CORETECHS1, short for COgnitive Recall Enhancer TECHnology Stack, is a communication and computing interface integrated with your vision. In the game it is a top-level navigation element giving you access to the following sections:

The CORETECHS also prevents use of the browser's "back" command and similar functions:

Alert! You are currently viewing reality through a Tau Station CORETECHS. As such, your regularly scheduled laws of physics and website functionality will not work as expected. Utilizing such functions as your back button may cause an existential paradox. Please remain within the bounds of this universe and navigate using the interface within.

"The CORETECHS" Introduction

"I shut my eyes in order to see."

Paul Gauguin

The eyes, it is said, are the windows into the soul. With a little tweaking, we have made this window something a little more functional from the other side as well. Enter the CORETECHS, a happy and successful marriage of form and function. Brought to you by Benevolent Dynamics, one of the corporations you will find within the Tau Station universe, the CORETECHS is a blend of in-game utility and immersive storytelling.

32 cycles after the Catastrophe, the situation was still quite dire indeed. The Gaule and the Consortium were inching through the system, trying to rebuild where they could. Many stations were beginning to come off emergency power and the majority had not been able to communicate with the rest of the galaxy.

It was around this time that Maya von Christova, an enigmatic entrepreneur and founder of the tech corporation Benevolent Dynamics, began traveling the system, bringing the miracle of her CORETECHS to the masses.

CORETECHS stands for COgnitive Recall Enhancer TECHnology Stack and is personal computing interface placed behind the retinae of the eye and developed at Benevolent Dynamics. It is available in its base state to everyone at zero cost. The aim of the CORETECHS is to bring the light of communication back to a civilization stumbling in the dark. Enhancements to the core software are, of course, available for a price.

The neural interface of the CORETECHS allows users to see and manipulate an augmented digital view of the world around them right projected right into their field of view. This includes such aspects as voice comms and access to the mesh, to personal bank accounts, and to the digital market. The CORETECHS also provides and incorporates personal storage and inventory, ship systems, and social networking.

In a time of darkness and strife, the CORETECHS is a testament to humanity’s ingenuity and nobility. It’s a tiny window of light, shining out of our eyes, by which we can connect to each other in the dark.


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Additional information from the storyline

My CORETECHS are used by the program Post-Gestation Re-Calibration Program, where my bio-data is shared with an assigned guide, as they monitor my biological state at all times, giving feedback on my toxin levels, fatigue, and other vital stats (Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog).

Fellie Norbush from Benevolent Dynamics helped to calibrate my CORETECHS when I met her in the Port Port of Tau Station at Tau Station, where she works (CORETECHS Calibrations).

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