Customer Service


The customer complaints center in the market has experienced some recent turnover. We need temporary workers for customer service shifts.

Start: Side Jobs, Daedalus


You have a job: Customer Service, accepted at Daedalus in the Sol system.

Help 5 customers in the Market on Daedalus.

Next area: Market, Daedalus

  • Help a customer.

(Social check)

At the market's busy complaints desk, a small huddle of angry and impatient customers bark their displeasure at you. Eventually, you organize them into an orderly queue and call the first one forward. After issuing a persuasive plea for civility, you find the task becomes easier. The customer is pleased to discuss the matter with a reasonable person like you and leaves happy. One down, four more to go!

Help 4 customers in the Market.

  • Help the next customer.

(Social check)

The next customer is angry about a below-par batch of phosphorous she purchased last tenspan. After some clever diplomacy you're able to calm her down and send her happily on her way with a refund voucher.

She says: Thanks Ser! Truth be told, I was worried I'd have to explain all this to a… d-dead-… y'know. Dead Eye. They gimme the creeps. But not you!

With that she swivels on her heels and walks away, prompting the next customer to step forward.

Help 3 customers in the Market.

  • Help another customer.

(Social check)

The next person in the queue is incandescent with rage. It takes all your charms just to work out what's got him so furious.


He rolls up a sleeve to show some red spots on his forearm, an unfortunate but harmless occasional side effect of excessive stim use. Eventually, after a tense negotiation, you calm him down with a voucher for a cosmetic skin treatment in the Sick Bay. It leaves you drained but he's finally satisfied and trots away, leaving you facing what remains of the complaints queue.

Help 2 customers in the Market.

  • Call the next customer forward.

(Social check)

The customer calms down as soon as you start listening. Sometimes people just want to be heard.

She says: One doesn't want to kick up too much of a ruckus but… Well, in this case, I'm compelled to speak out. No ifs, no buts! These syndicate vendors are VERY unreasonable with their pricing. One simply can't afford such stellar sums! Now, tell me you'll sort it, Ser. Prithee tell me!

You reassure the strange woman that you'll have a word with the vendors about their pricing and it seems to satisfy her. She performs some kind of bizarre curtsy and glides away back into the bustle of the market. Tired from all the talking, you look up to face your final customer of the day.

Help 1 customer in the Market.

  • Help the final customer.

(Social check)

After some acrimonious wrangling you achieve a breakthrough with the last customer, who seems aggrieved about the accuracy of a recently-purchased rifle.

He bleets: I look like a feller who wants to shoot bent, huh?! Dangerous, is what it is! Think of the er-… what's the word? COLLATERAL! Spraying bullets left n' right like a g'dangin burst hose!

It takes all your muster but you manage to appease him with some complementary ammunition vouchers, finally completing your shift on the complaints desk. With the customers' angry complaints still ringing in your ears, you vacate the desk and collect your payment.


You have completed the 'Customer Service' job.

You have received 17.00 credits.

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