Downed Quixote

Level: 3
Start: Corneel, Market, København


A beloved husband is missing, presumed insane! However, could there be method to his madness?

A shopkeeper, round faced and brown eyed, looks like he hasn't slept in awhile. He nurses a cup of steaming brown liquid while a large man, presumably his boss, speaks to him in gruff tones. Large, pleading eyes lock onto yours as his employer continues to berate him.

He says: Listen Corneel, I do not give two hoots where your husband may have gotten to. That is not part of my business. Running this shop IS, however. If you want to keep your job, I suggest you stay here and continue to man your post!

New goals: Talk to Corneel.

  • Walk away. [Mission Fail]
  • Offer to help.

Offer to help

Me: Can I help you friend?

Relief immediately floods over the man's features. His shoulders slump and his wide eyes seem a little wetter. He has clearly been through some anxiety.

He says: Thank you, thank you so much! I promise I can make it worth your while. My name is Corneel. As you may have overheard, my husband has recently gone missing. In itself, this might not be a significant reason to worry, but all day I have been hearing that he has been seen in the oddest places around the station acting quite mad! I don't know what is happening, but I am afraid that he may hurt himself or even someone else.

Corneel takes a moment to calm himself, wiping a shaking hand across his brow. Taking a shuddering breath, he continues.

He says: I would go and look for himself myself but I would be risking my job here and, to be honest, I am simply afraid I am ill equipped to deal with the situation as I hear it. I need someone resourceful to find Paulo and try and help him, maybe even take him to the klinik if possible! I promise you a reward if you can find him for me! So, will you help me?

Corneel reaches behind the counter and finds a digital picture frame, it shows a wiry Belter with startling blue eyes and a scraggly beard. He holds up the picture, waiting for your answer.

New goals: Search through the station for Corneel's husband.

You have accepted the "Downed Quixote" mission.

  • Agree to start right away.
  • ”Any idea where he might have been last?"
  • ”Tell me about Paulo."
  • Walk away. [Mission Fail]

Tell me about Paulo

Me: Tell me about Paulo.

Corneel takes a deep and calming breath. He leans on the counter gazing down at the digital picture.

He says: I'll dispense with the usual, meandering observations of how good a man he was … is! There is little time for that and I am sure it does not concern you, no matter the truth of it. I can tell you that he is a wreck runner, one of the best. He never fears to push farther than others, to scour the deepest derelicts in the ruins. He isn't just driven by the prospect of credits though, he truly loves this station and hopes, in his own small way, to help restore it. I guess he feels that every part he scavenges from the wreckage will help the station both in usefulness as well as by cleaning it up scrap by scrap.

He straightens up for a moment and looks off into the distance, remembering something.

Corneel continues,: You know, now that I think of it, and I can't be entirely sure, but he began acting strange after his last foray into the wreckage. I put it down to fatigue at the time but…bah, I dunno. But we have to find him quickly. Various people have told me they have seen him acting erratically around the station. Babbling, raving, shouting at things that are not there!

  • Agree to start right away.
  • Ask for leads.
  • Ask about 'wreckage runner'.

Ask about 'wreckage runner’

Me: You said he was a wreckage runner?

Corneel nods and replies.

He says: A wreck runner, and indeed. A wreck runner, I suppose, is our equivalent of a scavenger. Though it's a far more specified and dangerous role. Hundreds upon hundreds of broken ships lie in the wreckage you see, and you need a particular skill set to safely explore and scavenge through them. There's lots to consider: weakened and deteriorating infrastructure, redundant security measures, problematic cargo or leaking fuel lines, you name it.

He continues: When the ships came slowly but inexorably crashing down on us so many cycles ago, they completely changed life on København. I mean, I guess this is true of every place humanity managed to survive after the Catastrophe, but I can only speak to our own experience. I was just a lad mind you, but I still remember when this place was the jewel of shipbuilding, the port of ports! Now, we scavenge the old to make the new…

  • Agree to start right away.
  • Ask for leads.

Ask for leads

Me: Any idea where he might have been last?

Corneel takes in a deep breath and lets it out in a long huff.

He says: It's hard to say really, people have been asking me all day why they have seen him here or there, running around and yelling at unseen things. I fear he may well get arrested, and that is the best case scenario!

He continues: He hasn't been scavenging for at least a week now, that's what he does for a living. He does it well at that, delving deeper than most ever dare to go. I think he hopes to clean up the station bit by bit, do his tiny part to return it to its former glory. Please, you have to find him!

  • Agree to start right away.

Agree to start right away

Me: This could potentially get dangerous. I'll start right away.

Corneel gulps and nods his head, doing his best to keep his eyes from tearing up.

He says: Yeah, there's wisdom in your words friend. I can't know what's happening but from what everyone has been saying, it could escalate any number of ways! He should be on the station, I can't think he'd have had time to go anywhere else and people keep seeing him around! I will be here should you find anything!

As you walk away, Corneel takes a deep breath and shuts his eyes for a moment. He then starts working around his stall, trying to stay busy.

New goals: Search for Paulo or ask others around the station if they have seen him.

Go to Employment and talk to Vilhelm

Next NPC: Vilhelm, Employment, København

  • Ask Vilhelm about Paulo

Ask Vilhelm about Paulo

A giant stack of papers hides a squat, gargoyle like man behind them. While his initial appearance seems a little intimidating, he looks up at you with friendly eyes and an approachable expression. He listens to your question with interest and concern etched on his features.

Vilhelm: You know, he did come in the other day! He looked quite sweaty and unfocused…eyes glazed. Figured he was coming down with something, I actually told him to head home and get some rest. I remember he was more driven to find work than usual, especially considering he usually makes enough via scavenging. Oh.. he was also a little confused, called the jobs, 'quests'.. weirdo.

New goals: Continue searching for Paolo.

Go to Inn and talk to Avital

Next NPC: Avital, Inn, København

  • Ask Avital if she has seen Paulo

Ask Avital if she has seen Paulo

Avital is an attractive looking woman sitting in the common area of the Mermaid. You approach her and ask about Paulo. She looks impatient at first but then her brows raise at mention of his name.

She says: Oh yes, that darling man was here just awhile ago! He was acting all sorts of strange if you ask me though. He ordered a flagon of Mead, whatever that might be, and kept going on about some holy quest he was on! Didn't sound like the Paulo we know at all! He then said he was going to go the the shipyard and 'do glorious battle' with some monster or something like that. I was going to mention it to Corneel later, I'm waiting for someone at the moment. I feel bad now though, if it's something more serious, please do take care of him!

New goals: Continue searching for Paulo.

Go to the Shipyard

  • Follow the sounds of commotion at the Shipyard

Follow the sounds of commotion at the Shipyard

The shipyards are alive with many sights and sounds, almost drowning out anything else. Shipwrights bark orders, prospective captains and crew inspect their ships, and workers run to and fro dispensing their various duties.

As you walk around, however, you begin to hear something that stands out from the general sound of the area. The closer you get to the back of the shipyards, the louder the sound of some disturbance becomes. Someone is shouting in anger, and others in fear.

  • Quickly, locate the disturbance.

Quickly, locate the disturbance

It dawns on you that it's quite possible, even probable, that the missing Paulo could be at the center of the commotion and that you better find him quickly before he, or someone gets hurt! Doing your best to follow the sounds, you push your way through the hustle and bustle of the port and run towards the growing sounds of (non-shipyard related) shouting.

Towards the back of the shipyard, away from the general milling crowds, you come upon a strange looking scene indeed. A lanky man with wild hair and a bristly beard stands and addresses what appears to be CO2 scrubbing machinery. He waves around a heavy looking Tesla Hammer, growing more and more irate at the machinery's lack of response to his demands.

Paulo, for he matches the picture, seems to be demanding the machine come with him and do its holy duty towards the land. He alternates between beckoning the scrubber and waving his hammer at it in a threatening way. Unfortunately, there is also a group of very scared looking people trapped between Paulo and the machine.

New goals: Find a way to stop Paulo hurting anyone.

  • Trick Paolo
  • Reason with Paulo.
  • Overpower Paulo.
  • Hang back and observe the scene

Trick Paolo

You entreat Paolo in the same speech mannerisms as his own and he seems to believe you are on his side.

You stumble through various phrases, adding in as much archaic lingo as you know, and tell Paolo that you are a squire in training, looking for a noble knight to take you on. Your gamble pays off! With a broad grin and twinkling eyes, Paolo lowers his weapon and slaps you on the back. As he begins to speak, the terrified bystanders take their chance to flee!

Paolo says: Aha! Yes, of course! Every knight errant requires a humble squire. It shall be you my noble friend. Come, to the resurrection chambers! We must acquire unholy ichor to aid in our grand adventure!

He turns and glares at the CO2 scrubber, whiskers bristling he growls in it's direction.

He says: Count yourself lucky knave. I shall deal with you anon!

With that, Paolo whoops and runs off!

New goals: Call Corneel

  • Call Corneel

Call Corneel

You call up Corneel via your CORETECHS and tell him what has transpired. He listens on with an incredulous silence tinged with both worry and hope. Once you have finished, he reveals that he was able to do a little investigation from his booth as well.

He says: On a hunch, I accessed what was available of the old shipwright logs from Before. I cross referenced them with the approximate location of Paulo's last wreck run. He likes to keep a detailed log of where he's been and where he is going. He hopes it will help in cleaning up and reclaiming areas of the wreckage one day. There were several ships that, given the station's spin and gravitational pull, could have crashed in the area but one stood out as a possibility. An old scientific freighter that was scheduled to transport a prototype nanotechnology. It had suffered some external damage and needed repairs. It's name was The Quixote. Something tells me this is important!

Corneel pauses and you hear the familiar chirp of a console, he tells you he has pulled up a map of the station.

He continues,: Now, resurrection chamber, to my mind, can only mean one thing. And yeah, judging by the direction you said he ran to, it's pretty much confirmed. I would say you need to head to Clone Gestation. What say you friend? Will you continue? We are close, I am sure. And I think we need to find him quickly now!

New goals: Meet Paolo in Clone Gestation.

Go to Clones

  • Look around for Paulo

Look around for Paulo

You walk around the clone gestation office, most of the technicians seem to barely register your presence. The thumping bass of the nearby gym echoes around the room and may well be the source of their tired demeanor. As you walk through the eerie room, trying to ignore the blank stares coming from the occupants within each vat, you finally spot Paolo, hiding behind some machinery in the shadows.

As you spot him, he looks at you and a happy look of recognition crosses his features. Waving in frantic silence, he beckons you to him with his finger on his lips.

He says,: There you are my humble and wise squire! I knew you would come my friend, we have great and grand things ahead. It is an adventure, but an adventure that will do good things! What say you squire? Are you ready for this? I promise I shall be restrained!

He looks at you with wide, hopeful and almost child-like eyes, waiting for your response.

  • ”Okay, *sigh* but no hurting anyone!"
  • Restrain Paulo and call security,

Restrain Paulo and call security

After a bit of a tussle, you finally pin Paulo down.

You apologize to Paulo but tell him this is for his own good. You restrain him and summon security via your mesh. He pleads and begs, telling you that his quest is not over.

Security finally show up and take Paulo away, telling you he will be well cared for and they will take him to the klinik for a checkup. After a moment a call from relieved Corneel appears on your CORETECHS.

He says: Thank you! You found him and what's more, you kept him safe! Your reward is hear as promised, come back to the shop anytime to claim it, you more than deserve it! Once I am able to close up shop I will head to the klinik to see what Alma has to say and how Paulo is doing.

Corneel logs off. The clone gestation room returns to it's normal routine slowly, workers giving you curious looks but otherwise going about there business.

New goals: Meet Corneel in the Market.

Go to the Market and talk to Corneel

Next NPC: Corneel, Market, København

  • Speak to Corneel

Speak to Corneel

As you approach Corneel, you observe a noticeable change in his demeanor. Worry lines have disappeared and his expression radiates hope and determination. His eyes light up as he sees you approach and he waves happily in your direction.

He says: Salutations buddy! You did it, you brought him home safe and sound! Well, safe and relatively sound at least. Alma is working on that now. She just sent over a preliminary diagnosis, she says that there seem to be high amounts of nano-activity along his neurons. Her working theory is that he must have encountered some old nanotech or something while wreck running. Perhaps some cargo gone wrong from a vessel. She thinks she can rebuild the pathways though and should have him back on track! Great news right? Still…what a mystery, would have been interesting to find out exactly what happened eh? Ah well…all is well that end's well I believe they say and, I also believe I owe you a reward yes?

He grins and reaches under the counter, bringing out a small pouch and tossing it in your direction.

He says: Thanks again my friend, you did good here! København has a long way to go before we can get ourselves to the grand old ship building days of Before. And, if this whole affair has taught us anything, we'll need to go slow and careful! See you around, strong hull and smooth journey.

You have received 15.00 credits.

You have completed the "Downed Quixote" mission.

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