Cell Cleaning


Even the guilty deserve a clean place to sleep! Help us keep our prison cells clean. Who knows? You might be the next who sleeps in one.

Start: Side Jobs, Tau Station


You have a job: Cell Cleaning, accepted at Tau Station in the Sol system.

Clean 5 prison cells in the Brig on Tau Station.

Next area: Brig, Tau Station

  • Clean a prison cell.

(Stamina check)

You finish cleaning the first prison cell, working hard to scrub a former inmate's scribbled profanities from the wall. You're ready to move on to the next one!

Clean 4 more prison cells in the Brig.

  • Clean the second prison cell.

(Stamina check)

Spending time in these cramped rooms is unpleasant, but eventually you get the second cell clean. As you're finishing up, you notice something strange in the corner. Low down, just above the floor join, there's an odd marking on the wall, which you hadn't noticed while cleaning. You hesitate wondering what to do.

Clean 3 more prison cells in the Brig.

  • Clean the third cell.
  • Examine the markings.


You kneel down in the corner of the cell, studying the odd markings on the metal paneling. The lines are scratched into the surface, presumably with some kind of sharpened implement, forming a small, roughly rectangular outline. Running a hand over it, the metal feels slightly loose. It looks like some sort of secret storage compartment!

  • Leave it alone. Continue your cleaning instead.
  • Force the compartment open.

(Strength check)


You bash the panel with the palm of your hand but it barely budges. It's definitely loose, but you can't quite apply the force needed to open it. Try again!


You direct a forceful kick at lower section of wall paneling and the small rectangular cutout pops ajar! You kneel to examine the contents of the illicit compartment, finding what appears to have been a former inmate's secret cred stash. You grab the cred chit inside and stuff it into your pocket.

You have received 4.00 credits.

  • Clean the third cell.

(Stamina check)

You empty the next cell of copious quantities of contraband stims, breathing a sigh of relief once the mess is cleared. The warden nods appreciatively as she passes.

The warden says: Nice work! Only a couple left to do!

Clean 2 more prison cells in the Brig.

  • Continue your cleaning.

(stamina check)

The next cell is a sorry sight, having been defaced by its unhappy former occupant. You scrub the words "I'm innocent!!" from the metal bulkhead wall. Once finished, it gleams as new, ready to receive its next resident.

Clean 1 more prison cell in the Brig.

  • Clean the last detention cell.

(stamina check)

Finally, after some hard scrubbing, the final cell is clean. You don't even want to think about what those browny-red stains were. You return the cleaning supplies to the supply closet and find something to wash your hands with. And your arms. The warden trots past to pay your wage.


You have completed the 'Cell Cleaning' job.

You have received 5.00 credits.

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