Enemy of the Gate

For now, Barnard's Star system lives in delicate harmony. But if something threatens the balance, will you get involved?

Level: 12
Start: Dorian, Port, Barnard’s Star Jump Gate


Amid the hustle of the port's busy central plaza, a frail figure struggles with a physical task. The wiry Belter, in faded port-crew overalls, grapples feebly with a half-built, metal-work frame that's twice his own height. The unstable structure is partly adorned with blue and red flags bearing Consortium and Gaule insignia, either side of a central banner proclaiming "TRADE UNITES!" The whole thing sways alarmingly above his head as he connects another piece.

  • Watch him struggle.
  • Offer to help him.
  • Walk away.

Walk away:

Helping strangers sometimes has unintended consequences and, right now, you're not in the mood. You leave the lanky Belter to his duties and head off to see what else is happening in the Port today.

You have failed the "Enemy of the Gate" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Unaware of your staring, the rangy Belter sticks to his task, grunting curses under his breath as he holds one side of the frame while trying to unfurl another banner. A few solitary wisps of grey hair give you an idea of his age, although with the low G environment, he lacks the spinal curvature that once marked the elderly. Suddenly he yelps in pain, having trapped a finger in one of the frame's metal joints.

He curses: Argh! Son of a starship!

He catches your eye, through the crowd, with a somewhat pleading look.

  • Walk away.
  • Offer to help him.


You pass the mess of crates strewn around the unfinished structure and offer the weary man the assistance his tired eyes are begging for.

Me: Need help, friend?

He looks you up and down and, seemingly satisfied that your limbs are up to the task, nods enthusiastically.

He says: Well… Sure! No shame in admitting it, I guess. This thing is killing me! You could help me get the welcome banner up?

He smiles warmly, his mood clearly lifted by your offer.

You have accepted the "Enemy of the Gate" mission.

  • Ask who the welcome display is for.
  • Help to hang the welcome banner.


Me: Who's the special guest? Looks like a lot of effort is being made here.

Dorian nods and shrugs like a man whose job it is to do what he's told.

He says: Gaule trade delegation from Orléans. Fifth time this cycle, and every time Old Dorian's gotta get the red carpet ready… I hope they sign the deal soon, I could use a few days off!

  • Help to hang the welcome banner.

Taking a deep breath, you lift the banner up. It's heavy, made of thick synthetic rubber, and very large. It's clearly designed to impress. After struggling for a few units you get the hang of it, clipping it to a series of hooks running along the frame's main horizontal beam. As you progress the banner's message is gradually revealed: "Two Governments: One Goal - Prosperity & Stability for Barnard's Star."

Dorian says: Looks mighty smart to me, thanks <name>. I mean, who wouldn't wanna sign a trade deal with us!

  • Ask Dorian more about the trade talks.
  • Seek payment from Dorian for helping him.


Me: Five trade delegations in one cycle? Since when are blue and red so friendly?

Dorian goes through his repertoire of shrugs again. Seven feet's worth of gangly Belter limbs suggest that maybe you should be asking someone else these kinds of questions.

He says: Beats me. I get my news from the Gate Truths feeds like everyone else. Maybe they're worried 'bout Caen? Freebooters make everyone nervous, at least enough to want more friends this end of a wormhole.

As he talks, Dorian points at a few loose scaffold tubes on the floor and then at the place he presumably wants you to attach them. You oblige and Dorian smiles gratefully.

  • "Gate truths?"
  • "Freebooters?"

Gate truths?

Me: Gate Truths?

Dorian replies: That's the one. Jump Gate's finest independent news feed. Run by star reporter Sadia whats-her-name… I forgot. Something exotic sounding. Dark hair. Normally works outta the Cantina. Don't tell me you never seen her?

  • "Nope. I don't know her."
  • "Sure. I met her once."


Your words trail off, distracted by the presence of a figure shuffling into the small gap between the station wall and one end of the welcome display, seemingly unaware that the hiding place is not as private as it looks. Then, without hesitation, he removes some sort of tool from his jumpsuit pouch and jabs it into his half-turned face. For a fraction of a unit, you're convinced you see his face reflected on the bulkhead behind, only there's a black gaping hole where his eye should be!

Me: What the-?!

You stare at his back in disbelief as he jabs again at his face, without showing the slightest hint of discomfort. Before your brain can process what's happening, he turns and re-emerges back into the bustle of the main plaza, looking entirely unremarkable once more, and wanders off towards the Shipping Bay.

  • Tell Dorian about the strange man.
  • Ask Dorian about Freebooters.
  • Ask Dorian when the trade summit will begin.


Me: Tell me more about the Freebooters?

Dorian replies: Ah yes, the well-armed squatters of Caen Stronghold. Call them what you like; free spirits, pirates, rebels or criminals. One thing's for sure, I don't recommend you go there, not unless you know how to look after yourself. On the other hand, they don't know the meaning of "illegal" so if you're in the mood for some interesting shopping, might be worth a visit!

  • Help Dorian fit the last piece of the Gaule welcome display.
  • Tell Dorian about the strange man.
  • Ask Dorian when the trade summit will begin.

Trade summit:

Me: When is the Gaule delegation arriving?

Dorian says: Beats me. Soon, probably. News feeds are saying it could be tomorrow. Feels kinda desperate if you ask me, sucking up to the Gaule like this… Can we really trust them?

Dorian's shoulders hunch into another rhetorical shrug, before turning to continue fixing a pole into its 8-way joint connector.

  • Tell Dorian about the strange man.
  • Help Dorian fit the last piece of the Gaule welcome display.

Strange man:

As you work you tell Dorian about the strange figure, aware that you may sound slightly demented as you mumble something about an eye that was missing and then wasn't. Dorian doesn't seem half as shocked as you were.

He says: You really are a fresh one, aintcha? Don't worry about it. Just another fraudster trying to cheat an iris recognition check, nobody pays me to worry about that…

  • Help Dorian fit the last piece of the Gaule welcome display.
  • Ask about iris recognition tests.


You ask Dorian about iris recognition tests. He mumbles a response, but seems more focused on counting how many scaffold poles he has left in his crates.

Dorian says: Half the port runs on iris tests. Little scanners to check the patterns in your eye, control access to restricted areas y'know. We even got one in the port-crew canteen!

Dorian shakes his head in mock outrage, before gesturing towards the remaining poles on the floor. He seems keen to finish building the display.

  • Help Dorian fit the last piece of the Gaule welcome display.

(Intelligence check)

You take a step back from the elaborate welcome display and try to work out where the final piece goes. After a moment's thought, you work it out and help Dorian to guide it gently into place. It's been a tedious job but the result looks good; a raised stage with two podiums, backed by a large display celebrating Consortium and Gaule co-operation. It's strange to see the iconic blue and red mixed together like this, but it works surprisingly well, at least on an aesthetic level. Dorian stands beside you, admiring the structure with satisfaction.

Dorian says: We did our part. Now it's up to the trade bosses to do theirs. Time for my old bones to get a rest-

There's a sudden clang, like something smacking into metal, and then the entire structure sways. Dorian freezes beneath it. Your own gaze is drawn to the left, to raised voices and movement. It's the fraudster from earlier, charging his way through the crowd!

Dorian says: She's going dow-

The crash of the display collapsing fills the cavernous plaza chamber. Metal clangs onto regocrete flooring and bystanders shriek in shock. Suddenly, Dorian is on his back, pinned by the falling metal frame. Off to the left, the culprit lunges on, bundling bystanders to the floor before disappearing down one of the many plaza exits.

  • Chase after the culprit.
  • Help Dorian.

(Strength check)

From somewhere deep inside, you summon a primal roar, and somehow find the strength to lift the heavy framework off Dorian's writhing body. He pulls himself out, grimacing as he gingerly checks his shin for signs of a break.

He says: G'dam punks! This place is full of 'em! Smugglers and stowaways… Where's the port police when you need 'em?!

Right on cue, two customs officers emerge from the nearby Shipping Bay, and sprint across the plaza, before disappearing down the wrong exit. Dorian is now standing freely again, muttering something about getting to Sick Bay. You wait for more port agents to appear, but nobody comes. Around you, bystanders return to scurrying about their errands, seemingly unfazed by the brief commotion.

Dorian says: Guess I better get this seen to at the Clinic. Doesn't feel like it'll be a cheap one… G'dam, no-respect, punks! See you round <name>.

He shuffles off, limping gingerly in the direction of the Sick Bay. You suddenly find yourself alone, standing by the fallen frame and watching the port gradually return to business-as-usual.

  • Chase after the culprit.
  • Leave. None of these problems belong to you.

(Intelligence check)

Suddenly, the plaza's layout makes sense to you. You pick up the pace, running for the exit you saw the fraudster take. It connects to another busy thoroughfare with more side exits leading to the port's various sub-zones. Dozens of people mill in all directions; electronic display screens flash the latest service announcements and your eyes struggle to quickly parse the scene. Suddenly, your senses prick at the sound of a disturbance at the far end, in the queue for the express transfer to the Local Shuttle terminal. That's where he's headed!

Head to the Local Shuttles area of the Port to continue pursuing the culprit.

Next area: Local Shuttles, Barnard’s Star Jump Gate

  • Search for the culprit in the Local Shuttle Bay.

The Local Shuttle Bay is quieter than the port's central plaza. You check the main departure lobby but find no sign of the culprit. Would you even recognize him? You remember his grey jumpsuit, adorned with a few utility pockets; dark skin and curly black hair. And the eyes. Or at least the weird black hole where they should have been. You definitely remember that. You mutter under your breath as you jog down the linking corridors in hope of finding him.

Me: Where did you go?

You find yourself wondering why exactly you're chasing him in the first place. To report him to Security? Or to blackmail your way into a share of the fraud or smuggling profits, if there's any to be had. Maybe, you'll ask him to pay Dorian's medical bill too… But there's no time to finish the thought. Footsteps echo down the tight chamber of a narrow side corridor, before a figure in a grey jumpsuit darts across it at the far end. Your adrenaline spikes as you prepare to give chase!

  • Sprint after him!

(Stamina check)

Your head throbs as you pick up the pace, tuned in to the sound of boots running on metal walkways. There's nobody else in these sectors and the sound of his ragged breath tells you you're getting closer. You mutter to yourself through clenched teeth, pushing your muscles to the limit.

Me: C'mon <name>, nearly there-

You round yet another corner. Finally, you see the man you've been chasing! Except he isn't running, but instead fiddling with what looks like an air recycler vent. What's he doing? Why would he stop?

Next NPC: Kachunga, Local Shuttles, Barnard’s Star Jump Gate

  • Ask why he's running.
  • Tell him you're not with port police.
  • Apprehend him.


You resolve to apprehend him, approaching purposefully just as he looks up from the air vent with which he's been occupied. It's hard to interpret his reaction, but you sense he's surprised by the sight of you. Probably expected a port police uniform by the looks of it.

Me: Listen tough guy, this can go two ways. You're coming with me-

You don't get a chance to finish your speech. He barely flinched, but something appeared in his right hand and now there's only agony in your muscles as you drop to the floor. High charge stun pistol maybe? Your mind swims with confusion. This escalated way too quickly…

Your burns aren't severe, but they need attention.

You were transmitted to the sickbay, <name>

Next area: Sick Bay, Barnard’s Star Jump Gate

  • Examine your surroundings.

You find yourself alone in the modestly-sized treatment bay. A wall display in front shows the feeds from your med-bed's diagnostics. Everything aches, but the numbers don't look too bad. Through the tinted-glass walls you make out a few shapes in the corridor. A dark one and one light one. The door to your bay glides open and a dark-suited figure enters, with "BSJG CUSTOMS" written on her jacket.

She says: This won't take long, <name>. Assuming you co-operate.

Before you can respond, a white-coated young doctor enters and scampers towards you, carrying something.

The doctor says: Whoops-a-daisy, don't mind me, just dropping this off to our patient here. Nobody likes answering questions on an empty stomach, hahahahaha!

She deposits a food container on your med-bed's tray table, before dashing out as quickly as she came, laughing manically at her "joke" as she exits.

The customs agent says: Ahem. Right. Let's get started. I'm Anya Sokola. Port police. I think you know why I'm here. Let's start with your statement, shall we? Off you go. From the beginning.

Next NPC: Anya Sokola, Sick Bay, Barnard’s Star Jump Gate

  • Ask if Dorian is OK.
  • "Who was that guy I chased?"
  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.
  • Open the food container.


Me: My friend, Dorian, was hurt when it all started. Is he OK?

Anya pauses. She doesn't seem to enjoy being the one answering questions, but she obliges anyway.

Anya says: Yes, he's fine. Our cameras in the main plaza caught what happened. Nasty accident, but Dorian will be fine. He's already been discharged from Sick Bay.

Anya cuts herself off curtly, as if annoyed about sharing something she shouldn't have.

  • "Who was that guy I chased?"
  • Ask about surveillance footage from the Shuttle Bay tunnel.
  • Open the food container.
  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.

Surveillance footage:

Me: If you already checked the surveillance feeds, why do you need my statement?

Anya takes a deep breath. She seems cross with herself.

She says: The port spans almost six square kilometers. Near enough a hundred tunnels across four levels. We don't have total coverage, OK? You're the only witness to what happened in the Shuttle Bay.

For the first time, there's a hint of desperation in her voice. It's as close as cop comes to pleading. Suddenly, the lines on Anya's face take on a new complexion. Each one is a cold case that just won't budge. She sighs deeply.

  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.
  • Open the food container.
  • "Who was that guy I chased?"

Who was that guy:

Me: Who was that guy I chased?

Anya hesitates, deciding on whether it's in her interest for you to get an answer to your question.

She replies: Smuggler. Goes by the name Kachunga. Mainly works the Caen link. Fetches items sold on their exchanges and gets them past Consortium customs. He was mid-delivery when he realized we were watching him. There's a crackdown on this sort of thing now, on account of the trade talks. Governor wants us showing the Gaule our best side…

  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.
  • Open the food container.
  • "Did you catch him?"
  • "What was he smuggling?"


Me: Did you catch Kachunga? Have you interrogated him?

Anya's face doesn't flinch. It's clear that this is info she won't be sharing.

She says: We caught him, yes. That's all you need to know.

Anya winces a little, as if remembering something unpleasant.

  • Open the food container.
  • "What was he smuggling?"
  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.


Me: What was he smuggling?

Anya shrugs in the way tired cops do when the lack of leads on a case gets frustrating.

She says: We don't know what. We don't know how, and we don't know for whom. All we know is; he was looking to move it when he got spooked. One more thing you should know; Governor Xian has doubled our reward budget for port crime tip-offs…

Anya's words trail off as she makes an exaggerated gesture to underline the promise of payment, rubbing the fingers of her raised hand together.

  • Tell Anya exactly what happened.
  • Open the food container.

Tell Anya:

You sit up as you recount the episode from start to finish, going from Dorian's display right up to the last thing you remember in the Shuttle Bay. You omit nothing. Anya is particularly interested in the details about the missing eye and the air recycler vent, nodding as she taps it all up on her slate.

Anya says: You did well, <name>. This is valuable info. If it helps us break the case, you'll be well rewarded.

Anya yawns and stretches awkwardly, trying to itch a spot somewhere between her rib and the stab vest which covers it. She looks down again at the info on her slate, scratching her chin as she re-reads it.

  • Open the food container.
  • Tell Anya you need to leave now.

Food container:

You motion at the food container on your tray table and Anya nods.

Anya says: Of course. Go ahead.

You lift the lid to reveal a disappointing ration of fungal-based sausage substitute inside. Even Anya recoils slightly at its fetid odour as she enters some info on her slate. But there's something else too. The inside of the lid is marked with the words "SAY NOTHING." You quickly place the lid face down on the table and grab a spork to scoop the disgusting slop into your mouth, hoping it'll conceal your surprise from Anya. Who is the message from?!

  • Tell Anya you need to leave now.
  • Show Anya the message on the container lid.

Show Anya:

Me: Er- … You may want to question that doctor by the way. Check this out.

You lift the lid off the tray table and rotate it so Anya can see the words written on the underside. Her eyes widen briefly, before she recomposes herself impressively with another deep breath, and turns for the door.

Anya says: Thank you, <name>. Your loyalty to the law has been noted. I'll talk to her afterwards.

Anya taps something into her slate, then leans over to take an image of the message written on the food lid.

  • Tell Anya you need to leave now.

Anya seems hesitant to leave. She taps her heel as she runs through it again in her head, checking for angles she may have forgotten to cover.

  • Tell Anya you need to leave now.

You've told her everything you know but Anya still takes a bit of convincing that there's nothing you're hiding.

She says: OK, thanks <name>. You've been a big help. If you remember anything else, you can just report it to Security.

Anya nods politely, before heading for the door. It slides shut behind her and you watch the darkened outline of her form through the tinted glass as she disappears down the corridor. Shortly after, an orderly appears to discharge you and show you out.

  • Search for the junior doctor. Find out who sent the message.

You wander into the corridor in search of the chucklesome young woman who delivered the food container, but find no sign of her. You ask a passing nurse for help.

The nurse says: You mean the new kid? Young, kinda chirpy? She got taken away for questioning I think. With that customs agent…

She pauses for a unit, then adds.

She says: About your friend with the bionic eyes… We tried. Not much we could do, though. Saved the amygchip and passed it on to port police. Sorry. Anyway, I gotta go. Good day.

You stand in stunned silence as she walks off to continue her rounds. As you amble out of the Sick Bay entrance and into the busy tunnel outside, an unfamiliar voice startles you.

It says: Enjoy your lunch <name>? Why don't you go thank your sister in person, eh? Frontier Cantina.

You spin to face it but meet with a thick crowd of jostling residents, milling about you in all directions. Whoever he was, he's already melted back into its anonymous embrace. You wonder what in stars you've got yourself into and whether it wouldn't be safer to back out of it now.

This could get dangerous. You can walk away from it all right now or continue by meeting your "sister" in the Lounge on Barnard's Star Jump Gate.

  • meet [missed text]
  • quit [missed text]


As the residents of Barnard's Star Jump Gate pass you by, going about their daily business, you resolve to pursue this matter deeper. Something strange is going on and you want to find out what.

Go to the Lounge and meet with your "sister."

Next NPC: Sadia Farzawi, Lounge, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Talk to Sadia.

You enter the Frontier Cantina and look around, slightly unsure of how exactly to identify a "sister" you've never met before. Sadia, the Gate Truths reporter seems to be working away at one of the desks. Noticing you, she beckons you over.

Sadia says: Pleasure to meet you, <name>. I'm Sadia Farzawi, head of Gate Truths, the Jump gate's finest news feed… But, right now, what matters is that I know why you're here. I'm the "sister" you're looking for. Let's get to it.

She ushers you into a seat and leans in close.

She says: Before we start, mind telling me where your loyalties lie? You didn't tell Security about my little message did you?

  • "I showed them the message."
  • "I didn't show them the message."

(Social check?)

Me: I told them. They know someone tried to contact me while I was in Sick Bay.

Sadia's piercing eyes stare into yours. She doesn't seem surprised by your answer.

Sadia says: Yes, you did. And now my er- … assistant, who directed you here, has been picked up by port police. I'm not happy about that. But I am glad that you're at least being honest with me. Now, let's talk about what happened with Kachunga, shall we?

  • "Was Kachunga working for you?"
  • "Who IS Kachunga?"
  • Tell Sadia roughly what happened with Kachunga. But keep the details vague.
  • Tell Sadia everything that happened with Kachunga.

Who is Kachunga:

Me: Why don't you tell me something about Kachunga? All I know is he put me and my friend in med-bay, and he's some sorta smuggler, right?

Sadia replies: Kachunga is- … was, exactly that. Knew where all the holes were, at least between Caen and the Jump Gate. Nobody knew his methods, but it's no secret that he was the best at what he did.

Sadia stares at you intently as she talks. There's an unblinking intensity about her which makes you slightly uncomfortable.

  • "Was Kachunga working for you?"
  • Tell Sadia roughly what happened with Kachunga. But keep the details vague.
  • Tell Sadia everything that happened with Kachunga.

Was Kachunga working for you:

Me: Was Kachunga working for you?

Sadia replies: Use your head, <name>. I run the most followed news feed in the system. I'm in the business of interesting information… the more someone wants it a secret, the better. That kind of stuff usually isn't obtained legally. What do you think they sell on Caen's data exchanges?

It's not an explicit confession, but Sadia's admission still takes you slightly by surprise. You glance around, but there's nobody else within earshot. Perhaps that's why she feels able to speak so freely.

  • Ask about the item Kachunga was delivering this time.
  • Tell Sadia roughly what happened with Kachunga. But keep the details vague.
  • Tell Sadia everything that happened with Kachunga.

Ask about the item:

Me: What is it you bought this time? Something special? Maybe that's what got Kachunga killed?

Sadia replies: The Caen deals come in two parts. First the data; encrypted, which I have. Then the key, which I don't. And I don't have a ship either, so remote transmission is out of the question. Get it delivered on a datacard instead. So the item itself is small…

Me: But the consequences will be big, right?

You finish Sadia's sentence for her and she gives you a knowing stare. The silence speaks volumes.

  • "If I'm going to risk my life for some data, I want to know what it is."

Me: If I'm going to risk my life for some data, I want to know what it is.

She says: I would too in your position. Fair enough. You've been honest with me. My seller claims the data contains stolen files from the Bakker inquest. Answers; in other words. About what happened in Barnard's Star during Catastrophe… Once I have the key, I'll know for sure.

You watch as Sadia pauses for effect. She seems to know this is the story which could define her career. Or maybe end it.

She says: If the data is genuine, only one thing is certain: I'll be most wanted round here, and on any Consortium station. May have to operate out of The Maid. Or maybe Caen, just to be sure nobody's gonna extradite me as soon as Consy Intel kicks up a fuss…

Sadia talks about becoming a fugitive like it's on a par with a bout of space sickness. Not something you'd want; but not a big deal either. She may be prepared to take big risks for this, but are you? The question niggles away at the back of your mind.

  • Tell Sadia roughly what happened with Kachunga. But keep the details vague.
  • Tell Sadia everything that happened with Kachunga.

Tell Sadia everything:

You take a deep breath and recount your involvement with Kachunga, starting with Dorian and ending up in Sick Bay. Sadia listens intently.

Sadia says: I figured as much. He was trying to move an item when he got caught. Gets tangled up with you, before copping a head-shot from a trigger-happy plod in the Shuttle Bay… All cos trade bosses wanna impress some Gaule guests.

She exhales heavily, glancing about the half-empty Lounge. Her words are sharp and precise now.

Sadia says: I need someone to finish the job Kachunga was working when he was killed. The item is already on this station, but I don't know where. Bring it to me. In return; hazard pay. We both know there's risk here.

She lets the words linger, studying your reaction. Your face suddenly feels oddly naked as you think about everything you've heard. The silence is heavy and pregnant with consequence.

  • "I'm ready to go. I'll take the job."
  • "I don't want anything more to do with this."


Me: I'm ready to go. I'll take the job.

Sadia smiles, half-impressed.

She says: You're not as daunted by this as I expected. Good. Do what you must to find my key. Payment on delivery. I'll be here. Good luck.

She cocks her head in farewell and turns her attention back to the many screens which adorn her table.

You have two options now. Go to the port to find out more about Kachunga's methods and try to complete Sadia's delivery. Or, go to Security and report the whole matter to the police.

Next area: Port, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Search for clues about Kachunga's smuggling methods.


Next area: Security, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Report Sadia's activities to Security.


With a furrowed brow you march around the port for a few segments, hoping to stumble on a clue as to where Kachunga may have hidden Sadia's delivery. At the far end of the main plaza, you even see the now rebuilt welcome displays for the Gaule trade delegation. Thoughts turn to Dorian, but a short, fusty man in a port-crew jacket informs you that he's off duty right now. Despite your efforts, there's nothing of note. You decide to check the other port zones.

Search all the sub-zones in the Port for clues about Kachunga's smuggling methods.

Next area: Shipping Bay, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Explore the Shipping Bay for clues about Kachunga's smuggling methods.

(Intelligence check)

You pace about the half-empty Shipping Bay, lost in thought, recalling that Kachunga headed in this direction shortly after you first saw him. You watch as residents swipe ID cards to collect packages from an automated service belt. Could it be that Sadia's item is waiting in a cargo package? But how, if there's no normal freight service with Freebooter stations? Somewhere towards the back of the facility, you find your answer.

Away from the main reception desk, and down an unassuming and unmarked corridor, there's a much smaller collection counter, marked: "SPECIAL DELIVERY ITEMS." Unlike the front desk, this one has a human attendant, and what looks like a wall-mounted iris recognition scanner. Could this be where Kachunga was headed? Is Sadia's item somewhere in there, waiting for collection? Maybe Kachunga was using ocular implants to fool the scanner? But where are they now?

Me: Focus <name>, focus. Where would they be? If I was Kachunga, running from the cops, what would I do with-

The desk attendant seems perplexed by your mutterings. She practically jumps in her seat when you finally hit the answer you're looking for.

Me: Hide them, that's what I'd do! The recycler vent!

Go to the Local Shuttle area and search the recycler vent for Kachunga's fake bio IDs.

Next area: Local Shuttles, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Find the recycler vent which you saw Kachunga stop at.

You pace through the Local Shuttle terminal and retrace your footsteps from earlier, trying to remember which corridor it was that you followed Kachunga down before he attacked you.

  • You sense you're being followed. Find a way to lose them.

(Agility check)

Adrenaline spikes your senses as you think back to what happened to Kachunga. Port police are trigger-happy with the smuggling crack down. The lack of surveillance cameras in the service tunnels suddenly makes you feel very vulnerable. You quicken your pace, zig-zagging through the busiest sections of the departures lobby and then split off down a side alley once again. Finally, it seems like you're alone again.

  • Find the correct recycler vent.

(Intelligence check)

Suddenly, you step into a deserted walkway which feels strangely familiar. This is the one!

  • Search the recycler vent shaft.

(Stamina check)

With a heave, you hoist yourself into the recycler vent's dark shaft, clip a torch to your collar, and shimmy downwards, in the direction the station's spin gravity would have taken whatever Kachunga might have put in here. After a while the cramp in your muscles starts to get maddening but you keep going, grunting and shunting further, even when the duct narrows to a width of barely a quarter of a meter. Somehow you press on.

Me: C'mon karma, pretty please, gimme something…

Suddenly you hit a flat. You must be in line with the lowest levels, probably only meters from the station's outer rock wall, and the cold nothing beyond! Sweeping your torch left and right, something, looking like a small square box, no bigger than the palm of your hand, catches your eye. You stoop to pick it up. Opening the lid is an unusual experience. Inside, sitting in two round grooves, are a pair of bionic eye-balls, reflecting the light of your torch with an unsettling stare! These must be the bio-IDs Kachunga intended to use to collect Sadia's delivery!

Go to Sick Bay and get Kachunga's bionic eyes installed, so you can then collect Sadia's delivery.

Next area: Sick Bay, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Search for a way to get Kachunga's bionic eyes fitted.

You step back into the now familiar Sick Bay lobby. A pair of harassed nurses jog past in the direction of a ringing patient-monitor alarm coming from the rear treatment booths. To the side, a full-body triage scanner assesses the needs of new arrivals to the facility. Slowly, your gaze pans across the scene before you, thinking of the best way to approach this. Ocular augmentations aren't cheap at the best of times, and that's when you're wanting fully legal ID-matching bionics fitted. Non-matched components are usually a police matter.

A voice startles you: Oh. It's you again, hahahahaha!

A non-joke, followed by a nervous laugh. You turn to face the junior doctor who brought you your food container earlier.

  • Ask her about ocular augmentations.

Me: Yep. Me again. Say, what can you tell me about ocular augmentations?

She seems excited by your question, clearly feeling that it's somehow part of her junior doctor training. Like a student prepping an exam answer, she hums as she assembles it all in her head before finally delivering a response.

She says: Bionic eyes, right? I know this. OK. There's two types: regular and enhanced. Regular is for folks who just need to see better; like if their eyes got injured or sick or something. Then enhanced ones have special features as well; heat mappers, infra red, night-vision, that kinda stuff. But they all fit into a standard ocular socket… I don't think we have any of those on station at the moment, apart from the ones they use for training us up. I'll show you!

She darts off through a nearby door marked "TRAINING SUITE" and then re-appears moments later, holding two strange brackets composed of thin metallic strips and wiring.

She says: Check these babies out, hahaha! They use these to teach us, but they're basically like the real ones. Standard class ocular sockets with neural back connectors. These go in first, after we remove the patient's regular eyes of course… YUCK! And then you just plug in whichever bionic eyes you want on top. They showed us how to fit 'em last tenspan. I was SOOOOO nervous, hahaha! But the aug-bot does most of the work… Phew!

  • Bribe her to fit these sockets for you, equipped with Kachunga's bionics. 300 Credits.
  • Persuade her to fit these sockets for you, equipped with Kachunga's bionics.

(Social check)

You suggest that it would be good for her to practice using the aug-bot some more and offer yourself as a dummy subject, but she seems unsure.

She says: I dunno… I mean, I only did it the once before.

  • Bribe her to fit these sockets for you, equipped with Kachunga's bionics. 300 Credits.
  • Persuade her to fit these sockets for you, equipped with Kachunga's bionics.

Persuade (third try):

Me: Look, I'll be honest with you. This is part of your training. I'm a test patient, but I'm also an examiner for the er- medical council… You wanna graduate, don't you? Just fit these sockets with the, er- special examiners' bionics I have here, and you're all good. Hello, fully-qualified doctor!

She inhales sharply, as if finally understanding, before beckoning you to follow her down a side corridor that leads to a room marked "AUGS." Inside, there's a multi-angle med-bed surrounded by a series of spherical rails, on which track various aug-bot components. You leap into the chair and start strapping yourself in.

The young doctor says: OK, anesthetics first. Ready?

  • "I'm ready. Do it."

You wake feeling surprisingly alert. There's a strange sensation behind your sinuses, and edges look a little sharper than before, but otherwise you feel normal. Only a quick check in the mirror proves that the surgery was in fact completed. You perceive yourself through another man's lab-crafted eyes, trying to work out if it really feels as odd as it sounds. The young doctor stands by, expectantly waiting for your verdict.

Me: Good job, kid.

She beams with contentment as you lift yourself out of the chair.

Go to the Shipping Bay to collect Sadia's delivery.

Next area: Shipping Bay, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Go to the Special Deliveries counter and collect Sadia's item.

You pass the regular shipping counter by the entrance and head down the corridor which leads to Special Deliveries. A woman in Consortium military uniform passes, going in the opposite direction, and carrying a package of some sort. You smile as normally as you can with your nerves jangling. Then, in the back room, the attendant watches as you stoop to activate the iris-recognition scanner by pressing your face against the rubber position brackets on the wall.

The attendant says: OK, received. Small item for er- General Konashima, coming right up. Gimme a unit.

She stares at you for a moment. Is she puzzled by your lack of military uniform? You try to stand in the way you imagine an off-duty General would. There's no point even thinking about what happens if you're caught impersonating a high-ranking military officer; suffice to say, the brig sentence would be counted in cycles not days. You briefly hear the whirring of automated logistics bots in the back office. A small package appears via a service hatch. The attendant picks it up, examining its customs tag as she wanders over to you.

She says suspiciously: This little thing's seen more of the system than I have. Routed via Amazon and Orléans, doesn't even state the original departure station on here…

  • Impersonate General Konashima to ease her suspicions.

(Intelligence check)

Me: Yeah, um- tell me about it!

You stammer unconvincingly, unable to think of anything even vaguely approximating to what a military general might say. The attendant's eyes narrow as she watches you, still holding onto the package, now with both hands. You'll have to try harder to dispel her suspicions.

  • Impersonate General Konashima to ease her suspicions.

(Intelligence check)

Me: You imagine that you really are a high-ranking Consortium General. Then, with a straight back and clear voice, you summon your best acting skills.

Me: I hear you! Sure is ridiculous… All that effort, just for a personal package from my family. You should see what they make us do with classified stuff!

You convinced her. She nods and smiles politely, handing you the small metal cargo container. You bid her farewell and walk back towards the main entrance, opening it as you go. Inside, you find exactly what you expected. You have it!

You have received 1 'Sadia's Datacard'.

Palms sweating, your heart pounds with excitement as you consider your next steps. You check the item quickly. It's a datacard. Your slate shows that the contents are some sort of decryption key for a larger set of data, stored elsewhere. But there's little else you can glean from it now, before a disturbing noise comes from your bionics. Something is wrong! Behind your eyes, an agonizing pain floods your senses and your vision blurs. A text overlay flashes over the wobbling shapes and colors; "AUG FAILURE DETECTED." The pain is unbearable!

Hurry to Sick Bay. Get the malfunctioning augmentations removed!

  • Find the Junior Doctor. Get the Augs removed right away!

(Intelligence check)

You stumble into the clinic's foyer, looking for the young doctor among the unstable lines and spooling blobs of your vision. It's no use, you can't see anything!

A voice says: No way! Even I would never mix up a sedative with a combat stim, the patient must have felt craaaay-zeee! Hahaha!

It's her! You follow the sound to its source and the laughter stops when she sees you. You don't know what you look like right now but if it's anything like how you feel, it's probably gruesome. She grabs your arm and leads you down a corridor before shoving you through a door.

She says: I told you, I never did this before unsupervised! OK, we gotta get it out before the pressure in your head… Actually, that's not important. Where's the anesthetic? You ready?

  • "Just do it before I start screaming!"

You go under again and segments drift by like stars in the sky. When you wake, the excruciating pain has now given way to a dull ache in your skull. Your vision seems normal again. You check your reflection in the mirror. There are a few rough lines where the surge-bot's post-op seal hasn't quite disappeared, but it's good to have your old eyes back.

The junior doc says: Bet that feels better, huh? It was lucky I kept your old ones in storage, the malfunction completely ruined your bionics, and the sockets… But nobody needs to know, just a minor technical error, that's all, hehehe…

She laughs nervously again, only relaxing when you indicate that she won't face any reprimand for the incident. You check you pocket for Sadia's datacard. It's still there.

Me: OK, I gotta go. And relax, we'll keep this just between you and me. Bye.

You have two options. Find Sadia in the Lounge to hand over her decryption key. Or go to Security to hand it in there instead.

Next NPC: Sadia Farzawi, Lounge, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Hand the datacard over to Sadia.


Next area: Security, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Report Sadia's activities to Security.


The Frontier Cantina is deserted now, apart from the ever-present sight of Sadia working away at the table nearest to the automatic vendor terminals. You walk over and place a small object on it. Sadia's eyes widen. The artery in her neck throbs visibly as she grabs it.

You no longer have 1 'Sadia's Datacard'.

Sadia says: Holy stars, you actually got it? Lemme check…

Sadia connects it to one of her terminals, then switches to a desk-slate and taps away for a few units. Her jaw slowly drops as she starts scrolling something on her screen.

Sadia says: It's all unlocked… Hundreds of Zettabytes of data, and- … The signatures are genuine. It's Bakker's data, from the inquest! At least, a lot of it… OK breathe Sadia. BREATHE.

You've never seen her like this; flustered and emotional.

  • "Do I get paid now?"

Me: Do I get paid now?

But Sadia is only half-listening to you, both eyes instead glued to the monitor as she gorges on its contents.

Sadia says: I can't even begin to- After I publish it, I'll have to leave, maybe even seek asylum on the Maid. This is just too… Bad. For Consortium and Gaule relations, I mean- At least now we know why Bakker didn't publish what he found… They were looking for evidence of Gaule mis-deeds, and instead they found Consortium actions triggered the battle at the Gate! Just looook at this-

Me: So… About that reward?

Sadia reads off her screen: To conclude, although the Gaule frigate, Mistral, fired first at both the station and the Consortium Gate Defense Vessel, there is reason to believe they acted in self-defense at perceived Consortium aggression… There is a risk this incident could add weight to fringe theories of Catastrophe as a botched Consortium attack on the Gaule… OH. MY. STARS. Forget your trade talks, this is gonna rock the whole system!

You exist somewhere outside of Sadia's universe right now. She taps a pocket slate quickly to initiate your payment and then waves you away wordlessly with a waft of her hand. You watch as she digests information that will soon be exploding onto every news feed landing page in the system and wonder if this might not spell trouble for the future…

You have received 2000.00 credits.

You have completed the "Enemy of the Gate" mission.


  • Confined to Sick Bay for over 5 segments
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