Bailey's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Bowie knife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 761.28 cr
First Mate’s Input Ranged Rifle Uncommon 9274.44 cr
Han-Dachi Hand-to-Hand Blade Uncommon 9398.88 cr
Homemade Pocketknife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 5072.76 cr
Primitive Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Common 717.36 cr
Staff of Minos Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 2562.00 cr
Cloak of Many Ripped Pockets Impact Armor Common 5431.44 cr
Enhanced Trench Impact Armor Rare 2598.60 cr
Light Riot Gear Piercing Armor Epic 740 Bonds
Medium Thermoplastic Suit Energy Armor Common 5387.52 cr
Mildewed Leather Duster Impact Armor Common 746.64 cr
Putrid Plate Mail Impact Armor Common 710.04 cr

Located on Cirque Centauri

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