Embassy Staff


Interstellar relations are very important and your role will be to smooth the workings of life between stations.


Primary: social
Secondary: stamina


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Appointment specialist 12.5 0
2 Visa clerk 46.00 0
3 Immigration specialist 100.50 10
4 Political analyst 174.00 10
5 Economics officer 267.50 20
6 Junior diplomat 379.50 20
7 Cultural Attaché 511.00 30
8 Diplomat 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure
Data entry 5 stamina Anywhere You copy and paste visa information from one spreadsheet to another on your slate. Soon there are no more customer files waiting to be input. You copy the wrong information into the wrong columns and have to start all over again.
Deliver a list of flagged visas to port authorities 3 agility Port You deliver the list before the next shuttle arrives. You're late with the list and people are let onto the station who shouldn't be.
Check visas 15 social Anywhere You randomly check a visitor and confirm that their visa is valid. You demand to see a visa but the person laughs in your face.
Threaten to deport someone 15 strength Anywhere The person you're threatening cracks under the pressure and gives you credits to leave them in peace. The person you threaten knocks you over and runs away.
Interview new arrivals 49 social Port You conduct random interviews of people arriving at the station. You're giving off a weird vibe and no one wants to talk to you.
Write a detailed immigration report 19 stamina Anywhere You lose steam halfway through the long report and it's now report is riddled with typos.
Forge poll results 111 intelligence Anywhere You do a sloppy job and the media immediately spots the fraud.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Conduct a policy poll 93 social Anywhere You ask people to participate but they ignore you.
Accept bribe from a local business 170 social Market
Attend a state dinner with your supervisor 130 social Government Center Your mouth runs away from you and you insult a visiting dignitary.
Write a detailed economic report 155 stamina Anywhere Your report has some glaring factual flaws in it.
Write a detailed policy proposal 175 stamina Anywhere Working for many segments, you grow weary and forget to fill out a vital segment of the policy file. It immediately gets rejected.
Attend a diplomatic meeting 190 social Government Center You say the wrong thing and alienate everyone at the meeting.
Show a visiting dignitary around the station 270 social Port You manage to offend the dignitary during the tour and relations between your stations suffer.
Misuse your influence 320 social Anywhere You don't seem to have as much influence as you thought.
Write press releases 199 social Anywhere You accidentally put a genotype slur in the press release. People are understandably outraged.
Mediate conflicts 255 social Anywhere You say the wrong thing and stir up even more resentment between the parties.
Negotiate a better deal for your station 61.08 stamina Market The other station's representative wears you down and ends up with a better deal.
Sell classified information 79.03 social Anywhere

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