Under the watchful eyes of Minos, the Promethean Sect settled Daedalus Station in exchange for a cease fire of their anti-clone aggression. Here, they thrive with the substantial economic power of phosphorus processing and export to support their foundation.

The history of the Promethean Sect is a bloodied one, filled with explosive moments of terroristic activity against cloning technology. In exchange for a seat at the political table, Promethean Sect, under the leadership of their enigmatic leader, Minos, has agreed to quell the overt violence, organize peacefully on Daedalus as a home station, and pay their taxes to the Consortium. Daedalus Station’s walls and technological workings are largely hidden behind large propaganda type banners. Clones, although present, are not welcome if they’re known to be clones. The residents hold the station as a ‘clean zone,’ a mecca for first generation, non-replicated humans. They give an outward message of pity for the cloned form, yet in philosophy, they hold a deep resentment for the technology. There is a fervor in the message: a swelling sense of superiority in the unwavering faith. Their stance is clear: The span of life for the human brain, mind, and soul is confined to the primary form and can not transcend into replicant bodies. Residents dress in the customary Promethean garb: plain light beige sleeves and pants under a sage green tunic. Their attire is meant to reflect their pure piety and humility to the One Life. Ranking members of the sect wear pins on their tunics to denote their position.

Chronicle Text

When we first step out into the Black, when we gaze at the infinity of stars and glimpse our own insignificance, it can be daunting. That first step may turn into a flinch, a reflexive lurch backward, even a cower. This is what Daedalus represents. Home of Prometheus, who abhor cloning and the unnatural prolonging of life. The galaxy is a cruel and unforgiving place. Embrace it, accept its decree on your life, no matter what. Daedalus, the patron station of embracing the void, taking comfort in the darkness.

Arrival Text


System: Sol
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 3
Legal: High
Orwellian: Low


Bank (Daedalus United Bank & Financial)

Awash in the phosphorus glow of florescent lighting, residents and visitors alike file into orderly lines awaiting their turn at the transaction terminals. The gentle hum of conversations swells from pockets of people, mostly Sect residents of Daedalus, who recognize each other and engage in mundane communal conversation.

The architectural style of Daedalus United Bank & Financial depicts tall standing stone statues of human individuals of all ages, fused together, with arms upstretched to form the outer walls of the lobby. Above, a large half globe seems to pierce the ceiling. The bright phosphorus florescent light is made to mimic a large star and illuminates the whole of the building while smaller twinkling lights offer deep reverence to space beyond.

While the majority of the staff are clearly Dead Eyes, a handful of Consortium bank officials fill administrative roles. Even here, illustrated affirmations touting the Promethean way of life are everywhere. The bank functions as most banks do but boasts a healthy flow of import / export capitol and tax due to the Phosphorus Processing Plant, P15. Daedalus United Bank & Financial stands as a testament to the economic power found on Daedalus with the Promethean control of P15.


Brig (Daedalus Brig)

Heavily populated with The Promethean Sect station guards, the Brig of Daedalus appears to have very few people presently in the holding cells. Of those detained, fewer yet appear to be Prometheans themselves.

The Promethean Sect employs their own security force throughout the station, and those security officers control the local brig operations on Daedalus.It has been suggested by both travelers and dwellers of the Ruins alike that this portion of the Daedalus Security force has a tendency to offer leniency to any offender who's a member of Promethean faith and community. Unfair treatment of those not of the Promethean practice has been whispered; one would do well to avoid finding the truth through experience. Resistant fighters from The Ruins and the occasional clone are more likely to be registered as incarcerated than a member of The Promethean Sect. Whether that is based on statistics of crime, or station discrimination is up for debate.


Decommissioned Area (Daedalus Phosphorus Processing Plant, P-15)

Not only a structure of economic stability and industry, but a Promethean sacred site as well, the phosphorus plant, P15, is viewed as the life-force of the current Promethean belief system; that place from which the Sect was granted a spiritual awakening through newfound power and clout. Pilgrims flock from the far reaches to embark on ‘The Walk of P15’ before deciding on whether or not to settle on Daedalus. Far more often than not, they convert and stay.

The powerhouse that supplies Daedalus and The Promethean Sect influence and autonomy was found by The Consortium as a derelict ruin. Pre-Catastrophe Daedalus, whose true station name was lost in the tragedy, was clearly designed around the presence of the phosphorus industry as her central focus is the plant's towering structure. The Consortium found the station in ruins and, rather than invest the time, energy, and finances in restoring the seemingly hopeless rebuild, they offered the Promethean Sect the station as a home in hopes of quelling the growing acts of Sect violence. To the surprise of the Consortium, enough bright minds filled the ranks of the one-time terrorists, and the phosphorus plant, known to the Sect faithful as P15, began to function and produce refined phosphorus for trade. The Consortium, never one to see a mistake as anything but an opportunity to hedge profit, celebrated the refurbishment with taxation. Random acts of stellar violence by the Sect is low and profits are up. As Minos says, “it’s a beautiful time to be alive.” The Overseer of P15 carries nearly as much reverence as Minos himself, and she is regarded as the second highest individual in the collective ‘One’.

Employment (Employment Center)

Desperate eyes scan the job listings, hopeful to keep their families from economic ruin.

The area is drenched in the desperation of residents that have been demoted or exiled from The Sect, in search of work to support their families and in an effort to avoid having to move to The Ruins. Many odd jobs are available for those with the inclination or need to do them. For many residents, this is the last hope to redeem a dishonored fall from the spiritual fold.


Career Advisory

The career advisory center is mostly empty. Few people today have the needed skills to pursue good careers.

Side Jobs (Brother Tabu's This and That)

Words are painted across the back wall at sight-line upon entry: Any Job to do May Well Find Righteous Hands Between These Walls.

Brother Tabu smirks a yellowed grin and waves closer all who enter. The small hovel of a job shop is cluttered and contains a musty, stale air.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Customer Service The customer complaints center in the market has experienced some recent turnover. We need temporary workers for customer service shifts. 17 5x Social
Dock Worker Daily shifts available. Join the dock crew for round-the-clock cargo work opportunities! 17 5x Strength
Food Inspector Sinclair Biomeats is looking for eagle-eyed individuals to assist with required food inspections. No free samples. 16 5x Intelligence
Test Subject Have a healthy body? Lend it to us for a little while and help us test new drugs for the consumer market. 17 5x Stamina

Discreet Work

Sometimes jobs are offered by those who need to be able to deny involvement. Don't ask too many questions; you won't get many answers. And don't be surprised if you wind up in the brig or sickbay.

Government Center (The Manor of Minos)

The home of the mysterious leader of The Promethean Sect, Minos, This building is also the administrative, spiritual, and political hub of Daedalus, from which The Peerage, as an executive group, operate. The building is a mixture of life-honoring piety and financial opulence, with every effort to promote The Promethean Sect utilized.

The manor building is the administrative hub of Daedalus and houses the public-face campaign of ‘The New Prometheus Sect’; the illusion of a kinder, gentler, more ethical movement of humanity. Pity the sinner is the predominant mask over the face of the base hatred The Sect harbors toward clones. The building serves as a church of sorts; a holy place within the Sect’s most holy place.

Daedalus is guided, controlled, and governed by the enigmatic and charismatic Minos. Minos is both a title and a name and is inherited through acts of great prophesy and collective spiritual divination by ranking members of Prometheus. The current Minos is far more private and secretive than his predecessors and often locks himself away high in his tower above the Manor building. Ever seeking solitude, The Promethean Sect celebrate Minos’ privacy as the actions of a deeply pious leader, while both the Consortium and Gaule have begun to suspect that the mysterious leader may be plotting nefarious acts to foster Promethean dominance.


Gym (One Way Gym)

One Way Gym is the hot spot on Daedalus, as perfecting the primary body is a spiritual goal.

A popular social spot on Daedalus Station, One Way Gym is never lacking in activity. The Promethean Sect adhere to the strict belief that all individuals are given one mind, soul, and body and as such do all they can to keep the human form as fit as possible. At most any segment, the training area is occupied by a large gathering of peers. Sweat glistens under long bundled beards at the exertion of exercise.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 30 to avoid injury at this gym.


Inn (1-Up Inn)

1-Up is dimly lit with small green, hand sized and shaped lights featured at the center of each table, open, as if grabbing or reaching. Like-colored lights hover above the bar and along the walls. The bartender tends the bar with brisk movements, a banner behind him proclaims: "One Life or None at all."

Aside from the port, The 1-Up Inn boasts the highest concentration of visitors to Daedalus. Here, food, drink, and lodging may be purchased while one takes in an array of quiet tales of the unusual station. Many guests that are unfamiliar with The Promethean Sect are often uncomfortable with the residents, and claim to be under the impression of always being watched. Yet, those too who come to convert to the Sect arrive in need of lodging and find a hospitable welcome in the Inn. As such, stays in 1-Up, and thus on Daedalus in general, are either quite short or for life.


Bar (Our Hand of Life Bar)

With a faint green glow of hololights from above, the soft and dim atmosphere of Our Hand of Life lends itself to a secretive feel. Conversations are kept to a low volume and the stillness of the bar can strike an unfamiliar visitor as unnerving.

The long swerve of the high-shine black bar reflects the soft green glow of the hololights with a near mirror-like finish. The tables and chairs, all of the same obsidian black, are filled. The attendance in the room trends heavier peer than traveler. Cautions and suspicious glances are shared, from one end of the room, across the dim distance, to the other.



Hotel Rooms (Arms of the Mother Hotel)

Although attached to the Arms of the Mother Lounge, where hired members of Promethean Sect will engage complete stranger travelers in deep conversations about faith, the hotel is a place of privacy and calm.

As if barred from following, the employed missionaries for the Promethean Sect will not follow guests from the Lounge up to their rented rooms at the Arms of the Mother Hotel. The hotel staff ensure a peaceful and private place of resting for any who can pay.


  • 1 day: 34.8 40.32 cr
  • 5 days: 139.2 161.27 cr
  • 10 days: 243.6 282.22 cr
  • 30 days: 626.4 725.71 cr

Lounge (Arms of the Mother Lounge)

Visitors are often confronted with both comfort and community when they arrive at the Arms of the Mother Lounge and adjoining Hotel. Representatives from the Promethean Sect are always on hand to offer friendly urging to anyone about the path of the One Way Life.

A few local followers of the Promethean Sect are employed by the establishment; their job is to engage guests in seemingly deep philosophical conversations with aimed goal of conversions. The promises of 'the worth of One Life' are great, although the details are scarce.



The market is a bustling hive of activity. From traders to brokers, many come to secure a cargo of precious phosphorus to take back home.

Goods brought to the station as trade for phosphorus are resold to residents and travelers, alike. An array of items, from the unusual to the mundane, are present for perusing provided you have the cred. Booths and stalls are set up as a bazaar and the foot traffic is constant. The scent of curry curls through the air, commingling with the pungent overtones of phosphorus processing. Bulk cargo is set out for sale on stalls as soon as the shop-keep can scan it into inventory.



Vastly populated with members of the Promethean Sect, goods collected from the trade of phosphorus can be found in varying amounts.

Public Market

People offer things to be sold or buy things here.


The storage facility of Daedalus station is a clean and quiet place. The walls are filled with promotional banners printed on matte plastics aiming to recruit the passerby into the Promethean Sect.

  • Small: 87 cr
  • Medium: 209 247 cr
  • Large: 522 617 cr


The busy port of Daedalus welcomes economic trade, pilgrims, and common visitors (in that order) and all is closely observed by the eyes of the Promethean Sect.

The observation portals are high and only visible by the Promethean officials employed for space traffic who operate from an elevated platform control booth. Flanked aside both entry walls to the docking port are tall statues of men and women with arms outstretched toward the flow of shuttles and ships, as if welcoming.

Most often hosting the arrival of Promethean Sect pilgrims to Daedalus, the Port is also an area that thrives on economic movement. Due to the industrial plant of P15, Daedalus exports a massive amount of processed phosphorus to the far reaches of charted space in exchange for imported goods and services. Visitors who are neither pilgrims nor shipping-trade workers are a rarity, but do occur, and are rumored to be watched closely on their visit. Peppered among the chaos of movement are various followers of the Promethean Sect; residents who study the comings and goings of the port with every intent to report their findings to their superiors.


Shipping Bay

The Galactic Parcel Service shipping containers are heavily guarded. If you have goods delivered, this is where they will be stored

Docks (One Life Docks)

The arrival and departure of mid-sized vessels are managed by dutiful dockworkers, who, according to Minos, should try to smile more often than not.

Local Shuttles

From here you can travel locally with our public shuttles.

Residences (Residential District: The Warrens)

The Residential District of Daedalus Station, known locally as The Warrens, is a neat row of efficient and tidy cylindrical pod-homes situated along a grid pattern. The walkways aisles are flanked with banners emblazoned with Promethean Tenants such as ‘One Life is All,’ ‘One Soul is We,’ and ‘One We is Us.' The residents are not only members of The Sect, but also industrious employees of the station. Visitors should be cautious to not linger, as the residents view outsiders as intruders.

A tight-knit community, residents are suspicious of any outsiders venturing into the district that houses their families and social circles. Convert acolytes to the faith are only granted a domicile through Prometheus in the Residential District once Sect employment has been secured on the station. Yet, once a new resident arrives, they are met with a warm home-coming of sorts and quickly welcomed into the Promethean fold. All active and contributing members of the Promethean Sect reside in The Warrens with the exception of their spiritual and political leader, Minos, who is housed in the penthouse suite of The Manor.



The Ruins house those on the station that have been cast out by the Promethean Sect. Rendered unemployed, outside of the community, and unfit for interaction, they have been imprisoned by poverty and set adrift from most all control of their circumstances.

The place that outcasts go to be forgotten, the Ruins have begun to collect a large number of individuals who stand opposed to the Promethean Sect. The vast majority of the dwellers of the Ruins were once members of the Sect, and for reasons stemming from insubordination to asking too many questions, they were cast out of the community; exiled from the station at large.

A desire for justice and a rage against Sect ideology has given the Ruins the method and drive to rise up against the oppression of Promethean control. Their enemy, however, is a fierce one that controls even the air that they breathe.


The Wrecks

These Wrecks are unusually thickly inhabited compared to other stations. Those who have been shunned from the Promethean Sect live in the Wrecks, huddled around campfires and living in shoddy ruined buildings. Between pockets of habited ruins, there are piles of rubble which still yet hold some valuables.

Due to the relatively large population within the Wrecks here, the rubble is largely picked clean of valuables. Only the deftest scavengers will be able to find goods in here. If your eye is keenly attuned to the difference between trash and treasure, you will do well here. But beware for those who lurk in wait and try to steal away your prize.

The Wilds

All disgraced members of the Promethean Sect make their homes in the Ruins. With populations growing every day, the firefights in the Wilds between the Syndicates and those outside of them become particularly violent.

It isn't uncommon for large forces of Ruins Rats waging large skirmishes against the Syndicate for territorial rights. Non-Syndicate members forced out of the habited area of Daedalus have become increasingly desperate and dangerous.

Security (Consortium Security of Daedalus)

As clean and efficient as any Consortium controlled office in the galaxy, Consortium Security of Daedalus is run like a well-oiled machine even if hindered at times by the local law and order.

The Security office of Daedalus is impeccable and orderly and so is their privatized bodyguard department. Security officers, in their spotless uniforms, toil behind desks with meticulous cleanliness. The office is bright, and calming blue lights intermingle with soft whites.

Although Daedalus is an Independent station in method, she is actually under the technical jurisdiction of The Consortium. While most of the security officers are aware that the bulk of disturbances are dealt with on Daedalus internally by Prometheans or privately ordered bodyguards, some welcome the relaxed post.


Shipyard (Loading Zone)

The large trade ships that carry the phosphorus come and go at a constant pace; the Promethean symbol of a green right hand emblazoned on their hulls. Independent ship sellers line the walls in stalls.

The extended industrial shipyard hosts a tanker lot connected to the shipping bay by way of a long corridor. The fleet of Promethean Sect export ships dock awaiting their fill of the precious phosphorus commodity before following along a conveyor round-a-bout back out to the Shipping Bay for departure. The sellers of ships stand clustered against the interior walls, barking deals and smirking about their wares.

Sick Bay (Moemedi Clinic of Daedalus)

Patients are welcomed into the bright, active reception area by a cheerful receptionist. The wait is short in this efficient and pleasant hub on Daedalus station. Here, no matter who comes, medical care will always be provided.

Moemedi Medical is present and supplies a high volume of mods to Daedalus, specifically the upper echelons of Prometheus. As their services are indispensable to Daedalus, most of the Moemedi Medical staff are given the luxury of speaking a little more freely about the absurd need to continuously patch up failing bodies in a strict anti-clone population, yet not too freely. The prevalence of the Sect belief that clones are an evil perversion of the human form provides Moemedi with no shortage of maladies to treat. The clinic is regarded as the place on Daedalus most compassionate to bodies of all ilk: be they One Life or several.


"Galactic Destinations" Introduction

What was once violent and rough, volatile, and explosive has calmed like the stars from which our bodies were fed our first ancient form. The old ones give us the origin tales of our promise land: Daedalus, our home and we, The Promethean Sect, have claimed it as our own. We thrive on our home station. The time for destruction and disorder has come and gone. Our bounty is won: Daedalus Station is our haven. From this we vow peace. Sated, we vow calm.

Continue, that you may know more.

This holy place once churned phosphorus for the system. Without it, life could not grow. Yet the ancestors did grow. They expanded and claimed; emboldened, they forgot their pure roots. Until finally The Catastrophe scorched the haughty and laid siege to all around. Fitting, we feel, that such a place would rest in the nurturing hands of we Prometheans through The Peerage. We who hold life as hallowed understand best the sacred task of processing and providing that which gives life to the precious green things: phosphorus. We are the honored keepers of life.

No vision of others to our pure ancient ancestors compares to that which we embody. The Peerage is here to help you, to save you from the death of the mind and soul. To artificially prolong one’s existence is, by our gospel, no true nor worthy existence at all. With us, you can be everything your one life promises. The replicant clone is an affront to our truest self. We pity the husks and mourn that which they presume to mirror. Clones are not the answer to the full life. The full life may only come to fruition through the one life.

Daedalus Station offers a community to those who embrace our creed. Our renowned phosphorus processing plant has been retooled and is operational; shipping the means of survival to all corners of the system. We are a processing plant of vital goods.

Our administrative hub and presence is known as The Peerage. More than just a building, The Peerage is a term used to describe both the place and the people. The Peers are the civil servants of The Prometheus Sect, those who have chosen a path of public works to promote and protect our ideals. Through a treaty with The Consortium, The Peerage arranged our settling of Daedalus Station as our holy headquarter homeland. The well-being and daily needs of our people are seen to by The Peerage with a professional precision.

The Peers, cognizant of the toll social segregation can take on a culture, live alongside the diligent workers of Daedalus in the residential district. We are a united people, blessed with the zeal for our one life. Although, as is the case with all stations, ruins do exist on Daedalus, rarely are they home to those that strive to benefit the greater good of The Sect.

Employment is obtained with ease at the Daedalus Employment Center and often small tasks can be found for the industrious in the station inn, The 1-Up. Here is an excellent place for visitors to find temporary housing while better acquainting with the local customs. Any able-bodied traveler on the path of their one life will find a community of open arms and we are always eager to make a place for them. Our hope is that visitors are only visitors for a brief time.

The Daedalus market provides a wealth of interstellar goods for trade or sale. Those Prometheans with an entrepreneurial streak are known for their broker’s prowess and obtain items from far reaches as trade goods for both residents and visitors alike. Accessing saved creds is of no concern as The Bank of Daedalus is closely connected with the market district and is open at every hour to ensure the best financial service for the industries of The Prometheus Sect station. Should trouble, financial or otherwise, arise, The Peerage of Daedalus is vigilant to protect both Prometheans and visitors alike.

Daedalus Station places heavy emphasis on the care of one’s true body. The station has a state-of-the-art training gym and well-staffed Moemedi Sick Bay. Care for one’s true form is at the top of our tenets. The Promethean Sect is committed to providing the spiritual and physical path to the fullest one life possible.

We, The Promethean Sect of Daedalus Station welcome the visitors of the stars, the pilgrims, and the lost. Truly believe that when you arrive, it was your one true soul that brought you here.

"TauLife Holozene" Interviews

Issue 101: "One Life Special"

Greetings listeners! Welcome to another edition of TauLife, the on-the-pulse holozene of all things Consortium.

Today’s special edition comes to you straight from Daedalus station, home of the Promethean Sect. Strap in citizens, or should I say ‘brothers and sisters’, as we talk all things ‘One Life’ with today’s special guest, Sister Nyx, a sect member for exactly 100 cycles!

Welcome, Sister Nyx. It’s an honor to have you here. Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Honored too, are we, in your presence. As Sister Nyx, 100 cycles I have lived in the Promethean Sect, and a few more before that, all here on Daedalus station.

Right, thank you. What a way with words you have! So, tell us, does that mean you weren’t born into the sect?

No, I was not. With beginnings, I shall begin. After the Catastrophe, born here, on Daedalus station, was I. My parents knew not the One Life, but labored in the Phosphorous Plant. Back then, when the work was open to those like them.

Yet fearful of the sect, they were. Grew it did, and so fled they did. To a future away from here. But I stayed. The One Life pulled me. Took the sacred walk, 100 cycles ago, I did. And now, the Rites I give, to those whose one life is complete.

Fascinating! So, could you tell us more about these rites?

Privilege of mine it is, to oblige. We, who are Prometheans, adhere to the One True Life. This, to many is known. No clones shield us from its dangers. Accident and illness, at any moment can take us.

And yet, in such moments, our faith is tested. Tempting it is, to try and revive those we have lost. To comfort ourselves, with the aid of some vat-grown flesh puppet. Of course, wouldn’t work, to clone the dead, who did not consent when alive. But… it has been tried. Grief tests all.

And so the soul trap, what you call ‘Amygchip’, must be destroyed. Only then will thoughts of unholy return be banished entirely. In our sacred site, Plant P-15, we conduct such a ceremony. Known it is as ‘the rites’.

Wow, that’s er… quite something. Personally, I’m pretty glad my Amygchip is doing its job, syncing me to backup Rick, just in case, you know? But each to their own! So, to finish, congrats on the 100 cycle milestone, Sister Nyx. Any wishes for the next 100 cycles?

My hope is simple. I wish that all humanity will know again the One Life, as once our ancestors lived. For all that we cherish; love, kindness, beauty… cannot be, without also our frailty.

Nice words, thanks again Sister Nyx. Lots to think about for our listeners there, I’m sure. And now, to conclude, we round up a few other tidbits of sect news.

Conversions on the up

According to independent observers of Promethean matters, the last cycle saw a sharp rise in conversions to the sect from citizens in L 726-8 system. As a result, Pilgrimages to Daedalus are at an all-time high.

Some say the controversial use – or should that be, abuse? – of clone-tech on the Spirit of Tianjin is to blame. Whatever the cause, one thing is certain. More people than ever before now follow the so-called ‘one true path’.

Sponsored message of the day

Who would enjoy the stars if there were no darkness behind? Who can recognize pleasure that has never known pain? Give not half your humanity to the Anima Foundation!

(Promethean Sermon)

And with that final thought, we’ll wrap it up for today. This is Rick Santoro signing off folks!

"To Each Their Own"

In today’s installment of TauLife Holozene, we present you with an extra broadcast, straight from our valued archives. We discuss the Prometheans, conspiracy theories, and life with the outspoken author, Davis Zell.

Interview with Davis Zell

Welcome to another edition of TauLife Holozene. I’m Jen Singer and today I have Davis Zell on the line -figuratively and literally. Let’s see if his point of view holds up to scrutiny. We’ll take your CORETECHS calls after a brief discussion.

Davis Zell is a self-proclaimed liberal Promethean and author of the best-selling book, “To Each Their Own”. Tell us, Davis Zell, what exactly is a liberal Promethean exactly?

Davis Zell: Let’s first establish what it means to be “Promethean” before I delve into the more liberal aspects of the viewpoint.

Jen Singer: I’m sorry to interrupt you there; don’t you mean “religion”? The Prometheans are a sect, are they not? A sect with a rather specific set of beliefs -most people would classify that as a religion, no?

Davis Zell: What most people do has never interested me in the slightest. Some people -if we’re going to discuss what most people think- some people on Daedalus have taken a viewpoint, a philosophy even, if you will, and maligned it, twisted it, and politicized it. They’ve turned what, in my view, is an idea worth living by into a fanatical cult. There’s a difference between what Mathers conceived of as, “the original form -the Promethean and unaltered self” and what cult leaders like Etnos Ergas have mutated that idea into.

Jen Singer: You’re referring to Ursula Mathers, one of the supposed founders of the Promethean religion?

Davis Zell: No, I’m referring to Ursula Mathers, the author, whose works have been corrupted into a fantastic misconception if one puts it mildly and into a fanatical terrorist organization if one describes the most extreme faction of the Promethean Sect based on Daedalus. Let’s not forget that post-Catastrophe the station of Daedalus was granted a semi-autonomous status by the Consortium in large part because of their terrorist activities and threats.

Jen Singer: Well, I’m certain few disagree that some elements of the Sect have extremist tendencies, but let’s get back to you. You’ve been arrested, haven’t you? You have a criminal record -distribution of controlled substances, no?

Davis Zell: Interesting how you bring the conversation back to me. You’d rather discuss my person as opposed to what I have to say, huh? I’ll answer your question. I’ve spent time incarcerated on Moissan, on several Jump Gates, and on Tau. Are we here to discuss what I believe or what I did to get by?

Jen Singer: Many people would say that the two are inextricably linked.

Davis Zell: There you go again with what “the many” think. I sold drugs. So do many companies sanctioned by the Gaule Protectorate and the Consortium -not to name a slew of Freebooter stations. I also believe that a person will lead a healthier, saner, and more fruitful existence if they hold to the biological inevitably that they are born once and die once. I don’t think that your soul disappears -as those green and brown garbed fanatics do- if you’re cloned, I don’t believe that you’re an evil person if you gestate into a new body after an accident -I’m worried that the mindset of comfort that comes with knowing you have a backup is a dangerous mindset. Much in the same way -and I’ll bring my work experience into play here- that too much of a single drug is a dangerous mindset. You can expand your mind, while still keeping the connection to your body -your biological self- intact.

Jen Singer: Interesting point of view. Let me ask you -do you have a clone?

Davis Zell: No. Never have. Not having one keeps me on my toes. Live every day like it’s your last -that’s my mindset. You can’t think that way with backups.

Jen Singer: So, in your opinion, there shouldn’t be clones available for, say, high-risk occupations? Miners? Emergency workers? Security personnel?

//Davis Zell: High risk? We’re at the end of the world here. Everything is “high risk”, so please, don’t read me the Consortium talking points -I know them well. And as far as the right to have a clone: be my guest. I’ll never infringe on anyone’s right to choose what happens to them -period. You want a clone -all yours. Your choice, but that’s exactly my concern: choice. Certain occupations -as you pointed out mandate clone purchases. Clone packages are pushed hard by Anima and its political allies -allies might I add that fly both the Protectorate flag and the Consortium colors. It’s being debated, as we speak, that all Consortium citizens should be legally mandated to have and maintain a clone at their own expense to offset, and I quote, “potential medical costs incurred when maintaining one’s original biological form” -whatever the hell that means.

Jen Singer: I think that means that hospitalization, surgery, and convalescence cost more, over the long run than a backup body.

Davis Zell: Yes, thank you for regurgitating that Anima study -a study, might I add, that wasn’t reviewed by a single Iatric department in any reputable university. What Anima is really talking about are disposable humans. And they never mention, when bringing up the benefits of cloning or pointing out the fabulous safety features the process offers, any of the potentially crippling side-effects or -and this one no one talks about- the carnage that is the human disposal business.

Jen Singer: You’re referring, I take it, to the .5 percent mis-gestation rate. There are standard risks involved with all scientific procedures. You could undergo general anesthesia and not wake up from it -we haven’t forgone surgeries.

Davis Zell: We could debate the statistics. It’s higher, much higher than a half a percentage point, but my concern is more along the lines of Amigchip malfunctions -a necessary and invasive procedure required for cloning, and other technologies. Perfectly sane and healthy humans have lost their minds, dropped dead -and, in cases of cloning had-

Jen Singer: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Let me jump in here. Those are outlandish conspiracy theories. Not to mention that the Amygchip is a BeDyne product, instrumental not only in cloning but in most everyday functions. Are you saying that Prometheans are against CORETECHS interactions? You’re speaking to me on CORETECHS now.

Davis Zell: I’m against the manipulation -especially for profit- of the human soul and body-

Jen Singer: That’s rich coming from a convicted drug dealer.

Davis Zell: There’s a huge difference between experimenting and expanding your consciousness and physically manipulating both the human mind and body for control and profit. I believe that the human being needs to exist in as unaltered a state as possible -I’ll go as far as to say that technology has not only ripped us from our roots on earth and banished us to this void, but has disconnected us from one another. “Most people” as you’re so fond of saying won’t even interact with another person unless they do so virtually or via CORETECHS. Human birth rates -after a cataclysmic event, in which ninety-nine percent of humanity was wiped out -again, if you ask me, due to an over-reliance on technology- are at abysmally low rates.

Jen Singer: We’re going to have to call it here so that we can hear from you, the listeners. Gary from Madame de Pompadour, you’re live. What’s your question for Davis Zell?

Gary: You’re a dead man Zell. All you drug dealers should burn. I’m going to personally buy you a clone just so that I can kill you again after I’ve killed you the first time.

Jen Singer: Right. Sorry about that Davis -that wasn’t even a question. Jaylanda from Moissan. You’re live.

Jaylanda: Yes, hello.

Jen Singer: Hi.

Davis Zell: Hello.

Jen Singer: What’s your question Jaylanda?

Jaylanda: Yes, Davis… I was cloned -I suffered a terrible accident when I was young. I’ve lived a full and happy life. I would have been paralyzed otherwise. What is it that you think is missing in my life exactly?

Davis Zell: I don’t think that anything is missing. That would be presumptuous of me. To each their own, but with a reminder that we need to discuss uncomfortable subjects like these to be certain that we aren’t missing anything, as you put it Jaylanda. A second chance at life doesn’t mean that life isn’t worthy living for some, but, as Jen is fond of saying, “most people” take what you’ve appreciated and cherished for granted. I want us to appreciate what a unique and beautiful creation the human mind and body are.

Jen Singer: Why don’t we leave it there. Davis Zell -thanks for calling in… with technology you seem to abhor so vehemently.

Davis Zell: What? Wait, hey…

Jen Singer: That’s all the time we have today. You can download Davis Zell’s book “To Each Their Own” direct from the Mesh at no cost. Guess he’s made all the credits he needs dealing drugs.

Additional information from the storyline

According to Cornelius this is where the Promethean Sect is from (A Rude Awakening).

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