Cargo Crew


Daily shifts available. Visit the Shipping Bay for round-the-clock cargo work opportunities!

Start: Side Jobs, Sol Jump Gate


You have a job: Cargo Crew, accepted at Sol Jump Gate in the Sol system.

Unload 4 pieces of cargo in the Shipping Bay on Sol Jump Gate.

Next area: Shipping Bay, Sol Jump Gate

  • Unload cargo.

(Intelligence check)

You work with a ship's crew to unload cargo and distribute it to where it needs to go. The robotic unloading arms take a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, they feel like your own. You unload all the inventory, mostly food and drinks for the Mermaid, and head to the next ship.

Unload 3 more pieces of cargo in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload cargo.

(Intelligence check)

The next ship that requires unloading is a salvage ship. Your robotic arms come in quite handy as you unload various pieces of ship engine, each weighing several tons! You expertly manipulate the cybernetic tools and even catch a heavy hull section before it smashes onto the foot of one of the crew! The almost flat-footed crewman thanks you with a hearty slap on the shoulder. Time to move onto the next ship!

Unload 2 more pieces of cargo in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload cargo.

(Intelligence check)

You locate the next ship, a Consortium vessel transporting crates of medical supplies, and begin unloading the heavy, chrome containers. After several rounds, you notice an attractive looking woman in a leather jacket standing outside with an intense look on her face as she eyes the cargo. Upon noticing you noticing her, she grins and slips into the shadows.

You make several more trips back into the ship and unload the rest of the cargo successfully. You sign off on the delivery docket for the cargo's final destination and make ready to head to the next ship.

Unload 1 pieces of cargo in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload cargo.
  • "Accidentally" divert some medical supplies to Captain Jelena Stellarvic.


Recognizing the charismatic smuggler from your previous encounter with her, and knowing how valuable these medical supplies would be to those she is helping, you add her name to the cargo manifest and arrange for a couple of crates to be diverted to her ship. The E-slate works for a moment and then your order is ticked green as the 'receiver' confirms. You smile and make ready to head to the next ship when a notification on your CORETECHS informs you that you have just received a deposit of credits.

You have received 50.00 credits.

  • Unload cargo.

(Intelligence check)

The next ship contains a number of goods for the market. For some crazy reason, the captain has them all loose and unpacked, with different items going to different vendors. It takes awhile but you finally unload everything with relative ease, thanks to the robotic arms. A port authority official arrives to requisition the arms and pay you for your efforts.


You have completed the 'Cargo Crew' job.

You have received 25.00 credits.


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