Department Z

The Consortium's intelligence agency, typically abbreviated "DZ." No one knows what the "Z" means.

Additional information from the storyline

First mentioned by Pompano in the Inn The Mermaid's Pool at København as they were looking to find Captain Drake. He called them The Consortium's black ops. Shadowy types. They seem to turn up when anyone uncovers anything about The Before. It’s been said that their interest is specifically The Catastrophe and artifacts. They also went to the Market København Retail Hub, and Bank Banken asking Pia about Drake (X Marks Our Shot).

They were mentioned by Lunt as "bad folks" (X Marks Our Shot).

They have killed the hooded woman that killed Drake in the Shipping Bay København Shipping Services, retrieving the star-map. They called it "official Consortium business". They were wearing a suit jacket with the letters DZ emblazoned on the breast pocket (X Marks Our Shot).

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