Cloning Pod Mucker


Clone Gestation is looking for individuals with a good work ethic and willingness to get their hands significantly dirty. Visit our facilities for walk-in work.

Start: Side Jobs, København


You have a job: Cloning Pod Mucker, accepted at København in the Sol system.

Clean 5 cloning pods in Clone Gestation on København.

Next area: Clones, København

  • Clean out a cloning pod.

(Stamina check)

You roll your sleeves up and focus on the filthy assignment to hand. The pod is full of fluid and chunks of organic matter, but eventually you manage to clean it out. It's nasty, filthy work, but you're doing a good job! Keep going.

Clean 4 cloning pods in Clone Gestation.

  • Clean out another cloning pod.

(Stamina check)

The scrubbing is causing your back to ache, but the hard work is paying off. This pod is sparkling and you tick another pod off your list.

Clean 3 cloning pods in Clone Gestation.

  • Clean out the next cloning pod.

(Stamina check)

The fluids in this one have dried into a crust but you're able to scrub it out. The crust cracks under the pressure of your tenacity. There's an ache in your muscles but the progress boosts your motivation. You prepare for the next pod.

Clean 2 cloning pods in Clone Gestation.

  • Clean out another cloning pod.

(Stamina check)

The next pod is caked hard with the dried nutrient paste which its former occupant gestated in. The residue's deep brown color is typical of a Belter nutrient paste. You break it all down with some rigorous scrubbing, eventually washing it all down the drain, then run a sanitization program. You're making great progress. Only one more to go!

Clean 1 cloning pod in Clone Gestation.

  • Clean out a cloning pod.

(Stamina check)

Finally, you knuckle down and power through cleaning the last pod. It's hard to tell if it's reality or just in your mind, but it feels like each new pod is more disgusting than the last. When you finish cleaning them your hands, body, and clothes are coated in filth. You scrub yourself clean, then collect payment for a back-breaking shift.


You have completed the 'Cloning Pod Mucker' job.

You have received 13.50 credits.

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