Cloning Specialist


A controversial role, cloning specialists maintain clone vats and sometimes dispose of unwanted clones.


Primary: intelligence
Secondary: strength


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Pod Mucker 12.5 0
2 Reclamation Processor 46.00 0
3 Pod Inspector 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Clone Technician 174.00 10
5 Clone Technician 267.50 20
6 Bionutrient Specialist 379.50 20
7 Growth Acceleration Overseer 511.00 30
8 Chief Clone Specialist 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure
Inspect a clone tank 3 intelligence Cloning Vats You look over the center's pods and take notes about their condition.
Drain a clone tank 3 strength Cloning Vats You attach heavy hoses to the clone tank and watch as the liquid flows away.
Sift organic refuse 6 strength Cloning Vats You hold a heavy metal strainer beneath a steady stream of thick, used clone fluid. It's quickly filled with chunks of biomatter.
Sterilize pod fluids 5 intelligence Cloning Vats You get the balance of chemicals just right, and pour them into a tank of reclaimed gestation fluid.
Contaminate recycled fluids 5 intelligence Cloning Vats You dump every chemical you can find into the fluid tank. It's completely ruined.
Interview a new client 15 social Anywhere The new client arrives nervous and leaves feeling calm and supported through their next respawn. You upset the new client and they storm out of the office.
Move the tanks to clean behind them 19 strength Cloning Vats You drag aside the heavy tanks and mop behind them.
Sabotage a clone tank 15 intelligence Cloning Vats You clog the tanks's tubing with cleaning rags. It'll take a while to sort that out!
Repair a clone tank 15 intelligence Cloning Vats You're able to repair the crack that's started to form on the side of the vat.
Sneak anti-growth hormones into the nutrient pastes 62 agility Cloning Vats You mix anti-growth hormones into a batch of nutrient paste. That'll slow the center down!
Prepare nutrient pastes for alt-genotypes 48 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix a variety of nutrient pastes, each one perfectly balanced for the different genotypes. You mix up some of the ingredients and the pastes are ruined.
Prepare nutrient paste for baseline clones 49 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix a nutritious gray food paste and load it into small feeding cartridges. You use too much of a potent ingredient and the paste is ruined.
Rearrange the clone tank layout 93 strength Cloning Vats You drag the heavy tanks into a new formation, opening up the floor for easier movement of the staff. The tanks are heavy and their rails are rusted. You struggle to move them.
Create a clone with supervision 111 intelligence Cloning Vats You successfully create a clone under the watchful eye of a more experienced technician. You forget an important step and your superior has to step in to save the clone.
Create a clone 175 intelligence Cloning Vats You receive a clone order and use the provided genetic material to grow a clone. You make a mistake at a crucial moment. The clone isn't viable and has to be canceled.
Dispose of a clone 155 strength Cloning Vats You perform the standard disposal procedure on the clone, then lift the heavy water-logged body from the pod. The clone's mindless struggling makes it slip constantly through your grasp.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Sabotage the hoses of a tank 130 strength Cloning Vats You discreetly pull on a hose until miniature tears appear. The clone is ruined. You struggle against the tough plastic of the hoses, but are unable to compromise them.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Leak clone center files 170 intelligence Anywhere You sell the center's customer logs to certain interested parties. You're careless when you copy the files and leave a trail.
Administer an accelerant dose 190 agility Cloning Vats You carefully insert a syringe of accelerant into a clone's medication tube and inject it without any problems. You administer the accelerant too quickly and it affects the clone poorly.
Calculate clone accelerant dosage 199 intelligence Cloning Vats You mix some clone accelerant, factoring in the clone's weight and genotype to personalize the dose. You mess up the calculations and give a dose that's too weak to affect the clone you're working on.
Complete the clone center's payroll 255 stamina Anywhere You go through the recent time records on your work slate and successfully pay the center's staff. You forget to pay several employees. They're less than pleased.
Create a premium clone 270 intelligence Cloning Vats The premium clone requires a lot of care, but the results are spectacular. You rush the clone's creation and it comes out flawed.
Embezzle from the clone center 320 intelligence Bank You try to move too many credits at once and get locked out of the system.

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