Credits that you carry in your wallet can be stolen. The bank is the safest place to store your money, but the institute will demand some fees. There are two types of currency in the Tau Station Universe: credits and bonds. Most services and goods require credits, such as buying a regular shuttle ticket or getting a drink at the Bar. Bonds, however, are earned more rarely, but once acquired, they can help smooth over challenging situations, or can help to speed up things, such as getting a ticket for a faster shuttle or guaranteeing you a seat.



Well done, industrious Citizen! #.## credits have been deposited into your account.



  • Deposits are always free of charge. Withdrawals are free at one's "home" branch; remote branches charge a withdrawal fee, usually around 3% with a small minimum fee.
  • Players may freely transfer bank accounts to the local branch at any Consortium station. There is a charge for account transfer, but sometimes it can be far less than the withdrawal fee would be!

Additional information from the storyline

In the Banken at KĂžbenhavn, I was looking for Captain Drake, and bank security officer Pia told me that DZ went here too, asking if she had seen her (X Marks Our Shot).

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