Food Inspector


Sinclair Biomeats is looking for eagle-eyed individuals to assist with required food inspections. No free samples.

Start: Side Jobs, Daedalus


You have a job: Food Inspector, accepted at Daedalus in the Sol system.

Talk to Zand in the Market on Daedalus.

Next NPC: Zand, Market, Daedalus

  • Ask Zand about the Food Inspector job

You enter the Sinclair Biomeat building. The air tastes like cooked meat, spices, and machine oil. A man in a supervisor's uniform glances up from his slate as you approach.

Zand says: You're here for the food inspection job? Good. I don't have anyone on the floor right now and you never know when the health administrators will show up to try and sanction us.

He points to one of the nearby conveyor belts where a machine is spitting out blocks of processed biomeat. One of the passing blocks is a dark shade of green. Zand frowns and plucks it up before it passes by.

Zand says: Our machines can make most anything edible. Sometimes, though, if the meat supply's too far gone the blocks come out like this. All you need to do is watch the belt and extract anything that looks too foul for us to sell.

Catch 5 batches of bad biomeat in the Market.

Next area: Market, Daedalus

  • Look for bad biomeat.

(Intelligence check)

You stand next to the conveyor belt and watch as the biomeat blocks roll by. After a few segments the production machine spits out a green blob that plops loudly onto the belt. You grab it when it draws near and drop it into a nearby bucket that reeks of rot. Well spotted. That's saved someone a nasty dose of food poisoning!

Catch 4 batches of bad biomeat in the Market.

  • Watch out for more bad biomeat.

(Intelligence check)

You spot another batch of bad biomeat and pull it from the belt. You shudder at the thought of someone eating it. It's already more than a little stinky. Keep going!

Catch 3 batches of bad biomeat in the Market.

  • Keep watching the biomeat conveyor.

(Intelligence check)

You watch as more lab-grown matter proceeds along the conveyor. In this context, it is anything but appealing. Suddenly, your stomach churns in response to an indescribable smell. You pull another questionable block of biomeat off the belt and toss it in the bucket. Well done! Almost finished!

Catch 2 batches of bad biomeat in the Market.

  • Look for more bad biomeat.

(Intelligence check)

You spot another batch of bad biomeat. The disposal bucket's getting full and the stench is getting stronger. The sound of the biomeat hitting the heap is vile. Focus on how much you've done! Almost finished!

Catch 1 batch of bad biomeat in the Market.

  • Stay vigilant for more bad biomeat.

(Intelligence check)

Block after block of processed biomeat plops out of the production machine, squelching juicily onto the moving belt. You check each piece carefully as they roll by. Most look fine and you let them through on their way to the plant's distribution area. But one is decidedly not okay. Looks like the starter cells were way past their best. You pull it and chuck it down the waste chute. That's your shift done. Time to get out of here! One of the regular staff comes over and takes over your station.

Report to Zand in the Market to get paid.

Next NPC: Zand, Market, Daedalus

  • Ask Zand for your payment.

Zand says: You're finished? Good.

He hands you a bundle of credits.

Zand says: I'm sure a few bad pieces made it through. Nothing we can't fix with a healthy dose of dye.


You have completed the 'Food Inspector' job.

You have received 16.00 credits.

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