Cloister Vindaloo's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Old Shotgun Ranged Shotgun Common 7364.66
Cracked Bodysuit Impact Armor Common 948.24 cr
Werebeast Armor Energy Armor Epic 1807 Bonds
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.022 Medical Common 133.28 cr
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.017 Medical Common 804.42 cr
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.018 Medical Common 804.42 cr
Hardback Novel Trade Good Rare 276560.0 cr
Tier 1 Ration Ration Common 3160.80 cr
Tier 2 Ration Ration Common 6321.60 cr
Tier 3 Ration Ration Common 9482.40 cr
Tier 4 Ration Ration Common 12643.20 cr
Tier 5 Ration Ration Common 15804.00 cr
Termination Pellet Event Rare 105360.00 cr

Located on Caen Stronghold

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