Aurelija's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Kiyoshi Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 1555.58 cr
Taungoo Jutte Hand-to-Hand Club Common 6053.06 cr
The Legion's Horn Ranged Handgun Uncommon 1531.40 cr
Dented Dual Layer Vest Energy Armor Uncommon 1515.28 cr
Diffusion Dress Energy Armor Common 6689.80 cr
LCVG-X10 Energy Armor Rare 2837.12 cr
Light Plate Armor Piercing Armor Uncommon 1555.58 cr
Patchwork Combat Vest Piercing Armor Common 693.16 cr
Star Stalker Armor Impact Armor Common 6730.10 cr

Located on Bordeaux Station

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