Emmet Millbarge's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
G-PS1 Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 9223.20 cr
Ringmaster's Staff Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 9259.80 cr
Spark Charge Ranged Shotgun Common 688.08 cr
Harold's Jacket Impact Armor Uncommon 753.96 cr
Padded Anti-Energy Vest Energy Armor Rare 2598.60 cr
Padded Thermoplastic Armor Impact Armor Epic 730 Bonds
Patchwork Thermoplastic Suit Energy Armor Common 805.20 cr
Patelloida Plated Body Armor Piercing Armor Common 6097.56 cr
Standard Stamina Stim, v1.2.004 Medical Rare 109.80 cr
Capacitor Trade Good Common 6.59 cr

Located on Spirit of Botswana

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