E-Boutique of Salvaged Goods
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
"Brain Booster" Bites, tier 2 Food Rare 2
"Brain Booster" Bites, tier 3 Food Rare 3
"Chatterbox" Shake, tier 2 Food Common 2
"Chatterbox" Shake, tier 3 Food Common 3
7 Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2435
Charged Tonfa Weapon Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V017-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V018-7.20x2-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Civ T02-V019-5.25x3-0.05 Medical Rare 2
Epee Weapon Common 2
Han-Dachi Weapon Uncommon 2
Harvest Sickle Weapon Common 2
Heated Prod Weapon Uncommon 2
Juggler’s Sticks Weapon Uncommon 2
Light Spidersilk Flak Jacket Armor Common 2
Molybdenum Hanbō Weapon Common 2
Scrumsettler Weapon Common 2
Spidersilk Fatigues Armor Common 2
Str T02-V001-14.06-0.075 Medical Uncommon 2
Str T02-V001-8.25-0.1 Medical Common 2
Taungoo Vajra Weapon Rare 2

Located on Paris Spatiale

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