It's a rough galaxy out there, and you don't want to be caught unaware wearing nothing but ruins rags. Armor comes in various types and is made from an assortment of materials, ranging from cloth to leather, metal to plastic. Certain types of armor provide protection against specific types of attacks. Energy, Impact, and Piercing weapons all do less damage against suits of armor which are designed to turn aside these types of attacks.

Armor can be homemade, such as a jacket made from vat-grown leather with split metal pipes and hammered metal plates sewn onto it. It can be a torn electrician’s jumpsuit from Before, providing Energy protection. Or it can be a freshly forged suit made from premium fabrics, ceramics, and carbon composites.

Aside from the patchwork pieces that individuals make for themselves, armor suits are primarily crafted and sold by a handful of manufactures: Sinclair Armaments, Tau Station Clothier, Benevolent Dynamics, and Yasutsuna Corp.

Having the right armor can mean the difference between whether you walk away from an altercation or wake up in a clone vat, naked as a newborn. Make sure you've got the best armor you can wear, and keep it in good repair.

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