Clone Feeder


Gestation is hungry work and our clones need regular feeding! Have a good work ethic? Visit our facilities for walk-in work.

Start: Side Jobs, Nouveau Limoges


You have a job: Clone Feeder, accepted at Nouveau Limoges in the Sol system.

Talk to Achille at the Clone Vats for the Clone Feeder job.

Next NPC: Achille, Clones, Nouveau Limoges

  • Talk to Achille.

You approach a preoccupied technician, busy scrutinizing a gestating clone in a vat of murky fluid.

Achille speaks, without really looking at you: You're here to work, right? These flesh sacs are pretty hungry right now. Sucking nutrients outta the fluids like there's no tomorrow…

Achille shrugs nonchalantly, then adjusts a few dials on the vat's control panel.

He continues: You'll be checking the fluid nutrient balance today. Use the reads on the control panel and dial up or down if anything is off the optimal level. Go on, get started…

Feed 4 clones in the Clone Vats on Nouveau Limoges.

  • Feed the first clone.

(Intelligence check)

On the vat's control panel, you open up the fluid nutrient report. It appears that the fluid's antibody levels are rather low today, exposing the gestating clone to a risk of infection. You initiate a dose of Immunoglobulins and watch as the clone, floating in the cloudy liquid, reacts with a reflexive twitch of the facial muscles. It even looks like a smile, although you know well enough that's probably just your own imagination. With the nutrient balance restored, you prepare to move onto the next vat.

Feed 3 clones in the Clone Vats on Nouveau Limoges.

  • Feed the next clone.

(Intgelligence check)

In the next vat, a slender Belter gestates within a very mucky browny-green fluid. It doesn't look quite right and, after a half segment studying the diagnostic, you figure out why. Excretion matter, including creatinine and uric acid, is off the scale, polluting the clone's environment. You rebalance the filter systems and, a short while later, a healthy nutrient balance is restored. The clone is able to feed again as normal. Another job well done!

Feed 2 clones in the Clone Vats on Nouveau Limoges.

  • Continue your work.

(Intelligence check)

In the next pod, a large Mall is eerily suspended in the swirling mix of bubbling green gloop. Fluid analysis shows depleted levels of growth hormone in the mix. You dial it up a notch to ensure the gestation progresses smoothly. But after a moment you realize something is deeply wrong; the clone is jerking about in the chamber, heavy spasms bashing his limbs against the glass!

  • Call for help!
  • Try to fix it yourself.


Me: Something's wrong here!

From the rear of the facility a junior clone tech appears and runs straight for the vat's control panel.

He mumbles to himself: Hmmmm… No, no, no. Not good at all. Some sort of shock response… Easy there, big fella.

You step back as the tech quickly taps buttons on the panel, glancing up at the desperate clone every unit or two. After a few more heavy whacks against the glass, the fit finally seems to subside. You watch in horror as blood mixes with the nutrient paste, wafting out of the clone's bruised knuckles.

The clone tech turns and says: Don't worry. Not your fault. Looks like an epileptic seizure, low blood sugar triggered it most likely… We probably need a tighter feeding schedule for this one. Scary huh?

The tech shrugs and walks back off to his own station, leaving you to continue your shift. It takes a moment for the adrenaline from the episode to subside.

(Intelligence check)

You study the pod's control screen, swiping through various menus, looking for a clue as to what's happening. To your horror, blood mixes with the nutrient paste in the vat, wafting out of the thrashing clone's bruised knuckles.

Me: Something's wrong here!

Finally, you find the relevant alert: the clone seems to be having some sort of epileptic seizure, triggered by low blood sugar! You pump in some sedatives and finally the fit seems to subside.

The clone relaxes again and all medical readings seem back to normal. You tap in a few notes to recommend a more frequent feeding schedule for this one, before preparing to continue your shift. It takes a moment for the adrenaline from the episode to subside.

Feed 1 clone in the Clone Vats on Nouveau Limoges.

  • Feed the last clone.

(Intelligence check)

The last clone is particularly hungry. You can see from her budding fingernails and hairless head that she's in an early stage of gestation, and consuming nutrients at a rapid pace. Dialing up the nutrient stream, you ensure she'll get what she needs for the next few days. Her hand twitches as the fluid mix improves and you wonder whether it's a reaction to the feed, or simply a coincidence? You exhale deeply after a tiring shift.

Speak to Achille to collect your wages.

  • Tell Achille you've finished your work.

You find Achille muttering to himself in the other wing of the Cloning Facility. He's startled by your approach.

Achille says: Gosh, you scared me there! I'm so used to staring at these pod people… They're pretty quiet though so sometimes a real voice catches me off guard. Haha… Who'd be a clone tech?

Achille checks a few reads on his pocket slate, before resuming.

He says: You did good. Nice nutrient mix, well balanced… They're well-fed for now, that's for sure! Here's your pay. And come back any time!


You have completed the 'Clone Feeder' job.

You have received 25.00 credits.

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