Pressley at the Mercury Bar could use a hand on weekends making drinks. Will you help him keep the bar running smoothly?

Start: Side Jobs, L 726-8 Jump Gate


Pressley is so pleased you'll be joining him! Go visit him at Mercury for your first shift.

New goals: "Report to Pressley Garnier at the Mercury Bar to begin your new job.".

You have accepted the "Bartender" job.

Next NPC: Pressley Garnier, Bar, L 726-8 Jump Gate

  • Speak with Pressley

You arrive at Mercury Bar and quickly find Pressley behind the bar polishing glasses with a white rag. He smiles at you warmly when he sees you and waves you over.

He says, Hey <name>! It was really darn nice of you to help me out, the after-work rush gets pretty crazy around here! Paper-mill folks all thirsty for a cold one. Who can blame 'em! Relaxation is part of a healthy community and we are really lucky to help that community run!

He shows you the selection of liquors they have on their shelves and the beers they have on tap. Beneath the bar, they have a cheat-sheet with recipes for different drinks to make with the liquors.

He says, That's about all you need to know for now, the rush'll be coming soon and we'll be up to our ears in paying customers! That cheat-sheet for drinks should help you out, but you still have to make 'em fast to keep everyone happy. And remember: people don't just come here to drink, they come here to talk so try to be a good listener, hey?

New goals: Serve four customers successfully.

  • Serve the customer

(Agility check)

The customer orders a drink and you remember exactly what goes into it and make it for them easily. They thank you and walk off.

Pressly gives you a thumbs up and a grin.

  • Serve the customer

(Agility check)

You swiftly pour the next customer a beer and tip it to give just the right amount of foamy head. The customer grins delightedly and tips you.

You have received 2.00 credits.

  • Serve the customer

(Agility and Social check)

Your next customer seems a little down. You talk them through their problems at their job at the paper mill as they sip their drink. At the end they feel a lot better and they thank you and tip

You have received 5.00 credits.

  • Serve the customer

(Agility and Social check)

The next customer insists on trying to chat with you while you're inundated with orders. You manage to somehow carry on the conversation while serving everyone the correct drink. You're awarded a nice tip at the end for your efforts.

You have received 10.00 credits.

And your shift is over! Speak with Pressley for your payment.

  • Speak with Pressley

You walk over the Pressley, who's busy closing up the bar and cleaning glassware.

Me: That was tougher than I thought! How'd I do?

He smiles at you cheerfully as he swings his towel up over his shoulder.

He says, You did great! I could tell, everybody really liked you. The community thanks you and so do I! Here's your cut. Come back soon, pal!

You have received 40.00 credits.

You have completed the "Bartender" job.

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