Hotel Rooms on Tau Station


Evangeline wears her dark hair in numerous braids; tight above her ears, with the top braids being looser and fuller, giving the impression of a mohawk. Her movements are quick and graceful, like a dancer or one of the great hunting cats from old Earth. Her dark eyes are watchful and snap toward any movement or sound in the area. In her ears she wears rows of glittering rings and sparkling studs.





Additional information from the storyline

She got some of my white goop on her shoes following my decanting sickness (pod hangover), at the Hotel Rooms The Wayfarer Inn's Guest Room at Tau Station. Also in this Station, I've met her again at the Bar The Oasis Pub enjoying a drink with some friends with freshly-cleaned boots and flashed me a forgiving smile (Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog).

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