The Bar is an area associated with an Inn. Get a drink or two, but be aware that bars are often a place of conflicts. Mind your pints, or you might find yourself in the Brig! Here, you can often find people in need of assistance or keen to tell a tale.


Additional information from the storyline

In The Oasis Pub at Tau Station, I've met Evangeline a second time enjoying a drink with some friends with freshly-cleaned boots and flashed me a forgiving smile (Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog).
Also here, I've met the bartender Eleni Llywelyn, starting the mission Secrets and Servos, and helped her find and repair the Bar's SCB503 security cleaning bot. The bot recorded a romantic meeting with Lieutenant Lotta Olofsdotter and Abre Jones, where they kissed. A moment which has high political implications given their respective Consortium and Gaule Protectorate affiliation (Secrets and Servos).
According to her, the Gorram Ice Miners regularly start commotions here (Secrets and Servos).
This could also be the place where Tamhas went out for a quick pint after work, and got his drink laced by Carla with some sort of scopolamine concoction, in the previous day of her premeditated assault to destroy Ailya Faizan's clone (A Rude Awakening).

The Mermaid's Drink at København has the sound of a raucous sea shanty that pours over you as you pass by. Most of the things that are on the walls and hanging from the ceiling are old Earth stuff, and you hear the same songs all day thanks to Lars (A Rude Awakening).
I went here a second time following Pompano's suggestion to check for information regarding Captain Drake’s whereabouts, as her crew from the Revenge often congregate here while on shore leave. I didn't find the crew, but got to talk to Lunt who provided important information (X Marks Our Shot).

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