CORETECHS Calibrations

It appears your CORETECHS firmware is outdated! Luckily a friendly Benevolent Dynamics Field Technician is close-by to give you a hand.

Level: 1
Start: Benevolent Dynamics Field Technician Fellie Norbush, Port, Tau Station


As you move through the port, taking in the sights and sounds of the entry-point to Tau Station, the gleaming jewel of Consortium space, you note a young Harsene woman staring at you with a bright smile and large, lovely eyes. She stands out from the hustle and bustle of the port like a serene island of polite friendliness in her crisp and colorful technician's uniform, standing under the banner of a company called Benevolent Dynamics. The bright orange and blue colors of her overalls stand out among the white and chrome that make up most of Tau Station's architecture.

Her large, Iris-less eyes that mark her as someone of the Harsene genotype, known for their deep intelligence and analytical minds, lock onto yours and her smile widens, radiating friendliness. At exactly the same moment, a notification appears in your field of vision, alerting you to an incoming message from Fellie Norbush!

After some moments, the message begins to play, though you never accepted it.

The message says: Hello there! Welcome to Tau Station, please accept my sincerest apologies for the intrusion. Benevolent Dynamics would like to inform you that a software upgrade exists for your CORETECHS device. My name is Fellie Norbush and I would be happy to upgrade you! This is an absolutely complimentary service and will cost you neither time nor credits! (Ok a little time, but very little, I promise!). Hope to speak to you in a moment, Fellie!

As the message ends, Fellie nods at you and smiles again.

You have accepted the "CORETECHS Calibrations" mission.

Talk to Fellie Norbush at the Port.

  • Approach Fellie Norbush.

As you approach Fellie, a small indicator of a soothing orange color blinks over her head as your CORETECHS confirms her name and identity. A smile that extends to her large, iris-less Harsene eyes blossoms on her face as she greets you in a polite and friendly tone.

Hello there! Benevolent Dynamics would like to wish you an astonishingly pleasant day. Thanks so much for responding to my notification and I'm so sorry to have intruded in that way. We would almost never do that but this firmware upgrade changes some of the core architecture of our software so we want to make sure that absolutely everyone has a chance to acquire it.

She flicks a delicately manicured sapphire nail in your direction and a notification pops up in your field of vision, your CORETECHS informing you of Fellie's request in an official capacity.

Fellie manipulates the air in front of her as she focuses on the UI in her CORETECHS. An errant slip of hair falls down over her eye and she absently blows it back up with a puff of air. After a moment she addresses you again.

Fellie says: I can see your device is actually pretty decently updated, so you'd only really need this latest upgrade. Shouldn't take more than a moment or two, but I do need your consent first.

  • "Hold on, exactly what are you going to do?"
  • "Woah, sorry. What's a CORETECHS?"
  • "What's a Benevolent Dynamic?"


Me: Woah, sorry. What's a CORETECHS?

Fellie blinks. She opens and shuts her mouth a couple of times before she replies. The bustle of the port continues around you, people and cargo moving through the area in a melange of sounds and smells, while she processes your question which seems to have taken her by surprise.

She says: Oh! I…sorry, you just caught me off guard! CORETECHS stands for COgnitive Recall Enhancer TECHnology Stack and is a personal computing interface placed behind the retinas of the eye. It provides digital functionality via an augmented reality interface. The CORETECHS is what allows you to see my ID over my head, it allows you to access personal communications and other utilities. Last but not least, the CORETECHS also connects you to the mesh.

  • "Hold on, exactly what are you going to do?"
  • "What's a Benevolent Dynamic?"

What's a Benevolent Dynamic:

Me: What's a Benevolent Dynamic?

Fellie says: ics… Benevolent Dynamics, it's plural. Benevolent Dynamics is the company behind your CORETECHS device. Founded by Maya Von Christova thirty four cycles after the Catastrophe, Benevolent Dynamics is an independent technocracy that explores and develops the latest scientific innovations in order to give humanity a fighting chance!

Fellie smiles and taps the logo on her chest and then points at the banner above her.

She says: We make it our aim to bring everyone's voice to the silence of space.

  • "Hold on, exactly what are you going to do?"

Me: Hold on, exactly what are you going to do?

Fellie says: It's a simple firmware update for your CORETECHS. Usually these are automatically applied but we like to test the system with manual upgrades from time to time. Just to make sure everything is working up to scratch!

  • "What else can the CORETECHS do?"

Me: What else can the CORETECHS do?

She says: Well, the CORETECHS provides a host of digital amenities to connect you to the world around you. As I mentioned, you can access your personal comms, your banking accounts, you can purchase certain products over the mesh and so forth. The CORETECHS also links up to your own personal biofeedback and even your personal ship networks.

She smiles, saying: Additionally, the CORETECHS will broadcast social feedback such as a given person's Ident designation and any profile details they have made public. Pretty much all the digital input you can see is us.

Fellie plants her hands on her hips and beams proudly.

  • "You mentioned the CORETECHS can network with navigation?"
  • "I'm ready, go ahead."
  • "So what kind of communications can I utilize?"
  • "How can I interact with my bio statistics?"
  • "I'm not ready, maybe later."

Network with navigation:

Me: You mentioned the CORETECHS can network with navigation?

Fellie: Oh yes! Through your CORETECHS interface, you can view the various nearby destinations as well as track where your vessel, should you have one, is currently berthed.

  • "I'm not ready, maybe later."
  • "So what kind of communications can I utilize?"
  • "I'm ready, go ahead."
  • "How can I interact with my bio statistics?"

What kind of communications:

Me: So what kind of communications can I utilize?

Fellie: There are actually a number of comms systems that your CORETECHS will connect to. Utilizing the user interface and selecting "CORETECHS" you will find you have access to an email network, user forums, a personal blog, and even a personal archive!

  • "I'm ready, go ahead."
  • "I'm not ready, maybe later."
  • "How can I interact with my bio statistics?"

Bio statistics:

Me: How can I interact with my bio statistics?

Fellie says: Well, you see, the CORETECHS system receives feedback directly from your own cerebral, aha, cortex. It translates the biofeedback into statistical data and presents it to you via a user-friendly user interface! Simply select your own name on the menu and you can view all of the relevant information!

  • "I'm ready, go ahead."
  • "I'm not ready, maybe later."

I'm ready:

Me: I'm ready, go ahead.

Fellie smiles and nods her head causing her curls to bob and dance. Her large eyes seem to focus past you for a moment and her delicate fingers manipulate the air in front of her for a moment. People walk by without much notice and the sights, sounds, and occasionally smells of the port blend into the background. After a short moment, Fellie nods again.

Fellie says: Great! All right, I just need to…I…wait. Oh no…oh please no.

Fellie bites her lip and frowns in concern, deep furrows appearing on her forehead. She begins to frantically manipulate her interface.

  • "Ok, not funny!"
  • "What's going on?"

Not funny:

Me: Ok, not funny!

Fellie stares at you for a moment with her wide eyes, then breaks into a smile.

She says: Oh well, it doesn't always work! Good for you for seeing through our little stress test. It's just a random process to see how new firmware handles under extreme neurological conditions. Don't worry, it's really just to gather data. Nothing's ever really gone wrong, I promise!

Fellie beams, saying: The good news is your upgrade is complete! This usually happens automatically but we also like to conduct random manual upgrades for various reasons. Please do accept this as payment for participating in our field test. From me and Benevolent Dynamics, have yourself and extraordinarily pleasant day!

Fellie offers you one final smile as she hands you a small credits case. Her eyes glaze over and take on a slight reflective property, indicating she is accessing her own CORETECHS.

You have received 12.50 credits.

You have completed the "CORETECHS Calibrations" mission.

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