Cloning Specialist


A controversial role, cloning specialists maintain clone vats and sometimes dispose of unwanted clones.


Primary: intelligence
Secondary: strength


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Pod Mucker 12.5 0
2 Reclamation Processor 46.00 0
3 Pod Inspector 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Clone Technician 174.00 10
5 Clone Technician 267.50 20
6 Bionutrient Specialist 379.50 20
7 Growth Acceleration Overseer 511.00 30
8 Chief Clone Specialist 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure Risks
Inspect a clone tank 9.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You look over the center's pods and take notes about their condition.
Drain a clone tank 9.00 strength Cloning Vats You attach heavy hoses to the clone tank and watch as the liquid flows away.
Tidy Clone Vats foyer 9.00 stamina Cloning Vats
Sift organic refuse 24.00 strength Cloning Vats You hold a heavy metal strainer beneath a steady stream of thick, used clone fluid. It's quickly filled with chunks of biomatter. Your hand slipped and you dropped the strainer, dumping the collected biomatter back into the gestation fluid.
Sterilize pod fluids 24.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You get the balance of chemicals just right, and pour them into a tank of reclaimed gestation fluid. You made an imbalanced chemical mix and the resulting solution contaminated the gestation fluid.
Contaminate recycled fluids 27.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You dump every chemical you can find into the fluid tank. It's completely ruined.
Study Amygchip manuals 24.00 stamina Cloning Vats Enthused, you ploughed through hundreds of info files, absorbing everything like a sponge. You learned a lot about the Amygchip's capabilities. There was so much content that you quickly got overwhelmed. You learned nothing about the Amygchip's features.
Move the tanks to clean behind them 39.00 strength Cloning Vats You drag aside the heavy tanks and mop behind them.
Interview a new client 39.00 social Anywhere The new client arrives nervous and leaves feeling calm and supported through their next respawn. You upset the new client and they stormed out of the office, terrified about the prospect of respawn sickness.
Sabotage a clone tank 45.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You clog the tanks's tubing with cleaning rags. It'll take a while to sort that out!
Repair a clone tank 39.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You're able to repair the crack that's started to form on the side of the vat.
Sneak anti-growth hormones into the nutrient pastes 63.00 agility Cloning Vats You mix anti-growth hormones into a batch of nutrient paste. That'll slow the center down! Another staffer spotted you trying to mix in the hormones and snatched them from your hand. You left hastily before they could get suspicious. Brig: "Another staffer spotted you trying to mix in the hormones and snatched them from your hand. Moments later, guards arrived to apprehend you."
Prepare nutrient pastes for alt-genotypes 54.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix a variety of nutrient pastes, each one perfectly balanced for the different genotypes. You mix up some of the ingredients and the pastes are ruined.
Prepare nutrient paste for baseline clones 54.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix a nutritious gray food paste and load it into small feeding cartridges. You use too much of a potent ingredient and the paste is ruined.
Rearrange the clone tank layout 69.00 strength Cloning Vats You drag the heavy tanks into a new formation, opening up the floor for easier movement of the staff. The tanks are heavy and their rails are rusted. You struggle to move them.
Create a clone with supervision 69.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You successfully create a clone under the watchful eye of a more experienced technician. You forget an important step and your superior has to step in to save the clone.
Help socialize a recently-activated clone 69.00 social Cloning Vats
Create a clone 84.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You receive a clone order and use the provided genetic material to grow a clone. You make a mistake at a crucial moment. The clone isn't viable and has to be canceled.
Dispose of a failed clone 94.00 strength Cloning Vats You perform the standard disposal procedure on the clone, then lift the heavy water-logged body from the pod. The clone's mindless struggling makes it slip constantly through your grasp. Sick Bay
Sabotage the hoses of a tank 99.00 strength Cloning Vats You discreetly pull on a hose until miniature tears appear. The clone is ruined. You struggle against the tough plastic of the hoses, but are unable to compromise them. Brig
Leak clone center files 99.00 intelligence Anywhere You sell the center's customer logs to certain interested parties. You're careless when you copy the files and leave a trail.
Administer an accelerant dose 99.00 agility Cloning Vats You carefully insert a syringe of accelerant into a clone's medication tube and inject it without any problems. You administer the accelerant too quickly and it affects the clone poorly.
Calculate clone accelerant dosage 99.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix some clone accelerant, factoring in the clone's weight and genotype to personalize the dose. You mess up the calculations and give a dose that's too weak to affect the clone you're working on.
Process the clone center's payroll 114.00 stamina Anywhere You go through the recent time records on your work slate and successfully pay the center's staff. You forget to pay several employees. They're less than pleased.
Create a premium clone 114.00 intelligence Cloning Vats The premium clone requires a lot of care, but the results are spectacular. You rush the clone's creation and it comes out flawed.
Embezzle from the clone center 135.00 intelligence Bank You use your access to the clone center's finances to siphon credits away from the business. You try to move too many credits at once and get locked out of the system.
Discredit anti-cloning campaigners 129.00 intelligence Government Center
Help new clones with motor skills 129.00 agility Anywhere You did a ball-catching class for some recently-activated clones. Within segments they had shaken off the "pod fog" and showed good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You tried to help a group of recently-activated clones shake off their "pod fog" but there was little progress with their hand-eye coordination.
Experiment with illegal genotype blending 153.00 intelligence Cloning Vats Your illicit experiments had interesting results. Perhaps one day you'll invent a new genotype? Brig: "Your illicit experiments were discovered by a nosy supervisor, who reported the misdemeanour."
Install automated pod cleaners 129.00 strength Cloning Vats After some hard work, pods now have automated cleaning systems. It'll save you a dirty job in future. Fitting the automated cleaning systems was harder than you expected. Exhausted, you eventually admitted defeat.
Reduce gestation times 144.00 intelligence Cloning Vats You devised a new method to accelerate gestation times. Your supervisors were impressed. Your novel formula disappointed when tested. Gestation times remained unchanged.
Win a cloning competition 144.00 intelligence Government Center
Train junior technicians 159.00 social Cloning Vats You quickly trained up some new recruits. In no time at all they were handling basic tasks with skill and precision.
Pacify a disgruntled client 159.00 social Anywhere You reassured an angry client that the new clone headaches they're experiencing are perfectly normal. You failed to convince the angry client that blurred vision is a normal new clone experience. They demanded a refund.
Defend a malpractice accusation 174.00 intelligence Security
Sell clone organs on the black market 207.00 intelligence Anywhere
Design a new nutrient recipe 189.00 intelligence Anywhere
Expand your client base 189.00 social Anywhere
Sell more premium clones 204.00 social Anywhere
Find a use for old vat fluid 204.00 intelligence Anywhere
Research a low-cost clone product 219.00 intelligence Anywhere You made promising headway on research into a mass market clone product. Maybe one day it'll become reality? The dream of a mass-market affordable clone product remains a distant fantasy. You were unable to find a way to reduce costs.
Service the clone pods' Obi-hubs 219.00 stamina Cloning Vats It was painstaking but you serviced the Obi-hub on every pod. They show perfect Mesh connectivity for syncing customers' Amygchip memory data between clones. The work was arduous and you tired before completing all the checks.
Upgrade 3D clone printer machine 219.00 strength Cloning Vats After many cycles of use, the 3D clone printer got a well-earned upgrade. It looks much better now. You handled the heavy printer parts awkwardly and were unable to master the upgrade process.
Speak at a cloning conference 234.00 social Anywhere Your presentation at the conference was well received. You're seen as a future leader of the sector. Nerves got the better of you and you blundered through the presentation. Nobody asked for your business card after.
Apply for a new research grant 234.00 intelligence Anywhere You received substantial funds to explore an improved Amygchip design. Your prestige among the community is at an all-time high. Your research proposal was met with scorn. The grant went to a rival instead.
Sell clone data on the black market 297.00 social Lounge You talked up the value of the confidential data with real skill. A bidding war ensued. Your pitch was clumsy and muddled, failing to secure interest in the confidential data. Brig: "You were overheard by a Security guard as you tried to hawk the confidential client data."
Improve research lab facilities 249.00 strength Cloning Vats You assembled a strange new design for a research lab. It allows you to experiment like never before. Your work left a lot to be desired. The new research tools weren't fit for purpose.
Clone air scrubber plants 249.00 intelligence Anywhere You devised a clever new way to reproduce the station's CO2-absorbing plant life. The station Governor rewarded you. The idea is good but the execution was lacking. You were unable to find a cheaper way to reproduce the station's CO2-absorbing plant life.
Relax legal restrictions on cloning 264.00 social Anywhere You successfully lobbied local officials to relax their cloning laws. There's no limit to what you can do in the lab now! You were unable to lobby the local officials to water down their regulations.
Sabotage a rival clone specialist 315.00 intelligence Anywhere A brilliantly innovative rival sparked your jealousy. You executed a clever sabotage of their latest experiment. In a jealous rage you attempted a clumsy sabotage of a clever rival's latest experiment. But your desperate vandalism missed the mark, having little effect in the end. Brig: "In a jealous rage you attempted a clumsy sabotage of a clever rival's latest experiment. But you were caught and marched to the Brig instead!"
Develop cloning academy 279.00 stamina University After an exhaustive effort, you advanced a scheme to nurture the next generation of clone experts. The prestigious academy received many applications. Despite extensive efforts, your plans for a cloning academy didn't bear fruit. Few children show an interest in this unfashionable career path.
Have a Promethean opponent killed 369.00 intelligence Port You masterminded a covert operation to silence a vocal anti-cloning figure. They shall pose no further dangers to your profession. You were unable to come up with a viable plan for 'eliminating' your opponent. Brig: "Your diabolical effort to silence a vocal anti-cloning figure was discovered, resulting in a punitive Brig sentence."


  • Major revamp on 2019-Jun-15, which changed payment and added many new tasks
  • Bonuses listed are for base

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