This Ephemerides'1 Calendar aims to begin a compilation of all official and community events and Tau-versaries that happen every cycle.

If you don't recall your first in-game day, you can find your Tauversary using the "Born" date on your character sheet and adding 18 Old Earth years (65,745 cycles). Similarly, to your "Age" you can subtract the same value.

Feel free to submit your Tauversary or any event. Just send an in-game e-mail or Discord message.

Also check some Tales of the Auld Ones for some nice tales.


Day of Cycle Event Reference
0 Recycle ‹‹Wishing everyone a “Happy New Cycle”, the moment our metric game clock starts a new cycle (every 100 Earth days) has also become another key tradition induced by the Community›› (blog post).
1–11 Hollow Seen ‹‹Every three cycles or so comes the festival of Hollow Seen! […] As with most special times of the year, such celebrations last at least a tenspan […]›› (blog post).
14 Emberfest ‹‹Once a cycle we celebrate the Emberfest. […] Thus do we celebrate our coming out of the darkness, our survival of the Catastrophe›› (blog post).
33–43 Reclamation Day ‹‹Once a cycle, during this special tenspan, intelligence branches of the goverments offer their services to the public in order to help them to learn who they were Before […]›› (blog post).
43 Final Day Celebration of Reclamation Day ‹‹At the close of the tenspan, an elaborate ceremony takes place in the ports of many stations. […] Productive Reclamation Day Citizens! Reclaim, recycle, reforge!›› (blog post)
98 The Stargazer Day ‹‹StarGazer's […] character and presence left a positive mark on all of us regarding of genotype, syndicate, or gaming style›› (forum post; blog post).
? E-sport tournament ‹‹[At Ross 154 Jump Gate] appears to be a big [e-sports] tournament each cycle (set up by House of Syria technicians) which is a huge attraction, bringing people in from other stations and […] systems.›› (blog post)
? OmReTourney ‹‹There’s many [OmReAthletics] tournaments throughout a cycle [at Ross 154 System], ranging from team sports like omni-ball to combat games and individual skill challenges. Once every four cycles, however, the OmReTourney takes place [at The House of Syria]. Stations send reps, champions, and crowds to compete and rise to the top of the heap!›› (blog post)


Day of Cycle Player (Cycle)
4 Shadow (197)
13 Lusid (199)
18 Yngvild (198)
19 Dotsent (197)
KMK (197)
Cayce-1018 (199)
22 moritz (197)
Sotheryn (200)
47 RuthlessCombat (207)
50 Diggles (206)
56 Suryavarman-III (199)
63 SandwichMaker (199)
70 Otter (203)
71 Nevah (200)
77 JAMESON (197)
86 GenX (208)
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