Eleni Llywelyn


Bar on Tau Station


A quick smile and genuine interest in each patron means Eleni’s tip jar is always full. Eleni has red hair that she pulls back into a high bun. She wears a white shirt, black pants, and a black apron with thin white pinstripes at her waist.






Additional information from the storyline

She's was the bright green eyes frustrated bartender squatting, cursing and knocking the side of one of the SCB503 security cleaning bot of the Bar The Oasis Pub at Tau Station, and that I offer to help repair the damaged thermal actuator, after she connected and ordered the new part from Norbert. I later found the bot with a tracker she gave me as it was stolen by Lotta Olofsdotter (Secrets and Servos).
As a bartender knows all, she knows about Lotta Olofsdotter and Abre Jones love affair, recorded by the bot at the Bar, a moment which has high political implications. She considers Lotta a good woman and that Abre loves her dearly (Secrets and Servos).

She mentioned the Gorram Ice Miners as they regularly start commotions in the Bar The Oasis Pub at Tau Station (Secrets and Servos).

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