Conduct Surveys


An exciting opportunity to meet people from all over the galaxy! Come process surveys at the port!

Start: Side Jobs, Sol Jump Gate


You have a job: Conduct Surveys, accepted at Sol Jump Gate in the Sol system.

Current: Talk to Marko in the Port on Sol Jump Gate.

Next NPC: Marko, Port, Sol Jump Gate

  • Talk to Marko about the Conduct Surveys job.

The tinny smell of burning plasma permeates the port with semi-regular flashes of strange light from the Jump Gate that is visible from large view ports punctuating the area with a strange, ethereal luminescence. You locate the man that your CORETECHS identifies as Marko within the bustle of the area and make your way to him. He looks up at your approach, no doubt notified by his CORETECHS and nods.

Marko says: Oh, are you here about the job? Yeah, so top brass wanna get an idea of what kinda cargo people are shifting and whereabouts they're going with it. That means random surveys.

Marko says: Thing is, they ain't obligated to provide us any data. So you'll have to use your scintillating charm to convince 'em! For the moment, all I need you to do is survey at least 3 groups of travelers with cargo. That should help take a load off our shoulders.

Survey 3 groups of travelers in the Port at the Sol Jump Gate.

Next area: Port, Sol Jump Gate

  • Survey travelers.

(Social check)


The crowds and visible tension in the area are fairly off putting and you approach several groups before making a hasty retreat. Regain your composure and try again!


There is an almost daunting amount of travelers moving through the port. There is a strong presence from both the Gaule Protectorate as well as the Consortium and the atmosphere feels quite tense indeed. After taking some moments to pick a likely group, you approach what appears to be a family of traders and ask them if they would be willing to partake in the Port Authority's survey.

Your words and natural charisma put the group at ease and they seem happy to answer your questions. They are covered in grime having just returned from a salvage operation and, once they have answered your questions, they head off to set up their wares at the market.

Survey 2 groups of travelers in the Port at the Sol Jump Gate.

  • Survey travelers.

(Social check)

You approach a female ship captain and ask her if she would agree to take the Port Authority's survey. She scowls at you and waves you off with an irritated brush of her manicured hand. Suddenly she spots a number of security officers moving towards the area and her demeanor towards you instantly changes. She becomes friendly and helpful and you can't help but notice that she keeps you between her and the guards at all times. Still, you got your survey so you're happy!

Survey 1 group of travelers in the Port at the Sol Jump Gate.

  • Survey travelers.

(Social check)

You convinced a group of travelers to take the Port Authority's survey.

Mustering all the social skills as your disposal, you moved through various groups and convinced a number of them to take part in the Port Authority's survey. You collected enough data to help give an indication of cargo movements and travel patterns.

Return to Marko to receive your credits.

Next NPC: Marko, Port, Sol Jump Gate

  • Tell Marko that you’ve finished.

Marko skims over the details of the groups you processed. Offering a grunt of approval, he hands over your payment.

Marko says: Thanks! I'll be honest, none of us really wanted to do that. Feel free to help out again anytime. There's no shortage of angry, tired travelers to shout at you while you try and convince them to answer a bunch of irritating and redundant questions!


You have completed the 'Conduct Surveys' job.

You have received 23.50 credits.

<— Return to Sol Jump Gate

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