Emporium of Finest Goods
Item Type Rarity Price
BasicC99 Ranged Handgun Common 506.00 cr
Basic Tactical Blade Hand-to-Hand Knife Uncommon 966.46 cr
Interconnected Steel Rings Hand-to-Hand Club Common 556.60 cr
Primitive Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Common 495.88 cr
Tight Bundle of Wires Hand-to-Hand Club Common 500.94 cr
Anti-Energy Work Suit Energy Armor Rare 1765.94 cr
Leather Armor Impact Armor Uncommon 981.64 cr
Padded Anti-Energy Vest Energy Armor Rare 1796.30 cr
Standard Social Stim, v2.2.008 Medical Common 156.86 cr

Located on Nouveau Limoges

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