Dewi Natalia's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
BasicC99 Ranged Handgun Common 1,412.00 cr
Epee Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 11,437.20 cr
G-009E Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Uncommon 2,781.64 cr
PVP Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Common 1,327.28 cr
Spatula Hand-to-Hand Club Common 11,310.12 cr
TravelerMixC88 Ranged Shotgun Epic 1,750 Bonds
Hard-Shelled Combat Suit Piercing Armor Common 26,150.24
Civ T02-V006-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Common 412.30 cr
Civ T02-V010-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Common 412.30 cr
Civ T02-V019-4.80x3-0.075 Medical Common 412.30 cr

Located on Asimov Freehold

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