Clones on Tau Station


Doctor Briggs has short cropped hair and a closely trimmed salt and pepper beard. He moves carefully and with patience as he tends to his machinery as well as to the health of the silently gestating clones.





Additional information from the storyline

He's an older man wearing a white lab coat with a badge reading "Doctor Briggs", and a jacket pocket from where he takes out a thin flashlight. He can be found in his well-lit office. He mentioned that sometimes, for some reason, at the Clones Tau Station Medical Center they are not notified of people passing – he considers that perhaps the station's Security Station Security Services systems haven't been updated properly (A Rude Awakening).
He used two expressions:

  • «By the Black!» – used when he was surprised of seeing Ailya Faizan out of the clone vat after an assault to destroy her clone, and also when he saw his assistant Tamhas;
  • «Custodians of people's hope for life after death» – used in relation to how importantly he sees his job at the Clones. He teaches this idea to the young Technician Tamhas (A Rude Awakening).
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