Additional information from the storyline

I first came across young woman Carla (without knowing it was her), in the Clones Crick-Watson Cloning Facility at Tau Station, when someone suddenly shoulder checked me roughly before hurrying down a side row, to reach out and release a valve on the side of a pod. She was using a dark cloak and a strange red mask with a leering mouthful of fangs, metallic eyes, and two sharp-looking horns protruding from its temple.
That first moment, was a premeditated assault by to destroy Ailya Faizan's clone, as on the day before she laced Tamhas's drink with some sort of scopolamine concoction making him unfit to work. She not only called in an anonymous tip from the Port Port of Tau Station about her death, but also hacked into the database and changed Ailya's file status to Promethean in the Super's office Cornelius, at the Government Center Capital Government Center – there was a line that read, “Affiliation: Promethean Sect.”
The second time we met was when I returned with Ailya to the Decommissioned Area Tau Station Clothier at Tau Station to get her research from the computer terminal on the office's desk. The scene inside the research and development office is one of surprised chaos. People stop dead in their tracks to stare at Ailya, and a Carla dropped her mug as Ailya passes by.
Carla and Ailya worked in the Clothier. Her motivation to kill was because she should have been promoted into Ailya's position months ago, as she has been at the Clothier longer, and I work so much harder than she does. Also, she thinks that she helped Ailya with the creation of a revolutionary fabric (but Pietro wouldn't let us make it), that stupid Ailya didn't deserve to get to go work for Benevolent Dynamics (but she did, as she has been putting all her money into technical university injections), and that she's smarter, more knowledgeable, and her designs are just as good as Ailya's. She needed Benevolent Dynamics to think that she made everything on her own, and was replacing everything with her name, but boss Pietro moved Hans into Ailya's office before she was even cold – and she couldn't believe they promoted him over her too.
The third and last moment we met, was in the Market København Retail Hub at København where we both were trying to get Ailya's research standard backup data cube, stolen by her ex-husband Maximillion. Immediately after I snatched it from him, Carla attacked me with her cloak, mask, and a wicked electrified stun baton (probably a Damaged Stun Baton as speculated in the note below). After I knocked her to the ground, unmasked her, and Station Security arrived (probably from the Brig Jail, where it could be speculated that she's incarcerated) she confessed the crime and they slap Carla in cuffs and drag her off, promising that they'll be in touch and will investigate.
Ailya had no idea that Carla was so good at computers, and considers that she should have just tried for a career in that instead of fashion. Indeed Pietro said that her designs were so bad they shunted her back into fabric cutting a few weeks ago. That might be what triggered her breakdown, and the bizarre hatred for a near stranger (A Rude Awakening).

A special note on the weapon she used against me: given that Carla attacked me with a «wicked looking stun baton», that «a thin current of electricity runs up its shaft», and that "it sizzled above me, inches from my forehead" (probably lacking reliability), it can be speculated that she was probably using a Damaged Stun Baton – as other batons are either recognisable or from special forces.

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