives me the creeps!

He holds his pallid thumb over the digi-pad until it bleeps to accept his bio-ID. You have your third signature!

New goals: Collect 1 more signature for Brother Nicholas's petition.

  • Collect your final signature.

(Social check)

You approach a somewhat harried looking woman in a white lab coat who, to your surprise, nods along to every word of your pitch.

She says: I work in those labs and, well… You're not wrong. It's for the greater good of the Consortium, but that doesn't make it right. Those test clones we use… They still feel pain, I can tell you that for sure. I'll probably get in trouble for this but what the hell…

She jabs a thumb at the scanner on your digi-pad and then gives you a carefree shrug. Afterwards, you return to Brother Nicholas with the signatures and collect your payment.

You have received 80.00 credits.

You have completed the "Anti-cloning Campaigner" job.

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