Fellie Norbush


Port on Tau Station


Fellie wears the pristine and very dapper uniform of a Benevolent Dynamics employee. She flashes an easy smile at anyone who catches her large, iris-less, Harsene eyes and occasionally waves her hands in front of her, manipulating a digital interface that only she can see.





TauLife Holozene Interview

Hi there Fellie, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! And a big hello to all your listeners! It’s an absolute pleasure to be here today. My name is Fellie Norbush, I was born on Orwell Stronghold in the L 726-8 system and I am a public service technician for Benevolent Dynamics. It’s my job to help you all out with any BeDyne products and services. I’ve been hanging around the port and just having the loveliest time meeting all the travelers coming to and from your amazing station!

Lovely, and what are you doing there these days?

Well, primarily I’m conducting onsite tests and calibrations of people’s CORETECHS. You see, we’re currently rolling out a new and very exciting upgrade that enhances the level of bio-digital integration far better than ever before. For example, you may have noticed that the CORETECHS now utilizes your current bio-metric feedback and sends this data directly to prospective employers within your chosen career path. This helps filter out such tasks that you are currently unable to complete with any likely margin of success. And that’s just one example! We’re looking at a number of future improvements and added functionality.

Wow, that sounds exciting indeed! We can’t wait. Now Fellie, it’s our understanding that you’re not actually a Consortium citizen correct?

That is correct Rick. Benevolent Dynamics is an independent technocracy that affords all its employees political independence so that we may work unhindered by factional jurisdictions or similar awkwardness. Our work, research, and science is for the benefit of all mankind, irrespective of affiliation. Even the Freebooters!

Ha! Very well said Fellie. So, is there anything else exciting on the horizon from you guys?

Weeeell, funny you should mention horizons. We’re working on something that should bring them all far closer together very soon! That’s really all I can say on the matter but let’s just say that it’s got us all ‘beaming’ with pride!

Wow, well thanks very much Fellie, it’s been an absolute pleasure! Folks, if you want to meet Fellie or have any questions about your CORETECHS or other BeDyne tech, feel free to visit her at the Port of Tau Station!


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