Clone of Contention

A stranger risks illness by misusing the Gym's vitamin sauna. Will you intervene to help?

Level: 15
Start: Muscle Man, Gym, Spirit of Tianjin


Tianjin muscle gym is sparsely-filled at this time of day, so its familiar soundtrack of clanging weights, whooshing treadmills, and clenched-teeth exhalations plays a little more quietly than usual. In a nearby row of mostly unoccupied machines, a brawny, asteroid-sized hulk of man is simultaneously trying to complete a 260 KG leg press while shouting something in your direction.

Muscle man shouts: Oi! Read the sign, doofus!

Taken aback, you look around and realize he's in fact calling to someone behind you: a slinky-limbed Belter with a backpack, but no Carnival-related identifiers, hovering near the door for the vitamin sauna. Above it, a large display scrolls the message "MALL PROGRAM RUNNING". But the languid Belter seems oblivious. He taps the paypad and disappears through the door, drawing another shout from the burly specimen in front.

Muscle man snorts: Hope you booked a bed in Sick Bay for after! Ha. Dumb-nuts…

Taking little notice of you, he then resumes his exertions with a somewhat pained grunt.

  • Talk to muscle man.
  • Leave the Gym's occupants to their business.


You glance about once more just as Muscle Man starts pummeling a punchbag suspended from a regocrete girder above, before leaving the Gym's occupants to their various activities.

You have failed the "Clone of Contention" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You approach the hefty stranger, just as he roars a 300 KG leg curl to completion. He doesn't seem too interested in you.

  • Ask about his training.
  • Ask about the vitamin sauna.


Me: Pretty impressive. What's your PB? 320 KG?

He glances at you without interrupting his exertions, before toggling the settings dial to 340 KG, grinning as he does it.

He replies: PB is forty-four death-fights undefeated… Patrons go crazy for it. I'm the top-rated Dummy on this rock.

With a gut-busting groan he resumes his workout, staring intensely at his own reflection in the wall mirror.

  • Ask about death fights.
  • Ask about the vitamin sauna.

Death fights:

Me: Death-fights? So if you won, the other person… er -

Before you can work out how to phrase it, he cuts you off, clarifying matter-of-factly.

He says: Got sent for a pod sleep, yeah. Woke up in the vats. All in a day's work for a Dummy.

He goes back to his exercise, unaware of the somewhat troubled expression on your face.

  • Leave the Gym's occupants to their business.
  • Ask about the vitamin sauna.


Me: How's that vitamin sauna? Any good?

The man continues his rigorous movements; thick blue veins bulging like duct pipes under his skin.

He says: Not bad. Takes the edge off after a bout. But that goofus ain't gonna enjoy it… It's genotype-tailored. Running a Mall cycle right now. Not what his lanky butt needs, ha!

He nods at the sauna door, smirking as if amused by the Belter's error.

He adds: Coupla days in Sick Bay should teach him to read signs! I could go tell him; no harm in popping in for a unit or two… But I got reps to do. Fight's comin up…

You consider whether the confused Belter might appreciate a warning about this.

  • Ask about his training.
  • Leave the Gym's occupants to their business.
  • Go to warn the Belter about his mistake.


You leave Muscle Man to his furious pumping and walk through the Gym's cloying sweat-filled air, reaching the vitamin sauna entry on the other side. The automated door is controlled by a small paypad.

Warn the confused Belter about his mistake at the Spirit of Tianjin's Gym.

You have accepted the "Clone of Contention" mission.

  • Hack the door to gain access.
  • Pay the entry fee. 35 credits.

(Intelligence test)

The door seems solid, testing your patience, but the paypad offers hope! There's a small chip in its plastic casing, through which the edge of a nano-board is visible. After a quick trip to the nearby drink fountain, you pour a cup of water through the crack. A wisp of smoke escapes the paypad's cover, before the door haltingly jerks open!

Me: That thing needed replacing anyway…

You step inside. Gentle background music floats down the cramped corridor which has a door off either side. There's no sign of the Belter.

  • Check the changing room.
  • Call out.
  • Check the sauna room.


Me: Hello?! Ser? You've made a mistake…

You pause and listen. No response, but over the piped electro-soothe beats you hear some kind of rustling ahead.

  • Check the sauna room.
  • Check the changing room.


From the corridor, you head into a poky room with a bench running down the middle and a series of small lockers against the far wall, into which the tall Belter is trying to stuff his backpack. He spins round, startled by your presence. Seeing he has neither a collar nor bracelet, you relax somewhat, knowing there's no risk of Carnival interference.

Next NPC: Samson Blake, Gym, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Offer help with his backpack.
  • Warn him about getting the right vitamin mix for his genotype.


Me: You need some help with that? Want me to give it a shunt?

He says: Not necessary. I got it.

He eyes you keenly, as if waiting for you to make some sort of move. You wonder what sort of oddball you've run into here. Suddenly he mumbles something quietly under his breath.

He mutters: Abebi?

He says it so quietly you barely pick it up. Is he speaking another language? Perhaps that explains his confusion?

  • Warn him about getting the right vitamin mix for his genotype.

Me: Howdy, Ser. You may want to come back another time. Sauna's running a Mall mix, right now. Give you a nasty hangover if you spend more than a few segments on it…

The man looks at you quizzically, as if his confusion is only deepened by your words. He says nothing, but fidgets visibly with his backpack.

  • Ask him which language he speaks.
  • Leave this oddball to his business.


Me: What did you say? "Abebi"? Which language is that?

He replies: So, you're not Ab—? Ah dammit…

It's clear he understands you perfectly well. His eyes widen with a hint of alarm in them now, darting between the exit behind you and the backpack, still half-wedged into the locker behind.

Find out what's bothering Samson in the Tianjin Gym.

  • "Luggage problems stressing you out, Ser?"
  • "Abebi, you say? That's me."
  • "Are you expecting someone?"


Me: Luggage problems stressing you out, Ser?

Samson's eyes harden into something hinting at a warning. You wonder if perhaps you've chanced upon somebody engaged in some sort of nefarious activity.

He says: None of your business, stranger.

  • "Are you expecting someone?"
  • "Are you in danger? Should I call Security?"


Your question seems to stress him. He clams up, continuing to stare warily at you while simultaneously checking the time on his slate. Whatever it is, it seems to annoy him further as he returns the slate to his pocket with a frustrated grunt.

  • "Are you in danger? Should I call Security?"

Me: Are you in danger? Should I call Security?

Samson replies: No! No need for that. Everything is— fine. Thanks for your concern though. Tianjin's a friendlier place than I expected! But you can go, I'm fine thank you. Won't go in the sauna till the Belter cycle starts, promise… heh.

He pulls out his pocket slate again, feigning a casual demeanor. But he's visibly stressed on seeing the time again. He looks back at you, and lets out a small whimper on noticing that you haven't left yet.

  • Wait.
  • Leave this oddball to his business.


You remain stood in the doorway. The jittery Belter doesn't like it. Finally he raises a pleading hand, the other still clutching the backpack half-wedged into the locker behind.

He begs: What is it, huh? Dammit. I KNEW this job was a stiff… Listen. I'm just a courier. Whatever you want, I ain't got nothing to do with it. I don't even know what's in the damn thing… Man, this place gives me the willies!

  • Pretend to know what he's talking about.
  • Ask what he's talking about.


Me: What the stars are you blathering about?

Samson is taken aback by your confused response, as if recalculating his position. His posture straightens, seeing a more attractive way out of his predicament.

He says: We got off on the wrong foot, Ser. Bad first impression. Let's press the reset. You seem like the curious sort and I'd like to make you an offer. This here package needs delivering to an "Abebi Franklin" on Tianjin. Payment of 2500 due on delivery. Only, I don't fancy it no more… So how about I sell you the job for, say… 200 credits? A tidy sum, especially considering most of the work is already done.

  • Ask about Abebi Franklin.
  • Ask about the bag's contents.


Me: If I'm taking this thing off you, I wanna know what's inside.

Samson answers: Fine. I don't blame ya. A courier likes to know these things. But I'm not supposed to know. The case has a seal and most of the time, ya break the seal, they wanna haggle yer fee down. So… I got other methods. Ran a few remote imaging scans on it. Hardware of some sort, I dunno. Ain't a weapon that's for sure. Got through a Jump Gate port with it, no problems…

Samson shrugs as he removes the satchel from the locker behind, and now places it down with a thud on the low bench which separates you in the changing room. In the background, you can hear the faint sounds of the sauna room and its automated voice attendant announcing the next vitamin mix.

  • Ask about Abebi Franklin.

Me: Where do I find Abebi Franklin?

Samson replies with a shrug: That's the 2500 credit question, my friend. She was supposed to be here for the hand off. That's all I know. Except, she's waaay late, and only you showed up so far. I ain't in the mood to hang round here no more. This Carnival thing they got… makes me sick, y'know? I'm a family man.

Samson checks the time once more, but on his CORETECHS now. He emits a heavy sigh.

He continues: All I got is a name, station, and the package. If I had more, the fee woulda been less…

  • "Why don't you just finish the job yourself?"
  • "Are you sure this is legal?"

Finish yourself:

Me: If it's all so simple, why don't you just find Abebi? Finish the job yourself and take the payday?

Samson says: Listen. This place makes my skin crawl, OK? Now, I delivered in all kinds of spots. Done a few runs to Caen last cycle, that kept my bowels tingling, if ya know what I mean? I've been around, y'know? But, this place? It ain't worth it. Disgusting, the whole thing. You couldn't pay me enough to go poking round, searching about for a recipient, who may well be one of the freakos who gets a kick outta all this.

Samson straightens his back and takes a breath now, as if impatient to leave.

He says: Offer's simple enough. You taking it or not?

  • Accept Samson's offer. Buy the package for 200 credits.
  • End involvement in this affair.
  • Offer 100 credits instead.
  • Threaten Samson into giving you the package for free.
  • "Are you sure this is legal?"


Me: Are you sure this is legal?

Samson replies: Sure? No. Not 100%. Hell, a ration can be illegal if someone stole it, y'know? But I been through a few ports and it didn't trip no scanners…

Samson opens his palms, as if to show you that's all the answer he has.

He says: So, you want it or not?

  • Threaten Samson into giving you the package for free.
  • End involvement in this affair.
  • Accept Samson's offer. Buy the package for 200 credits.
  • Offer 100 credits instead.

(Strength check)

Me: If you knew what was good for ya, you'd leave that thing where it is and walk right outta here.

Samson chuckles a little to himself, before wagging a finger at you.

Samson says: You're cute. I ain't scared of cute. But… I am scared of dumb. And you might just be dumb enough to try something… something I ain't got the inclination for right now. Fine. Have it your way, punk.

He taps a finger to his brow by way of wordless goodbye, then disappears back out of the changing room door. You're left alone with the satchel.

  • Take the bag.

You throw the bag over your shoulder, take one last look around the empty changing room, and exit back into the Gym's main chamber, ready to start your search for Abebi Franklin.

Search the Spirit of Tianjin to find Abebi Franklin.

Next area: Gym, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around at the Gym for Abebi Franklin.


Next area: Bar, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around at the Bar for Abebi Franklin.


Next area: Residences, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around at the Residences for Abebi Franklin.


The Gym is mostly empty now. You ask the few sweating occupants who remain if they're Abebi Franklin, but meet with only quizzical shakes of the head. Using your CORETECHS, you can see that there isn't anyone by that name here.

Continue searching Tianjin for Abebi Franklin.


In the Bar, you tentatively approach a drunk Patron at one of the tables. Seeing you lack a Carnival collar, he loses interest almost immediately. When you linger, he turns back and mumbles something.

The Patron says Abebi Frankenstein?! Famous scientist, no? I dunno… Anyway, would ya quit bugging me? I'm trying to relax.

He shoos you away, to continue your inquiries elsewhere.

Continue searching Tianjin for Abebi Franklin.


You wander the corridors of the Tianjin Residences, passing an exhausted-looking Dummy returning home from a Carnival shift. He seems to have no clue about the name you mention.

He says: Beats me, chum. Not a Dummy, certainly. I'd know. Been working the Carny for cycles… Excuse me. I need some zees. Got weird buzz in my ears. Is that just me, ha? Long shifts'll do that to ya.

The man yawns wearily, before shuffling off into a nearby residence.

Continue searching Tianjin for Abebi Franklin.

Next area: Sick Bay, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around at Sick Bay for Abebi Franklin.

The Sick Bay is quiet, with various signs urging visitors to respect recuperating patients. You approach the desk and inquire politely as to whether an Abebi Franklin was perhaps admitted recently. But the nurse only shakes her head, staring blankly back at you. Then, with a jerk of the head, her eyes light up.

She says: Maybe she works down at the Clone Vats? I heard some Anima techs talking about her once… Had a mean nickname for her too. What was it, now? Hmm… Abebi Frankenstein, that's it! Dunno what they meant by it. People can be so horrible…

With that the nurse wanders off examine a nearby air recycler vent, mumbling about some vibration or other disturbing the patients.

Visit the Clone Vats on Tianjin to search for Abebi Franklin.

Next area: Clones, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around at the Clone Vats for Abebi Franklin.

Staff here seem preoccupied with a busy shift, with a number of pods in various stages of activation. Splodges of murky nutrient fluid squelch underfoot as one vat nearby is opened up and attendants step in to assist a very confused-looking clone, fumbling through the first moments of consciousness in a new body. Eventually you manage to get the attention of a junior pod apprentice.

Me: Hey! Your colleague, Abebi Franklin, she working today? Where can I find her?

The apprentice looks puzzled briefly, before formulating a confident response.

He says: Trick question. Sneaky. But I did my revision… Rumor has it that Abebi Franklin, or what remains of her hundreds of cycles after her death, can be found somewhere on Taungoo station. As a clone tech pioneer, she was preserved cryogenically, in case resurrection ever became practical. Alas, with the upheavals of the Catastrophe, her remains have long since been lost entirely… perhaps raided by cloning opponents who dubbed her Abebi Frankenstein, an appellation which has unfortunately stuck…

The apprentice looks hesitant for a unit, checking your face for clues as whether his answer is correct.

He continues: But in one sense, we all work alongside Abebi every day. Or at least alongside her major contribution to clone tech, her never-bettered Obi-Hub is still standard issue-

A throaty holler from a superior interrupts the apprentice. He rushes off to help with a re-spawn in the rear of the facility. You're left to digest the news that Abebi Franklin seems to have lived, and died, way back in the Before. You ponder your next step. Was Samson trying scam you somehow with his offer? What if the warning about breaking the seal was just a trick to buy him time to get away? If Samson wasn't lying, you still need to find the recipient to get paid. Maybe there's a clue inside the box?

Find out what's in the package you got from Samson.

  • Examine the box closely.

You hurry to a steel bench in the reception area, dumping the satchel next to you. Pulling the zip down reveals a mid-size, titanium-cased, shipping box with an electronic seal mechanism on top. It prompts you for a bio-ID. It seems the box has been configured to log the identity of whoever opens it.

  • Open the package anyway. Allow it to log your identity.
  • Try hacking the electronic seal somehow.

(Intelligence check)

You fiddle with the seal for a while, trying to figure out how it works. After a few segments of frustration, the nearby whirring of an MRI body scanner in the Clone Vats catches your attention, sparking an idea.

Me: Time to see what's what…

You tuck the package under your arm and wander over towards the Clone Vats reception area, pretending to browse the premium offers, while keeping an eye on the now-vacant MRI scanner. The staff seem preoccupied with other matters as you shunt the box into the machine, then quickly initiate a short scan. After only a few units, you get the desired result! The seal's display reads 'Error' and its circuits appear sufficiently damaged by the strong magnetic waves. It automatically releases the lid, without requiring your bio-ID to be logged!

Me: Gotcha!

You grab the box and flip its rigid lid to reveal a chunky piece of hardware inside, slightly bigger than a Mall's fist. Its casing is made from dark metal, with numerous electronic connection ports lined across the back. The only discernible markings are found underneath: 'Obi-Hub' followed by various serial numbers and identifiers.

Glancing around the Clone Vats, you can spot a similar component on every one of the facility's functional vats. Have you spent all this effort lugging around a piece of everyday, scavenged junk? The thought of being duped is so annoying, that it takes a full ten units for you to notice something rather obvious: there's a strange buzzing noise in your proximity, but it isn't just inside your head. Is it the Obi-Hub?

  • Find the source of the noise!

You stoop your head to the item but it's not the source of the noise. Looking around, finally you spot it: a tiny drone, small as a stim pack, hovering a few meters above your head!

Me: What tha—

Your mouth tastes a twinge of panic as the drone jerks quickly away, as if reacting to your gaze! Your mind races through the past few segments again. This noise has been with you, the whole time. Someone's been watching you ever since you left the sauna!

  • Report this whole matter to Security.
  • Try to trap the drone.


Heart-pounding, you grab the satchel once more and head into a small, low side corridor off the Clone Vats. The tinny buzz follows you. Once in the corridor, you slam a hand on the door seal button behind, trapping it inside the chamber with you!

Capture the drone which has been spying on you in the Spirit of Tianjin Clone Vats!

  • Capture the drone!

(Agility check)

In the low corridor chamber you consider your options quickly. The thing's far too small to shoot down and you've no jammer which could disrupt its signal. Keen to hurry before the thing escapes, you fall back on a more basic method.

Me: Sometimes you gotta keep it simple…

You mutter under your breath as you remove your jacket and, in one fell swoop, deftly toss it over the trapped drone. Your jacket falls to the ground, spiking oddly as the drone trapped underneath tries to escape from under its weight!

Me: Gotcha!

Just as you scramble to trap it, there's the whoosh of a hydraulic door and you look up to see a rather old lady standing in the doorway, holding what appears to be a drone control pad.

Next NPC: Indira Sobchak, Clones, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Approach Indira.

You step forward towards the woman. No collar; no bracelet. She's not a Carnival participant. She stares at you intently.

She says: Don't be alarmed. You've got something for me, haven't you? Let's talk. Not here, Ceti View.

  • Ignore Indira. This is getting out of hand. Try going to Security instead.
  • Drop the satchel and flee.
  • Agree. Go to the Hotel with Indira.
  • Attack Indira!


You nod in agreement. Indira strides off briskly in the direction of Ceti View Hotel.

Go to the Hotel on Spirit of Tianjin to talk with Indira.

Next NPC: Indira Sobchak, Hotel Rooms, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Follow Indira to her room.

With Samson's satchel still slung over your shoulder, you follow Indira through the lobby and to a private room. She swipes an ID at the door and you step inside. Indira exhales in relief as the door shuts behind you, then splutters out a grisly cough, before composing herself.

Indira says: <name>, right? Took me a while to ID you… Sorry about the drone. I'm not great at spying on people. Didn't mean to alarm you but… If someone's hijacking my delivery, I wanna know who they are. Turns out you're just a random chancer. Give.

Indira holds out an arm, waiting for you to hand over the satchel. She chokes back another cough before it can get out.

  • Ask about the drone.
  • Hand over the package.
  • Ask if she's unwell.


Me: You've been spying on me? Since when?!

Indira replies: Since you tangled yourself up in my business, <name>! A perfectly normal thing to do, under the circumstances. Now, GIVE. Unless you don't want your fee anymore.

  • Ask if she's unwell.
  • Hand over the package.


Me: You don't sound so good… Shouldn't you be in Sick Bay maybe?

Indira wafts her hand dismissively.

Indira says: It's nothing. At my age, you gotta make the most of what days you got left. Don't act like you never saw an old person before… Now, where were we?

  • Hand over the package.

Me: Here. But there's one thing you should know-

You hand Indira the satchel and she quickly removes the package from it, gasping angrily on seeing the seal display.

Indira says: You opened it… Fool! You could've damaged it.

She lifts the Obi-Hub from the packaging and examines it closely.

Indira adds: Looks OK, but I can't be sure until I get it online…

  • Seek payment and get out of here.
  • Ask Indira why she's being so careful about her identity.


You're being pretty guarded about all this. The spy drone. Hotel room. Abebi Franklin. Why use her name?

Indira says: Obviously you never went to college. Abebi Franklin's been dead for almost a millennium, although I shouldn't expect a courier to know that… She was a clone tech pioneer. A hero of mine… Worked all her life to reduce human suffering. And, in the end, she found a way… I find her inspiring. That's why I chose her name.

Indira glances at you. You stare keenly at her, waiting for a real answer.

Indira continues: Look, I'm doing some extra-curricular research. I needed an Obi-Hub for it and, strictly speaking, even though I work in the Vats all day, I shouldn't have one. Not in my job remit… But I got one on the Mesh. Used a fake name for delivery. Big deal. Everyone does it, when they want something a bit naughty…

  • Ask about the Obi-Hub.
  • Seek payment and get out of here.


Me: And the Obi-Hub does what exactly?

Indira chuckles now, clearly amused by your ignorance.

She says: Obviously you haven't done many university courses… The Obi-Hub is the thing that makes you respawn as YOU. As opposed to a blank slate with just your biological characteristics… Every pod has one. That's how they connect to the Mesh and pull in memory data from your Amygchip.

Indira seems rather animated now as she explains it all to you.

She says: Obi-Hub's named after the Obi-Lattice. That's the crypto that secures the whole thing, makes sure only clones with YOUR ID signature get your Amygchip memory data. Without that, the whole thing wouldn't work… Don't wanna wake up with someone else's memories, now, do you? Or none at all?

  • Ask Abebi about her "extra-curricular" research.
  • Seek payment and get out of here.


Me: And your research… I'm guessing it ain't something your bosses would approve of?

Indira looks at you, slightly incredulous.

She says: Gonna ask my life story next? Look, I wanna follow in Abebi's footsteps, push clone tech even further… This thing was invented hundreds of cycles ago. I wanna make it better… But Obi-Hub research is super restricted. So I'm doing it unofficial. Like Abebi had to, all those cycles ago… Just wanna leave my mark before I follow her into the big nothing. No biggie.

Indira cough splutters up again. You get the impression she may not have too long left to achieve her ambitions.

  • Seek payment and get out of here.

Me: OK. This has been fun. But can I get my 2500 now?

Indira looks at you, with a somewhat indignant glare.

She says: What kind of courier are you? You broke the seal! You'll get paid when I'm sure it's genuine, and it works. How do I know you didn't switch it for another, huh? Once I check it in the lab, you'll get your money. It won't take long, go get yourself a drink in the Bar and I'll be in touch.

Indira senses your hesitation.

Indira says: I can tell you're used to dealing with scumbags. Look. I'm a clone tech here on Tianjin. Check me out on your CORETECHS. I'm not gonna disappear. You can trust me.

  • Agree to wait.
  • No way. Payment now.


Me: Woah. I don't like that plan much. I say… Money now.

Indira frowns and shakes her head. You try to get a read of her personality. Would she be easily intimated? Physically, you don't have much to fear from her, if things escalate. That is, assuming she's not armed.

Indira says: No can do, sorry. I'm being nice here. Nobody asked you to get mixed up in this… Now. What'll it be?

  • Agree to wait.
  • Intimidate Indira into paying you right away.

Indira pauses for a moment to give you time to check your CORETECHS. After you verify her identity, she places the package back in the satchel, hoists it over her shoulder and walks out of the room.

Go to the Bar on Spirit of Tianjin. Wait there for updates from Indira.

Next area: Bar, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Take a seat and wait to hear from Indira.

You pull up a stool in the Tianjin Taproom. An update from Indira comes in on your CORETECHS.

INDIRA: OK, I'm here. Vats are busy. Seriously? Some jerk Patron is on a spree again. Is this what Abebi Franklin worked her ass off for? All the ways cloning can help people, and we're doing this?! Eurgh. Sorry. Rant over. I've got six Dummy respawns queued up. Hold tight. I haven't had time to check this thing yet.

You sit and wait, twiddling your thumbs until the next update comes in.

  • Keep waiting.

More than a segment passes before Indira gets in touch again. Your eye glazes over as you switch attention to your CORETECHS display.

INDIRA: Sorry, things got busy here. Death fights are on in the Theater tonight. We're jammed up dealing with the fallout. Of all the things cloning lets us do, we use it for this?! Can't believe I spent thirty cycles servicing this crud-show…

Me: Sounds tough. Say, any update on that money?

INDIRA: Ha! You don't care. Just wanna get paid, like everyone else. I was like that… Anyway, hold your horses. It's coming. I'm checking the thing now. Sit tight.

  • Keep waiting.

You wait, and wait. But nothing happens. In the absence of updates or payment, your mind becomes prone to conjecture and paranoia. If Indira doesn't pay up, what can you really do? Where did the Obi-Hub come from in the first place? Is it stolen? Why does Indira want to make cloning better if she's so disgusted by her work on Tianjin?

You have two options. You can visit the Clone Vats to try and find Indira and your payment, or visit Security to report this entire matter to them.

Next area: Clones, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Look around for Indira.


Next NPC: Sgt. Charmane Parris, Security, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Report recent events to Security.


The Clone Vats seem to be in a state of disarray as you arrive. The young apprentice from earlier is directing passersby away from the strange scene unfolding. A pod stands open, still dripping with the paste remnants of its recently decanted clone, who looks like Muscle Man and stands nearby, stumbling about in typical spawn-sick fashion. Seems like someone ended his death-fight victory sequence. Two engineers are guiding him to rehab room, while another examines his pod attentively. Indira is nowhere to be seen.

  • Keep watching.
  • Ask for Indira.


You remain rooted to the spot, watching the strange scene unfold. The fresh Muscle Man clone takes another few steps, before puking nonchalantly all over himself, much to the dismay of his wards.

Someone shouts

Someone shouts: Ah kak! He's spewed all over… Dammit Indira! Always hers that get the sickness, and she's never here to wipe up the mess!

You start wondering exactly what Indira's experiments may have entailed. Ahead, an engineer examines the recently-vacated pod. He then calls a colleague and gestures at the pod's Obi-Hub. They seem rather annoyed about something. Indira is still nowhere to be seen and doesn't respond to your CORETECHS pokes either. You consider your options.

  • End involvement in this affair.
  • Get closer. Try to work out what's happening.
  • Visit Security and report the matter to them.


You edge forward, through the crowd, until you're near enough to overhear the two clone techs' conversation.

The short one says: Honestly? Looks like a code 5 breach to me… Attempted sabotage. This Obi-Hub's been switched out. Check the serial…

His taller colleague frowns sternly, then attaches a connector from a diagnostic slate to the Obi-Hub.

The tall one replies: Operating system certificates are outta date. Few unrecognized apps on here too… Might explain why the big fella's come out extra-sick… Argh, this means admin forms.

Shorty says: WHO does this? Obi-lattice even survived the Catastrophe… You gotta be a putz to think you can crack it. Pointless way to end up in jail if ya ask me. Guess we better call Security.

The tall guy nods in agreement, then connects to a CORETECHS call. You're starting to get the feeling that Inidira's experiments may not have been as noble as she first made out.

  • Visit Security and report the matter to them.
  • End involvement in this affair.


Your info may be relevant to whatever's going on here. Resolving to involve the authorities, you turn towards Tianjin's Security office.

Visit Security on Tianjin to report this affair.

Next NPC: Sgt. Charmane Parris, Security, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Report recent events to Security.

You enter Tianjin's slightly intimidating Security office and tap a triage slate to declare the purpose of your visit. The screen directs you to reception desk three, which you duly approach. A young woman with a rotund face greets you there and hooks you up to the digital polygraph, before initiating your testimony. You explain the sequence of events which led up to you coming here. She listens intently, all the while picking at snacks from her desk drawer.

After you finish, Charmane says: So you wanted to make a few creds and it didn't work out? You're pretty lucky this polygraph says you didn't know what exactly you were carrying… It's the only reason we're willing to overlook the fact a half dozen clones needed extra segments to limber up, on account of the rigged Obi-Hub you delivered…

She chuckles a little, lightening the mood.

She continues: When are these stronzos gonna learn, huh? The Obi-Hub is uncrackable, unhackable, un-bypass-able, un-whatever-able! Yeah, if you could mess up the signature recognition, you could spike new clones with other people's memories, bring an end to humanity's millennium-old love-in with clone tech… But you can't. Nobody can. Not even Indira, or the Promethean direct action wackos, or whoever else doesn't like things being how they are. That's why the damn thing works so good!

Charmane shakes her head, more baffled than furious.

  • Ask about Indira.
  • Ask about the rigged Obi-Hub.
  • Ask about clone memory spiking.

Memory spiking:

Me: You said something about spiking clones with other people's memories. That sounds… scary.

Charmane laughs: It WOULD be scary if it was possible. Doesn't stop folk trying though… The idea is to mess up the Obi-Hub signature recognition, so Amygchip memory data goes to the wrong recipient… Then, when they respawn… They got a whole bunch of memory data they shouldn't have. Not that they'd ever know it… It'd feel genuine.

Charmane pauses to toss another snack into her mouth, chomping it down before resuming.

She continues: If you could do that, well, you could do pretty much anything… Plant fake memories too maybe? Change people's beliefs and personalities too… And then, if word got out that it was no longer secure… Well, that's easy. No more cloning, that's for sure. It'd be a good plot for a VR story, I reckon… But, like I said, impossible. Obi-Lattice is rock solid, has been for hundreds of cycles.

  • "So, am I free to go then?"
  • Ask about the rigged Obi-Hub.
  • Ask about Indira.


Me: That Obi-Hub I delivered, it'd been tampered with?

The guard replies: Yeah, by the sounds of it. We'll know more when we check it. My guess; someone repainted a coupla wires, loaded it up with a ton of viruses bought off a Freebooter exchange… and then auctioned it off to some gullible dumbo on those forums where they whine about how clone tech only serves the rich, or how the Carnival isn't in the spirit of the original clone pioneers, yadda yadda… Sounds like your pal, Indira was the dumbo in question.

She rattles the words off rather dismissively, clearly unperturbed by the whole incident.

She says: We attract these kinda wackos. All the time. Heck, just since I started here, I reckon we've averaged four or five plots to destroy confidence in the Amygchip, or the Obi-Lattice or some other vital component of cloning infrastructure. Might be impossible, but these folk get all worked up and try it anyway! Usually Promethean visitors, but it's not unheard of for an Anima staffer to go off the rails too…

You shuffle in your seat, frowning as you process what you've just learned.

  • "So, am I free to go then?"
  • Ask about Indira.


Me: What'll happen to Indira?

The guard theatrically draws an extended finger across her throat, making a gurgling sound with her mouth.

She says: Nah, not really. Not quite a capital offense. But still, there's consequences, even if the plan had zero chance of success. Incompetent terrorism is still terrorism… She'll do serious time. If she lives long enough to get out, she'll need a new career. Won't work for Anima ever again… Shame. Good job gone to waste. What makes someone flip like that? Smart people can be so dumb sometimes.

As Charmane talks, you recall Indira's frail posture and spluttering cough. Could she have done more to conceal her identity from you? Perhaps she hasn't enough time remaining for it to matter so much? Sgt. Charmane Parris continues eating snacks from her desk. It seems this matter is barely denting her appetite. Indira felt so strongly she was ready to sacrifice everything. How can people feel so differently about this things?

  • "So, am I free to go then?"

Me: Am I free to go?

Charmane replies: You sure are. Tianjin's got a rep to uphold but… we ain't looking to make examples outta clueless couriers.

  • Leave.
  • Ask for a reward.


Me: Do I get a reward, for the info I mean?

Charmane loosens up with a bellowing laugh which takes a few units to subside.

She replies: For what?! Unwittingly associating with terrorists? Wasting my time? You've got cheek, I can see that much… Here, I got these old rations in my drawer. They're past-date but they'll fill ya up all the same… And I need to cut down. Now get outta here, Ser. I have work to do.

She reaches into her desk and pulls out two still-sealed, but rather crumpled looking ration packs. It's a lot less than you were originally hoping to get, but you take them regardless. Bidding her farewell, you vacate the chair for the next person in the queue and wander off back into the strange and confusing world of Tianjin.

You have received 2 'Tier 4 Ration'.

You have completed the "Clone of Contention" mission.


  • "PB" means Personal Best
  • "Stronzo" is "asshole" in Italian

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