Bar Singer


The Mermaid is looking for performers to entertain our customers and help us hook new patrons. Do you have what it takes? Credits paid for good shows.

Start: Side Jobs, København


You have a job: Bar Singer, accepted at København in the Sol system.

Talk to Sabastian in the Mermaid on København.

Next NPC: Sabastian, Inn, København

  • Ask Sabastian about the Bar Singer job.

The Mermaid is a salty looking establishment with a distinctive old Earth seafaring theme running through it. Old shanties, presumably once sung on real oceans, play over a loudspeaker but none of the patrons seem particularly interested. The man your CORETECHS identifies as Sabastian chews thoughtfully on the large, bristly mustache of his salt and pepper beard as he wipes at a pint mug behind the bar. He nods to a small stage at the back of the bar as you approach.

Sabastian says: Here for the singing gig? If ye want to give it a try, more power to ye. Just do a good job. I'll nae pay for nary less than a siren's song.

New goals: Sing 3 songs in the Mermaid.

Next area: Inn, København

  • Sing to the bar.

(Social check)

You pick a song and music starts playing over a sound system that you can’t see. When it’s time for the lyrics to start, you lift the microphone to your lips and hum a melody without specific words or theme. Your voice comes through loud, clear, and in key. The doubt starts to melt from the faces of your audience. The customers clap and cheer you on. Spurred on by your success, you wonder if you should try something more specific next.

Sing 2 more songs in the Mermaid.

  • Sing another song to the bar.
  • Sing an old song about Mars.

(Social check)

Using the panoramic view of the red giant outside the large port window as inspiration, you launch into a moving ballad of pioneering exploration you once heard on some pre-Catastrophe recordings. The entire inn goes silent as both clientele and staff turn and listen in wonder, moved by your rendition as well as the theme that seems to reach across the mists of time to sing of the planet below. As your song draws to a close, your dulcet tones winding down to a whisper, there is a short pause before the entire inn explodes with applause! Sabastian declares your wages more than earned and waves you over as he gruffly tries to wipe a tear from his eye.

  • Approach Sabastian.

Several patrons touch your shoulder or shake your hand as you weave your way through the now expanded crowd to reach the proprietor. Sabastian stands with his hands on bar and looks visibly shaken, his cheeks expand as he exhales a large sigh and looks up at you.

Sabastian: I'll no tell a lie my friend, that moved the core of me and no mistake! You touched upon somethin' there, somethin' from the old times I reckon. Here, ye've more than earned this. Come again aye?

Sabastian slides a chip over the bar with a generous amount of credits visible in the display.

(Social check)

Your anxiety fades as your voice flutters through the room, eliciting sincere whoops of encouragement from the crowd. You sing a moving lament of longing for a distant home system. The crowd loves the song and cheers for another.

Sing 1 song in the Mermaid.

  • Finish your set with a third song.

(Social check)

You sing again, delivering a rowdy medley of popular songs about star-faring exploits. By the time you're done, many in the audience are cheering and clapping loudly. People passing by the bar hear the commotion and come in to grab a drink and watch the show. Sabastian smiles widely from his counter.

Report to Sabastian in the Mermaid to get paid.

Next NPC: Sabastian, Inn, København

  • Ask Sabastian for your pay.

Sabastian hands you some credits with a warm smile.

Sabastian says: You were great and the customers loved you! Come back again!

Either choice continues:


You have completed the 'Bar Singer' job.

You have received 20.00 credits.

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