Clonevat Fitter


Anima Foundation seeks individuals with a good work ethic to assist with clone vat refits. Visit our facilities for walk-in work.

Start: Side Jobs, Barnard's Star Jump Gate


You have a job: Clonevat Fitter, accepted at Barnard's Star Jump Gate in the Barnard's Star system.

Refit 5 cloning pods at the Cloning Vats.

Next area: Clones, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Refit a cloning pod.

(Intelligence check)

The new vat seems to have a hundred different parts, but eventually you figure it out.

It's tiring work but soon the new pod stands before you, fully assembled and connected to mainline systems.

Refit 4 more cloning pods at the Cloning Vats.

  • Start your next pod refit.

(Intelligence check)

You rip out some filthy old connectors and clean the exposed pipe ends, preparing them for new valves.

The instructions start making more sense. Soon, another vat is complete.

Refit 3 more cloning pods at the Cloning Vats.

  • Complete another vat refit.

(Intelligence check)

You junk another of the old pods and set to work on its replacement.

You hardly need the instructions as you work. You're getting the hang of this now!

Refit 2 more cloning pods at the Cloning Vats.

  • Refit another pod.

(Intelligence check)

This one is tricky. It takes segments to finally align the fluid filters. When you're done, you pause to admire your work. Four shiny new pods stand before you, ready for their first gestation.

Nearly finished! Move on to the last pod.

Refit 1 more cloning pod at the Cloning Vats.

  • Refit the last cloning pod.

As you prepare for the final pod, you notice a strange character rummaging among your supply for brand new pod parts. He's not wearing a uniform and seems to be furtively slipping the items into his satchel!

  • Tackle him!
  • Find a guard!

(Agility check)

You grab the thief around the neck and bring him skillfully to the ground! The commotion attracts the attention of other Anima staffers, and a nearby guard.

The thief pleads desperately: It's all a big mix-up!! I thought these were MY vat parts… Arrrgh

A couple of segments later the thief has been led away and your vat parts have been returned to you so that you can complete the last of your vat refits.

  • Refit the last cloning pod.

(Intelligence check)

This last pod is the fiddliest, but your experience helps. You customize the pipes to allow for an awkward bend, handling a laser saw like a pro.

Your brain is frazzled by the end as you tidy your tools, pondering a cold beverage at the Airlock bar. One of the senior clone technicians comes past to pay your wage.

She says: Here. You more than earned it… That thief sure picked the wrong day for it, huh? Come back anytime you want more work, we can always use handy folk like you around.


You have completed the 'Clonevat Fitter' job.

You have received 45.00 credits.

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