Deep Dish Maintenance


The regular engineer is sick. Someone is required to perform maintenance on the external sensor array.

Start: Side Jobs, Spirit of New York City


You accept the side job from the holoterminal and a message pops up.

Greetings Citizen! The maintenance crew on deck five has been stricken with a collective case of something nasty. We require an outside hire to perform their routine maintenance on sensor array Gamma 7 today. Talk to Dr. Moira Morrigan in Side Jobs for full info.

New goals: "Find Moira Morrigan in Side Jobs on Spirit of New York City.".

You have accepted the "Deep Dish Maintenance" job.

Next NPC: Moira Morrigan, Side Jobs, Spirit of New York City

  • Talk to Moira Morrigan.

Dr Moira Morrigan smiles as you approach and hands you a controller device. With a bored expression on her face she points to the lounge area on a holo-map she brings up on the wall.

Dr. Morrigan says: Use the scanner on the dish. You'll get the best reception from the view-port in the Sleeping Satellite Lounge. Bring the device back to me when you're done.

She walks away with a yawn and calls back over her shoulder.

Dr. Morrigan: The Consortium thanks you for your service.

New goals: Go to the lounge.

Next area: Lounge, Spirit of New York City

  • Initiate the maintenance procedure.

(Intelligence check)

You walk up to the view-port that dominates the one side of the lounge and marvel at the sweeping vista you can see outside the station. You initiate the maintenance device and watch as the large dish that sits to the left of the view-port begins a delicate dance as the machinery initiates its routine maintenance protocols. With a satisfied chirp, the device informs you that stage one of three is done.

New goals: Initiate stage two of the maintenance procedure.

  • Initiate stage two.

(Intelligence check)

You admire the stunning view as the machine initiates the second phase of the maintenance procedure. Rivers of fast-scrolling code pour rapidly across its display, far too quick for a human eye to parse. Instead, you gaze at the marvelous vista outside while the tool does its work.

New goals: Initiate stage three of the maintenance procedure.

  • Initiate stage three.

(Intelligence check)

You calibrate the settings on the machine so it can commence its third phase. The interface is clunky and your code skills are a little rusty, but you manage to figure it out eventually. The machine continues its scan as you take the opportunity to drink in the wonderful view for a little longer. A cloudy nebula catches your eye, its dusty swirl resembling the features of somebody who was once close to you. Even with the naked eye, it appears so close, and yet is probably many hundreds of light years away. If you wrote poetry, this is the sort of thing that would inspire you.


You glance down at the display and find that your task is complete.

New goals: Return to Dr Morrigan in the Side Jobs area.

Next NPC: Moira Morrigan, Side Jobs, Spirit of New York City

  • "Job's done."

Me: Job's done.

Dr Morrigan wordlessly takes the maintenance device and gives you a bag of credits.

You have received 85.00 credits.

You have completed the "Deep Dish Maintenance" job.

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