Clone Nutrient Mixer


Mixing clone nutrient paste is a tiring job. Is your stamina up to it?

Start: Side Jobs, YZ Ceti Jump Gate


You tap the terminal to accept the work and ready yourself for a tough shift.

New goals: "Visit Pavelu Marcio in the Clone Vats for the Clone Nutrient Mixer job".

You have accepted the "Clone Nutrient Mixer" job.

Next NPC: Pavelu Marcio, Clones, YZ Ceti Jump Gate

  • Talk to Pavelu.

Pavelu waves you into the Clone Vats facility and leads you to a back room which features some sort of production line. A long table runs down the middle of the room, flanked on either side by open, waist-high barrels of brown powders and green pastes.

Pavelu says: Welcome to your new office, <name>. Here's the paste recipes for what we need. Mix up four fresh tubs, then get paid. Good luck!

Pavelu flashes you a smile, then leaves you alone to get on with your shift.

New goals: Mix up 4 tubs of clone nutrient paste.

  • Mix up your first tub of nutrient paste.

(Stamina check)

The first recipe is for a nutrient paste specially designed for Belter genotype clones. You read the instructions carefully, then painstakingly measure out the various ingredients needed, mixing them up into a fresh tub. The finished paste is a murky shade of oily green, and smells like three-day old fungal stew. You label it up and prepare for your next task.

New goals: Mix up 3 more tubs of nutrient paste.

  • Mix up your next tub of nutrient paste.

(Stamina check)

Next up, you prepare a gestation-accelerating paste for Harsene genotypes. There are over a hundred different ingredients required, in varying measures, and a very specific order in which they must be added. After the last one goes in, you seal and label the tub. Only two more to go!

New goals: Mix up 2 more tubs of nutrient paste.

  • Prepare the third tub of nutrient paste.

(Stamina check)

The third recipe is for something called 'activation preparant', to be added to the vat right before a clone is woken up. Apparently, a faulty mix can cause clones to remain drowsy and disorientated for days afterwards. You measure out the various powders required, making use of electronic scales as you go. Eventually you have another tub finished.

New goals: Mix up 1 more tub of nutrient paste.

  • Prepare the final tub of nutrient paste.

(Stamina check)

The final recipe demands constant stirring as various gloopy syrups are added under strict temperature controls. You keep one eye on the thermometer and another on the thickening blackish substance in the tub. The smell is utterly revolting, but the recipe reassures you that this is to be expected. Finally, the fourth tub is ready. You label it up and call Pavelu back in to check your work. To your surprise she dips a finger in one of the tubs and dabs a little paste on her tongue!

Pavelu says: Oh hey, good job! You really nailed it… A good paste mixer is hard to find. You can come back anytime, <name>. Here's your wage.

Pavelu taps a contactless payment through via her pocket slate, then wheels one of the tubs you prepared off into the main vat storage area.

You have received 75.00 credits.

You have completed the "Clone Nutrient Mixer" job.

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