Big Lou's Finest Salvage
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
Alamin Kinetic Vest Armor Common 1
Belt Knife Weapon Common 1
Charge Cable Weapon Common 1
Copper Wire Knuckles Weapon Common 1
Homemade Taser Weapon Common 1
Hot Moss Blaster Uzi Weapon Uncommon 5
Kiyoshi Stick Weapon Uncommon 1
Leather Trench Coat Armor Uncommon 1
Little Sputter Weapon Common 1
Metal Shank Weapon Common 1
Nail Cudgel Weapon Uncommon 1
Padded Combat Suit Armor Common 1
Ragtag Handgun Weapon Common 1
SBS Tactical Combat Vest Armor Epic 1 Bonds 725
Sloane 6000 Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 723
Snub Laser Weapon Common 1
Unzippable Jumpsuit Armor Common 1

Located on KĂžbenhavn

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