F.O.T.S. Line Com-Bat


The Fried on the Side line of weaponry by HWT is a sleek and high quality range of melee weapons infused with energy based nanotech to add just a little sizzle to your slice (or smash).


Hand-to-Hand Weapon (Club)
Range: Short
Tier: 5
Rarity: Common


  • Piercing Damage: 0
  • Impact Damage: 22.38
  • Energy Damage: 2.2


Accuracy: 0.43
Weight: 3.55 Kg
Value: 2289 cr
Price Range: 5047.25 - 27878.19 cr


  • Under the F.O.T.S. Line series only this item has a final period on its name. Initially it didn't, that was reported in a forum post, but only this item was updated, and that was reported later in another forum post.
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