Spaceships arrive and leave from this area of the Port. If you own a ship that's docked here, you can manage it and use it to travel to another destination.


When your ship is in the Docks, clicking on "Enter your ship" takes you to the Cockpit. A few commands are always available:

  • Plan journey - Travel to other stations using "Viable galactic flight paths"
  • Install storage or Access storage
  • Storage management - View your purchased Storage space on all stations
  • Train intelligence
  • Fuel prices - Check current fuel prices at other stations in the same system

More options appear when not in transit:

  • Disembark - return to Docks
  • Patch up (see below)
  • Tune up (see below)
  • Refuel (see below)

During space travel, the Cockpit displays basic information about your destination, along with some additional reading material:

  • Destination news
  • Archive
  • Blogs

Install Storage Message

Congratulations on being the proud new owner of the very latest in ship storage systems. Installation has now begun.

Ship Maintenance

Every journey consumes fuel and causes wear and tear on the vessel. If a ship runs too low on fuel or the integrity of any system, it won't be able to go anywhere until refueled and/or repaired. While a ship is docked, the Cockpit offers the following maintenance options:

Patch Up

Perform your own ship repairs.

Few captains cruise the galaxy without learning about the powerful engine beneath their feet (so to speak, actual ship design may vary). Fewer still trust others to touch their oft coveted vessel! Sometimes your hands are simply the only ones worthy of fixing your beloved 'bucket of bolts.'

  • "You're confined to your vessel during repairs."
  • "Accelerate repair time via Bonds."
  • "Repair to a maximum of 80% 85% with University courses or 75% without."1
  • "Patching requires both stamina and focus."2

Less expensive and faster than a Tune up

  • "You've begun patching up your vessel. No worries, Cap'n, she'll be ship-shape before you know it! You will, however, need to stay aboard till she's ready to fly."
  • "You've initiated repairs on your ship. She'll be flying again before you know it! Till then, though, you're stuck here till everything is shiny."

Tune Up

Hire others to repair your ship.

"It's a busy galaxy and sometimes a captain has people to be, places to case. You love your 'hunk of junk' but sometimes the true reflection of that love is to leave her in the hands of the pros. Plus, pros can be bribed!"

  • Leave the repairs to the pros so you can go about your business.
  • Repairs achieve 100% integrity.
  • Your current total distance travelled is recorded to reflect this as your latest tune up.
  • You can always reduce your waiting time by greasing certain palms with certain bonds!

More expensive and slower than a Patch up

  • "Repairs have begun. You'll be flying again in no time! Well, ok, some time. Till then, feel free to explore the station!"
  • "Repairs have begun, Captain. You may go about your business and leave it in our very capable hands."
  • "Tuning up has commenced. Your ship will soon be right as rain, Captain."


Purchase and refill fuel.

  • Displays station's current fuel price (select "Fuel prices" to compare with other stations)
  • May purchase partial refill
  • "Initiating refueling for <ship>. You'll be out in the Black again as soon as possible!"
  • "Refueling of <ship> has initialized! Please stand by."
  • "Thank you. We have begun refueling of <ship>."

Additional information from the storyline

In the København Docks at København usually could be found Captain Drake's ship the Revenge (X Marks Our Shot).

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