This page aims to be a compilation of the experiments that are taken by the community to support the information that is contained in this Wiki, and that required some form of testing. Most importantly, the data here exposed aims for a community engagement in better understanding this Universe — therefore, to be used, shared, and expanded.

There's no overall layout, as the research questions dictate the best method to register the information.

All experiments should be named with the following suggestion "Experiment GCT Title" (for example, "Experiment 210.27 Storage Locker") so that:

  • the consistent naming allows for better reference in other pages
  • the term "experiment" remits to this section
  • the GCT is related to the beginning of the experiment, and provides a unique numeral reference and temporal sequence of the experiments that is easy to read (if the same date can be used in more than one experiment, other relevant date should be used)
  • the title aims to be a short reference to the content of the experiment

All Wiki pages related to experiments should have the tag experiment, and are listed below.

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