Basic Engineering


Learn basic pre-Catastrophe technologies and how to repair them.



Title Description Level Prerequisites Cost Time
Introduction to Engineering Learn basic engineering concepts 1 None 20 cr 10 Segments
Item repair 1 Learn to repair simple items 2 Introduction to Engineering 400 cr 100 Segments
Item repair 2 Intermediate Item Repair 3 Item Repair 1 4200 cr 700 Segments
Item repair 3 Advanced Item Repair 4 Item Repair 2 16800 cr 2100 Segments
Item repair 4 Item Repair Specialist 5 Item Repair 3 28000 cr 2800 Segments
Item repair 5 Item Repair Mastery 6 Item Repair 4 42000 cr 3500 Segments

Self-Repair Messages

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well my <item> is about <##>% broken though. I’ll sit tight and get her fixed right up.
  • My <item> is operating at about <##>% less than optimum capacity. It’ll be back up and into the green in just two shakes of a star’s nova.
  • That sure is a beat up looking <item>! About <##>% beat up in technical terms. Only for now, though. I'll have her shiny again in just a unit.

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