Welcome to the arrivals area. Visitors disembarking arrive for processing here first. This is also the best place to wait for any travelers you might be expecting or should one simply get gloomy about the state of the galaxy.

Like the Info Hub, this area displays station statistics and news for the last tenspan, updated daily.

Station Stats

Today in the News

  • Top fights over the last tenspan
  • Top University courses over the last tenspan (based on number of enrollments)
  • Most famous Markets over the last tenspan (based on number of purchases)

Welcome text

  • Funny thing about the arrivals area, everyone always eventually comes through here, but nobody ever stays… Though, I suppose that's essentially working as intended.
  • I love watching folks arrive here. There's always someone happy to see someone else, it just gives you hope for the galaxy. Wait, that fella' looks suspicious…
  • Welcome to the arrivals area, Citizen. If you're fresh off a shuttle, conduct yourself within the boundaries of local laws (or, in some places, lack thereof). If you're receiving visitors, make sure they do the same!



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