Cargo Unloading


Daily shifts available. Join the port crew for around the clock cargo work opportunities!

Start: Side Jobs, Tau Station


You have a job: Cargo Unloading, accepted at Tau Station in the Sol system.

Go to the Shipping Bay via the Port for the Cargo Unloading job.

Next area: Shipping Bay, Tau Station

  • Unload a cargo shipment.

(Strength check)

You help unload cargo from a ship. It's mostly powdered nutrients to be used in rations and clone pastes. Flexing your muscles feels good and the work is soon complete.

Help unload 4 more cargo shipments in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload the second cargo shipment.

(Strength check)

You work up a sweat as you successfully unload another cargo container from the ship. Judging by the labels, it seems to have come from Taungoo and contains a consignment of famous Taungoo noodles.

Help unload 3 more cargo shipments in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload the third cargo shipment.

(Strength check)

With the aid of a hydraulic lifting arm you unload the next consignment from the freighter. The arm's fork emits a powerful hiss as it extends and contracts, eventually lowering the container in its correct place with a heavy clunk.

Help unload 2 more cargo shipments in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload the next cargo crate.

(Strength check)

You're sweating profusely now as you carefully unload the next piece of cargo. It seems to be a fragile ornament from the Before, sent all the way from Alpha Centauri as some sort of diplomatic gift. You handle it very carefully, then pass it to a waiting government official.

Help unload 1 more cargo shipment in the Shipping Bay.

  • Unload a cargo ship.

(Strength check)

You work hard alongside the regular port crew, helping them as they empty the last items from the docked ship. Within a few segments you're finally stood in an empty freighter hold, exhausted but satisfied. The shift supervisor rewards you with a grateful pat on the back and hands you your payment.


You have completed the 'Cargo Unloading' job.

You have received 5.00 credits.

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